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Teithril chapter 6 . 5/28
This chapter made me smirk...feeling so proud of Legolas. Take that Aragorn!
Teithril chapter 5 . 5/28
Damn straight Legolas! Nice chapter...I like spirited & pisses off Legolas. :-)
Teithril chapter 4 . 5/28
Arwen doesn't know that she's hurting Legolas with her embraces & requests, but Aragorn knows exactly what he's doing. He knows how much he coronation & wedding are hurting Legolas and yet he still begs for him to stay knowing it will be difficult for Legolas every second of every day. I get how you need to paint Aragorn for the sake of this story (and you're doing a fabulous job of it too) but it makes me want to smack him...which is the point. Onto the next chapter!
Teithril chapter 2 . 5/28
Aragorn is being an idiot right now...if he really wanted Arwen to go he needed to use plain words & not be subtle about it. Poor Legolas...anyone who says you made him weak does not know the strength it takes to walk away and keep your true emotions inside while showing the world that you are happy.
cai chapter 1 . 4/11
i love this fic already and i've only read your introduction..
Nako13yeh chapter 36 . 1/28
At first I was hesitant about Eomer and Legolas, and I wanted Aragorn and Legolas to be together, but gah, the slow amazing build of relationship with Eomer and Legolas was beautiful that I ended up falling in love with them. I never liked Eomer's character before, but you changed my mind about him and I find myself turning back to The Lord of the rings movie.. and what not... Beautiful really... I truly loved it! XD Thank you for making me cry in certain parts and squeal in delight with other parts... I read this story for hours and when I finished, gah my life just went at a stand still... I am mesmerized. Thank you for this! I love it!
Guest chapter 36 . 1/24
I just spent the whole afternoon reading your story instead of studying for a test, and it was worth it, every word. I love you for writing this. You've wrung my emotions with your beautiful fic and it was the most realistic healing ending i have seen to a fic in a long time. You made me fall in love with every character and i just want to say thank you for writing this, even if it has been nine years since you completed it. Thank you
Anonymous chapter 36 . 6/6/2014
I loved this story. Originally I read this story wanting to see Aragorn and Legolas together while being hesitant about Eomer and Legolas. Boy was I wrong. This was splendidly done and I fell in love with the relationship Eomer and Legolas built, especially contrasting Eomer and Legolas' relationship with a much more realistic vision of what Legolas and Aragorn's relationship would be in this situation. I've read several stories that begin with a similar story type (i.e. Aragorn and Legolas have an affair, Legolas gets pregnant, Aragorn chooses Arwen to marry), but I've never seen one so realistically portrayed in that Legolas and Aragorn would probably not get together in the end. I'm glad to see one where Legolas moves on and is so incredibly happy with his life. Anyway, I know I ramble, but to sum up a long review, I loved this story, it was well written and made me love the characters, and I just wanted to write a review to let you know this story was much appreciated. :D
Guest chapter 36 . 4/26/2014
I don't know if you even use this site anymore but I'm absolutely in love with this story. Thank you for writing it. I can tell you worked hard and really spend a lot of time on this.
marypoppin chapter 36 . 4/12/2014
this is one of my prefered fic.
thank you very much.
illogicalshipper chapter 36 . 3/13/2014
I confess I had had dropped your story when I though it was going to end up A/L but I'm glad I decided to continue. All I wanted was to Legolas be happy, although I'm not the kind of person that believes a relationship can work supported only by love. Well, love is important, indeed, but there must be respect, trust and that little special things that make you fell complete just by being with someone - and fortunately Legolas found all that in Eomer and vice-versa.
Another reason I avoid slash fics and yours surprised me to no end is how they always make the protagonist's canon girlfriend like a villain, as if she's the one to blame. I felt sorry for Arwen in this fic, it wasn't her fault Aragorn was so selfish - even if he though he was doing the best for everyone (more likw for himself). Yeah, I felt sorry for him but he didn't deserved a happy end (at least not w/ Legolas or ruining Legs and Eomer's). I'm glad he abd Arwen sorted things out, at least for the well-being of their children. And talking about children, Caladel is the cutest kid ion middle earth lol abd I love his name btw
Oh there are so many things I loved that if I was going to write I'd have to paste all the story here lol And it's good to see Thranduil being a good father at once (ya idk where people get the idea he is or would be bad to Legolas - and the last scene w/ him kissing his wife's ring was heartbreaking :')
Wonderful and fantastic job! That's one of the best fanfictions I've EVER read. Thank you so so so much for sharing it with us!
Wane Soo-Jin chapter 36 . 1/21/2014
I'm usually not a big fan of Legolas slash stories but I've to admit that they make a good couple !

Your story is beautiful !

Despiste being a "Drama/Angst" story, there is not too much drama, it's more a Romance/Family/Drama story, and with a happy ending (also not just the end is happy but a good part of the story).

Thank you for sharing your work !
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17/2014
I love how you wrote legolas and his decision with a degree of respect and realism. I admit that sometimes I question why the heroine have to get back to his mediocre first love and unable to accept a new love of another man in the future that is clearly better than the first. It is a nice and refreshing change. Eomer is a husband material and I just adore the interaction with caladal
DarcAngellover chapter 36 . 12/3/2013
Wow. I love, love, love this (so many loves :D) but what I love most about it is that is differs from your other LOTR slash stories (which I also love). Unlike your Legolas/Aragorn ficts I love how this is Legolas/Eomer and not all sunshine and daisies (not that that your other stories has that covered at all times either)[I seem to be rambling slightly]

What I am trying to say is that I will probably never get bored of reading your stories as they are a nice mixture of 'I made me sad' and 'I now happy'. Thank you, Thank you for such an amazing reading experience. I look forward to whatever you have up your sleeve next. XX
Purple Lemonade Can chapter 36 . 11/1/2013
I swear this is one of my favourite fanfictions ever! It has just the right amount of relationship drama, romance and dilemmas, and I'm glad that Eomer gets Legolas in the end, as is the kindest man ever. I also like the way the story ended not a perfect note. The way Aragorn and Arwen, along with others, such as Elladan, aren't happy gives the story a more realistic feeling, which is hardly ever found in stories, let alone fanfictions! I prefer this out of all your other fanfictions because of the way that it 'could have been real' the way that it leaves Arwen in and most of the story occurs outside of the Lord of the Rings trilogy gives the feeling that something as intriguing and wonderful as this could have really happened.
Lastly, I would like to point out the comedic effect the 'OOOOO's' had to separate sections of the story, as, for some reason, they always made me feel like it was a crowd of people going 'ohhhh', ooooh' and 'aaaahhh'.
Thank you so much for this beautiful and wonderful story
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