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Guest chapter 1 . 7/20/2015
I like it, though somewhere along in the story the characterization gets weirdly off. It makes no matter, doubtful is it's continuation, no?
bigtomato chapter 19 . 5/6/2014
Urk this so needs an update!
bigtomato chapter 9 . 5/5/2014
I *really* liked this chapter!
belladonna78 chapter 19 . 7/17/2013
Wow, not where i thought it was going at all! Is this the end? It seems incomplete.
Regin chapter 19 . 3/27/2013
I Love, I Like, I Lust!Please Update Soon!
Beaufale chapter 19 . 10/11/2012
This was cool. I hope they'll be more
Lady Di II chapter 19 . 9/21/2011
Even though this fic is abandoned, I couldn't help but leave a small review. The story is just so captivating! It had me completely absorbed, these last few hours.

The things that have happened in this fic, to me, are highly disturbing. I feel very bad for Sabe, even though I can't really sympathize with her situation. Simply put, she needs to take her life into her own hands. Yes, Amidala was unfair to her, but she was also unfair to Amidala. She should have never let her sense of self be dominated by her duty to Amidala. In a sense, she made Amidala her prisoner by doing that. She somehow reminded me of someone crying they'll commit suicide if their lover leaves them.

She was lost after the dismissal and Yoda preyed upon that, clever little gnome. Very cruel. But Sabe let herself be used. To me, she is no better that Anakin in this fic. How was his murdering the Tuskens any worse than her murdering for Yoda, just because he fills her with a sense of duty? Both are victims of their own weaknesses. To be blunt, I think Sabe just needs to get a life.

You've raised an interesting question. Who is committing the bigger evil here? Anakin (the lost soul prone to violence and rage), Sabe (the assassin who does not question her contractor and feels vindicated by her sense of duty) or Yoda (the mastermind, committing evil in the name of the greater good, playing god as it were)?

I do feel really sorry for Obi Wan, wanting to do good, but being prevented to do so (also because of a sense of duty?).

Anakin, poor soul, has a lot of work to do. But I do not think anyone of the charachters in your fic is up to helping him. They are either too conflicted or too blind to his needs. Frankly, I was disgusted that no-one even acknowledged the fact that his mother died in his arms after being tortured to death, and that this is a very traumatizing experience. Especially for someone who has only had his mother to lean on for the first nine years of his life. Very cold and unfeeling, it made me as a reader feel somewhat vindictive. The boy just really needs a break and some counseling.

However, I'm afraid Yoda has done something to Anakin, some sort of manipulation. Your Yoda is very creepy, even more so than Sidious or Dooku. A truly evil mastermind (he needs a cat to pet in stead of a gimmerstick).

Lastly, I was very intrigued by your Amidala. She's a wonderful charachter, I would have loved to read more about her.

Thanks for this fic, even though it's not finished :)
Tenages chapter 19 . 3/22/2011
At this point, the fic is clearly abandoned and that's a shame, because it's brilliant. Your storytelling is fantastic, everything is tightly woven, multiple plot points coincide but don't unnecessarily confuse the reader and it engages and thrills. Your characterizations are equally good. Sabe is fantastic, Obi-Wan and Anakin are, I think, spot on. Padme is brilliant, not the typical infallible goddess, but a real person, whose motivations fit canon yet who also maybe doesn't want to face up to some harsh truths about herself. Your minor characters such as Sache, various Jedi, etc. are all illuminated and far from one dimensional as well.

If there's one characterization that could be questioned, its Yoda, and that's only because he's clearly OOC from what we see in the movies. Yoda's different character, however, is the entire conceit on which the story is built, and seen from that perspective, he's perfect. Once you established his new character early on, you stayed brilliantly consistent and made him believable despite the change.

I do have to say, however, that your changes have turned Yoda into an entirely unsympathetic character. He's at best a morally ambiguous antihero, but to me he's a clear villain. In fact, my opinion of Yoda, after your story, is that he's little better than Palpatine. He wants his way to prevail, what he sees as 'balance' must be maintained, and be damned to anyone who doesn't agree with him. He clearly believes that the ends justify the means, and once that's been established, it's a just a matter of scale in determining your moral decay. His entire relationship with Sabe, (and the fact that he's had many other agents of this type in the past) drew in my mind chilling parallels to Mara Jade and Palpatine's Emperor's Hands. He plucks a young women, torn away from everything she knows, and molds her into his personal assassin and shadowy minion, and then throws her away when she's no longer useful to him. If Yoda is a leader of the 'good guys' then what the hell do we need the bad guys for.

Also, the frequent hints that Yoda's actions aren't all that unusual for higher ranking Jedi, and that the Jedi Council has their own squad of Shadow Knights for missions such as these casts a pall on the entire Jedi Order. Add this to several other practices such as the taking of children and the casting aside of those not chosen as Padawans, and you start to wonder about the moral footing of the Jedi Order. Add in the smug self-righteousness of the Jedi, the arrogant belief in many of them and most of their leaders that they always know best, their obsession with maintaining the status quo that they deem fit, and (especially before the war) their very real position above almost all laws, and one begins to wonder if detractors of the Order aren't really correct and they should be shut down.

The vast majority of the Jedi may be genuinely doing what they feel to be the will of the Force and serving justice. But the upper level, the leadership of the Jedi Order is clearly at least as corrupt as the Senate. And Yoda to my mind is evil.
Sariii chapter 19 . 8/6/2010
Dear Miss S,

I just wish to let you know that there exists a chapter of this fic on the Forums that has not been posted to FF-yes, I did stalk you, and yes, I am writing this little note after reading said chapter. It is now a bit past 2 in the morning.

And I'm still wondering where you are. I was never really a hardcore SW fan but Sabe was very intriguing and not at all elaborated upon...and Kenobi was just damnn smexy. You're such a talented writer, and I'd really hate it if you went away for good, 'specially since all the sites that archived "Portrait of a Queen" are now defunct... and every Harry needs a singing card..

Did I mention I knew of you only as Miss Snuffles and not Amidolee for the longest time? dunno how I stumbled onto your SW fics but it was a very nice coincidence.

But anyway-please don't be dead.
VanillaFudges chapter 19 . 8/5/2010
I remember reading this as you were updating - each chapter wonderful and thrilling to the last and I'm gratified to find that re-reading this tonight, it's no different. Whilst I am still ever hopeful of updates (for an unfinished story, I always am!), I'm just happy it's still up on this site to be enjoyed.

Thank you for a pleasurable evening's read!
R. W. Winters chapter 7 . 3/16/2010
I'm still waiting-hoping-dying and desperate for new chapters! OH PLEASE! :'(
Miss Rose chapter 19 . 12/9/2009
I still check these threads every once in a while just in case an update appears. :)
Doesn't Matter chapter 19 . 5/1/2009
This is fantastic - I've loved every minute :D

But please, miss, may I have some more? ;]

(Especially some more Obi/Sabe
Miss Rose chapter 19 . 11/11/2008
Years ago (was it really six, seven years?), I was a teenager head-over-heels for your Sabé trilogy - it was almost a bit frightening just how much I latched onto it. Now, being no longer a teenager and a bit more level-headed in the romance department, I was intrigued when I came upon this story in a moment of Google-searching boredom. Who knew that I'd once again be crippled of doing anything else but reading my computer screen?

At the Council Forums, you claimed that this story was not a romance. While there is no outright mush, I think you've accomplished something much deeper by skirting around that. This was supposed to be an AU, but the way I've read it, you've kept the character quite canon. As much as I love the O/S pairing, it didn't seem plausible in light of Obi-Wan's fidelity to the Jedi Order. I am not debasing your previous trilogy, as there's no way I could ever rid myself of it (if I wanted to), but this more recent spin on the saga seems more mature, if you will. The tension is lovely, and the lack of resolution is much more fulfilling than any moment of weakness that could be exploited in from characters. Other fanfiction writers are rendered infantile by your writing, and I've found it useless to try and fill that desire for good fics by reading anything else. So congratulations, particuarly on picking up this story again and writing over a three-year period! I do hope you continue, as it's a pleasure to find new works by you, but as DRL so often intervenes, it's understandable. So thank you for the "new" story and the wonderful blast from the past.
Obi's waitress chapter 19 . 10/26/2008
I love this story wish you would finish it
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