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FLHD chapter 13 . 11/12/2006
Great story!

The tone of the story is very interesting and consistant.

Looking forward to more.
Skye0906 chapter 13 . 11/11/2006

Lovely story here. Wonderful characterization and you write thoughts and emotions and interactions very, very well. And I'm really thankful for the inclusion of Kate in a way that dealt with the fallout of her death but also painted how important her friendship was to Tony. I particularly enjoyed the scene in autopsy when Tony was seeing/talking to her while everyone else was a mite confused. Your skill at descriptions is also very well developed.

I'm hoping you've written more (I'm off to check), but even if you haven't, I'm very glad I stumbled across this story. Thank you for sharing it.

Ditzyleo chapter 13 . 11/11/2006

*sits in stunned silence* brillent. *adds to fav*
Cottontoes chapter 13 . 10/26/2006
I stumbled on this story while surfing, and am I glad. I've sent it to my top three favorite NCIS/Tony favorites. You are obviously a gifted writer. I especially liked the word pictures at the beginning of Chapter 5, as well as the psychological insight into the characters and the descriptions of their relationships. This story has it all, including a plausible case file.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Congratulations, and thanks.
Mari83 chapter 13 . 10/19/2006
First of all I’m extremely glad that this story already was finished when I started reading the last three chapters, otherwise I might have gone crazy from tension _plus_ cliff-hangers – though probably all the great humour would have saved me. That’s rare, such an intriguing mix of humour and tension.

I can very well understand that your mother mixes up your stories with NCIS ‘reality’. In fact, a very logical reaction.

“Don’t hit his face anymore,” the woman says. “He’s pretty.”

O-kay... Of course she’s right – but the weird craziness in this…

"scarecrow still, trench coat flapping in the wind"

Great picture, I can see it so clearly even though McGee doesn’t exactly looks like a scarecrow.

“They pop into the waves like a cork.”

Another great picture.

„It is the type of sound made by the human voice when it most needs help, and it reminds him why he bothers to get out of bed every morning, why he strives to make a difference and have every day count.”

Somehow a typically Logan-in-Tony-moment, together with him giving up the being rescued for little Katie.

„maybe Rossi won’t get trigger-happy”

No idea if this was intentional (?), but of course ‘trigger-happy’ reminded me of that movie with MW and _finally_ made me understand the title:-)

The whole Tony-in-the-river part is just amazing with its mix of physical threats (I wouldn’t even have thought of the complications with the plague but of course his body still must be a bit weakened.) and Tony rethinking his life - and even questioning the sense of surviving. (Especially love this: “Is it possible, Anthony, his father’s voice states calmly, for you to disappoint me any further? Or are you quite, quite done now?“)

Amusing moments (and with amusing I mean the whole range from ‘grinning’ over ‘laughing out loud’ to ‘happy smile’:

“Ducky had had the nerve to introduce him to soccer during one slow workday a few years back, when he was still green and freshly planted in Gibbs’s Garden. He’d finished his reports in his eagerness to prove he was worthy and what had he received in return?“

Oh, just the picture of the two of them playing soccer, down in the morgue from all places!

(Love the part with the eagerness, just so typically for him towards Gibbs, probably even more so for a younger Tony)

“She adjusts his blankets even though he is positive now that they don’t need any attention.”

„her lab coat has SpongeBob SquarePants dancing all over a blue background. He squints at her nametag: Marion"

It may be childish, but the mentioning of SpongeBob alone is enough to make me grin. Not all that common in English, the nurse's name… or so I’ve been told.

“Tony stares at his hand. He manages to open the paper and squints at the names and telephone numbers written there: Kitty, Lynn and Ellie. He smiles. What do you know?”

“He doesn’t know why he thinks of the plague as female, though it probably says something about his psyche.”

Funny, the plague is female in German…

“He has reached the tip of the ‘jalapeno’ that is East Potomac Park.”

You’re educating me. Not only do I know now what a jalapeno is but also that this Park has its contours. Honestly, interesting facts on Washington. Maybe you should write a tourist’s guide, something like ‘Discover Washington with NCIS’…

Hm, now that I finished this NCIS story of yours, I can start with the other one. Great, great, great!
bunny angel chapter 13 . 10/9/2006
it's a great story. however, it's flawed, and i'm not just talking about the grammar stuff. i'll get back to you.
Tweeter chapter 13 . 10/7/2006
I love this story, loved it from the very beginning when it appeared to be a one-shot. I'm so glad you went further with it, it was worth the wait. It's going on my favorites list and off my story alert.
Richefic chapter 13 . 10/7/2006
Thank you for the wonderful read. I loved this from start to finsh, I would particularly like to harp on about the Gibbs/Tony interaction as those were so my favourite parts .. although almost drowned Tony came a pretty close second .. I have a plot bunny hopping about now re drowing Tony . or at least making him very wet .. much more so than in Chained .. loved Tony taking care of McGee and the little girl and oh, just loved it. Please write more, Tony deserves good writers who understand him!
nikita chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
thank you very much for finishing this story i loved the fact you made much more deeper then the show love the Kate interaction thanks again hope you write another story soon but dont take so long to finish it lol
PKgirl chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
End? As in The? No! But if it really is the end, it's a stunning one. This fic is going on my list of favourite things ever read, especially in the post-'Twilight' category. I love how everything always comes back to Kate, and how she's never far from his thoughts. I wish real post-'Twilight' NCIS could've been like this, where everyone's broken and hurting and it really matters that Kate's gone. I've been reading all these chapters with the Buffy/Angel theme (from Buffy, obviously) on in the background, which probably explains why I'm sitting here crying my eyes out despite the ending being happy. Also, yay for a character with my name (Ellie). Basically, thanks for sharing this, and thanks for writing a Tony I can believe in and a Kate who's not that far away.
all done chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
Well, this was a good story. I really enjoyed it - from start to finish! So what do you have in store for us next?
shirik chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
tnx for this great story! i really loved it! please write new one like this soon. tnx!
kittytrypsin chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
Thank you SO much for naming that first rescue-maiden Kitty! I felt like I was right there on that boat [swaying and struggling to retain my breakfast] alongside the gorgeous Agent Dinozzo, and of course I would most certainly have stripped him [in the interests of HIS well-being, you understand?] of those wet clothes. I may even have had to apply skin-to-skin body heat to revive him!

Okay, just back from a cold shower and I'm fine now. So sorry to see that this has END at the end. Although I'm glad all the good guys are safe and secure it's still sad to come to the end of a good read.

More soon, please.

Kitty, who's looking for the whereabouts of Lynn and Ellie to lock them up!
Donbellfan chapter 13 . 10/6/2006
Thank you very much that was brilliant, and thank you for updating quickly as I couldn't get this story out of my mind. You have a natural flair for writing and I hope there are more stories in the pipeline!
celestial1 chapter 13 . 10/5/2006

I can't believe it's really over! If I don't review it, will that make it not be true? ;-)

And if this is what an 'itty-bitty challenge' (YOUR words) turns out to be, then the world needs more of these challenges!

Even though Tony was pulled from the river at the end of the last chapter, we needed to see him safe and sound one more time before the whole thing wrapped up.

Wrapped up. Ha ha. Because I was just going to go on to your lovely description of Tony all swaddled like a mummy, or a baby, but that seems unnecessary now. ;)

"Greying hair is plastered to his head and his face has enough wrinkles that if he were a cotton shirt, he’d need ironing." Seriously laughing out loud! He sounds like my father-in-law.

"Bart refers to all females as ‘girl’. Not as a chauvinistic term, but one of endearment, protection." Kate's ghost would have hated that, had she been around. She wouldn't have understood.

LOVE the three girls fussing over Tony and constantly readjusting his blanket! "They are wise and professional, human and sane, these three women. The Graces could learn from them." Oh, that's so beautiful and vivid. And I love the thing with the redhead and the coffee and Gibbs, although my favorite of the three is Lynn.

Them not believing he has had the plague: priceless.

"‘DiNozzo Smile # 79’: friendly without being predatory, with just a dash of flirtation." Have you been cataloguing all the smiles you've been mentioning? Might come in handy sometime ;) And I can't believe that he has over a hundred of these smiles... or more to the point, considering it's DiNozzo, I *can.*

“Doctor Floss to ER, Doctor Floss to ER.” He wonders if Doctor Floss ever considered going into dentistry." If Kate was there, Tony would have spoken this line aloud, and she would have elbowed him for saying what they were all thinking. Classic Tony moment. He usually does go for the obvious humor, doesn't he.

"He got in front of the car Jethro was driving and fired at it.”" Right... if anyone OTHER than Leroy Jethro Gibbs was driving, Rossi would have survived. (Well, with the exception of Ziva.)

“What?” Tony is genuinely surprised. “Hot chocolate, go-to-church, never-use-a-swear-word Mitch? Gambling?” Oh, Mitch. Mitch Mitch Mitch. It started out as a friendly game of poker, maybe a late night visit to an online gaming site... and the next thing you know, you're evil, traitorous, and dead. Actually, I like how you've portrayed him, showing that he had dimension despite being one of the bad guys. I really like the idea of Gibbs trying to save him (and visiting Tony while still wearing the bloodstained shirt).

"McGee nods very carefully. “I do.”" Ha! I can just picture the poor little Probie's face, too...

"Maybe this won’t be such a bad Christmas, after all." Aww! Poor Tony, what a perfect ending. I do hope his cactus flowers at some point. Thank you for a lovely and amazing ride!

*Cries some more*
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