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NB chapter 13 . 10/5/2006
Thank you for a truly wonderful story.
beyondtired chapter 13 . 10/5/2006
I hate that this story has ended. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I was weepy there with the ending with Kate showing back up. Loved this whole story. Gotta put it on my favorite stories list now.
AndyCake chapter 13 . 10/5/2006 I really can't even begin to find the right words for this final review.

As you know, I have loved, loved, LOVED this fic since it was only a one-shot. Even chapter has been beautiful. You capture all that is loveable about Tony, Gibbs, McGee... all of them.

I love that Tony hasn't lost Kate after all, he seems at peace with her (almost like a guardian angel).

I am really sad that this fic has come to an end and I hope you have some inspiration for another new fic really soon.
bethellie chapter 13 . 10/5/2006
Wow, what an ending! Sad this is over, put so much into one chapter, it was great. I'm about to give you a doozy of a your-style review, lol. Can't help myself.

I loved both the women adjusting his blankets even though 'he doesn't think they need it' That was funny. Actually that whole bit was, including his reference to Charlies Angels.

'‘DiNozzo Smile # 79’: friendly without being predatory, with just a dash of flirtation.' - Just how many of them are there? LOL

'He wonders if Doctor Floss ever considered going into dentistry' - Oh god, that was so funny, and you can just imagine Tony saying that out loud.

'The world isn’t black and white. Tony knows this. He guesses Dave Mitchell was in the grey area and just got in over his head.' - That stuck with me, that line. Quite sad, and very true.

'“You look like hell.”

“Thanks, Boss. Glad you like it. It took me hours to get right.”' - LMAO, perfect Gibbs and Tony there, I loved that.

'“Is this Grand Central Station or something?”' - Aww poor guy, just wants a quiet moment, lol.



Tony snaps his fingers and points to the chair.' - I loved this bit! It was so funny, and so Tony and McGee. You are the master of characters being in character.

'Kate smiles. Her face is the last thing he sees before the drugs embrace him for a healing sleep. Maybe this won’t be such a bad Christmas, after all.' - Best ending ever, lol.

I'm glad you didn't do what I thought you might do and have a moment with Katie and Tony, or a moment with him telling someone about the moment with Kate in autopst, etc...they are things better left unsaid and you have captured that perfectly.

Thanks so much for this story, mouse - it has been a delight to read.

Sorry for the novel lol, though I'm sure you won't mind :P
BlueAngel137 chapter 5 . 10/2/2006
Oh. I really, really love this. Your descriptions of the scenery, the weather conditions, the surrounding and all those nice little details ... OMG, I just wanna pack a suitcase and get me a ticket to Washington D.C. just to look for myself ... beautiful!

Your story is the first NCIS fic I ever read. Here in good ol' Germany they just started with season 2 and I didn't feel like I 'knew' the characters or would be able to build up a connection like in the DA universe ;-). But now I just thought, I give it at try ... and I'm glad about it.

Parts I especially enjoyed:

-...He doesn’t know that a woman who goes there regularly with her Tai Chi class watches him run with a mother’s fondness, and thinks of her son who lives so far away ... (The whole paragraph is great and yep, he'd be surprised if he knew.)

-...He eases his grip on the handle and flexes his fingers and says a few silent prayers to any deity who might be listening. McGee’s breathing sounds like it is returning to normal, though if his heart rate is anything like Tony’s, its probably still racing like a lab rat on crack. ... (LOL, definitely love this part, makes me grin from ear to ear :-) )

-...Tony will poke at McGee with minor insults, just to watch his face scrunch up in frustration and prod him with movie trivia, just to pass the time and keep both of them conscious. ... (such an apt description of the Tony/Mc Gee relationship)

I'm glad I have 7 more chaps to read :-) ... just wanted to let you know how much I like this.

angeleyes46 chapter 12 . 10/1/2006
keep up the great work
AndyCake chapter 12 . 10/1/2006
Aah, another brilliant chapter. Let's see, I threatened to kill you after the last one and this chapter was up quickly, so maybe if I threaten your Mother... hey presto, the next chapter will be up in a heartbeat! :-)

Oh Tony. Sigh.

The way you write him is so wonderful. You manage to totally nail the dichotomy of his character; cheesy interests like Magnum, but still so deep and interesting.

Looking forward to (hopefully seeing maybe McGee or Gibbs' POV on the events in the river... plus the rest of Tony's plight of course.
richiefic chapter 12 . 10/1/2006
Thank you so much .. you could have just dumped him in the water for a bit .. had him flail around and then straight on with the dramatic resuce .. instead you treated us to this wonderfully observed introspective piece of writing .. loved it.

Wonder if such a selfless act will be enough for Tony to get an award of his own? Grins.
Mari83 chapter 9 . 10/1/2006
Okay you’ll probably declare me to be weird and crazy (welcome to the club) but I just flicked through the many chapters you added since I last checked this and then read backwards from chapter nine to four. And no, this reversed order didn’t diminish my reading pleasure in the least:-)

Warning, LONG review ahead (even though I cut it down. Really!):

Love how you widened the perspective from Tony’s to all of the team.

Favourite Gibbs-parts:

The sadness about Katie… and Kate or being a father figure for Tony...

“For the most part, he is polite but brief with them, but they have had the privilege and curse of seeing him almost daily before his first coffee and know there is a foul creature inside that can snarl and snap.” Just a very Gibbs-like description, especially in combination with making them buy surveillance cameras

“Trouble seems to follow Special Agent Tony DiNozzo with annoying persistence. It lurks around the corner and consistently selects Tony as the target.”

Favourite Abby-parts:

„They wait for her to continue. She’s bursting to do so but is holding back, like a child waiting for Christmas morning before throwing herself at the presents under the tree.“ AND “She sighs. “Someday, you’ll want the exciting details, I just know it -”

I just can see this play out:-) Poor Abby, I’d want the details…

The scene where she observes Tony in his sleep…

“Abby has an overwhelming urge to hug him and try to soothe the pain in those glazed green eyes but knows that at this very moment, he probably couldn’t take her touch”

Great in itself… and somehow a Logan-in-Tony-moment.

Favourite Tony-parts:

“Tony figures the two Christmas references have popped into his head because it is November and he hasn’t done any holiday shopping. Not that his list is very long and he certainly won’t be visiting his family”

“There seems to be some sort of pissing contest going on between Gibbs and Tony and he can’t find the Cole’s Notes for that one.”

Maybe this is just my over-interpretation but I saw this as a great piece of character development, because in the show (at least in the episodes I’ve seen, partially up to S2) Tony never seems to question Gibb’s father role, while here their relationship seems to change, maybe because Tony seems somewhat matured through the death of Kate and the involvement with Katies case?

„Dead body. Need Pizza. Must get through this to get pizza. Focus, Dinozzo.”

Can’t explain exactly why, but definitely sounds like Tony

(Even though I definitely share McGees strong aversion against a pizza-breakfast)

“What?” Palmer is completely lost and decides that since he missed the beginning of this particular scene, he’ll just sit on one of the other autopsy tables and wait for it to end.“

Made me laugh.

“He clears his throat and takes a sip from his Mountain Dew”

Hm and here I thought Mountain Dew was something Canadian…

(For no other reason that I only drank it once, when my Canadian relatives brought some bottles with them)

Will there be a chapter from Ducky’s perspective to?

Seems like I seriously need to watch “High Noon”.

Hm, let me do a quick count…. Now I have at least three stories of yours to which I’m addicted.

(By the way I really like how you begin most (all?) chapters with a quote. You must be a walking quote book;-)
shirik chapter 12 . 10/1/2006
oh my god! what an axhausting chapter! please add more soon!
bethellie chapter 12 . 10/1/2006
DAMN it...LOL I had this open and had copy and pasted so many snippets into it. This was awesome. And you saved him, so I feel bad having just killed him in a story, lol.

...The reference to the little mermaid was great (my fave movie as a kid). Abby in a viking helmet had me laughing out loud, as did his decision to call the plague 'Herman'. I loved your personification of 'her', aswell.

Ooh, awesome chapter.
ladc chapter 12 . 9/30/2006
Wow, what a series of thoughts to run through Tony's head as he fights for life-Magnum, Herman the plague, Little Mermaid, High Noon, Kate's death, sports, McGee, psychology (my field), and his cruel father, etc. Amazing, fun, and rather sad.

I am glad Tony has made it.
CripticWolf chapter 12 . 9/30/2006
omfg that was so great! ur such an awesome writer! please update soon )
beyondtired chapter 12 . 9/30/2006
I loved that whole stream of consciousness thing you had Tony doing. That was perfectly done.
Primus Inter Pares chapter 12 . 9/30/2006
What an amazing chapter (just like the rest of your story!), perfectly timed. Who knew the fight for survival against the current could be written like that. Excellent job, my dear! :)

Loved, loved, loved the fact you put in "Herman" from that Magnum episode. I remember it well. ;)

And I LOVED the little story about your mom and her mix up. That made me smile all the way. How absolutely adorable. :)


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