Reviews for A Feast in Azkaban
HRT chapter 10 . 1/23/2008
Snape seems odd, here; just a little too wimpy and easily pushed around. I'm also not sure I can believe in Sirius actually kissing Snape even to irritate the hell out of him. However, it's still a potent scene. You've probably inspired some Snape/Sirius slash out there, God forbid. I thought the best parts were Sirius' back and forth with Peter and James' rescue of Snape, both quite funny.

“You just saved my life, Potter, you miserable, four-eyed fuck,” Snape wheezes, and for some reason, all he really wants to do at this moment is laugh and laugh and laugh, if he could only find enough breath for it. “I’ll get even with you for that if it’s the last thing I do.”

Also good-Peter claiming to have beaten Sirius up and Black's annoyance at having to endure this.

The best chapter yet.
HRT chapter 9 . 1/23/2008
Nice introduction of James and Remus into the story. Remus comes across as more aggressive than he usually is in other fanfics, but that's a legitimate portrayal. Remus' note is a classic, by the way, and quite funny.
HRT chapter 6 . 1/23/2008
A very good dose of Bella; she's here in all her pointless malice and lunacy, and quite believeable. A nice explanation of why she never has children (I couldn't see her snuggling babies anyway). I'm surprised Sirius didn't do more to her, frankly.
HRT chapter 2 . 1/23/2008
It's an interesting twist on the usual portrayal of dementors that they can be as affected by their prisoners as well as vice-versa, though of course Sirius isn't a normal prisoner. I'm not sure JKR ever really thought through what dementors ought to be, and I prefer your take on them to her mindless mind-suckers. An interesting beginning.
expstr chapter 1 . 10/5/2007
You've heard this quite a lot, I'm sure, from and lj, but more adoration never hurts! This is all brilliant and pretty much flawless. Your inventiveness and understanding of magic, the characters and people in general make this a very intense read that is very hard to get out of one's head. You write incredibly well, and this is truly one of the best pieces of fic HP-verse has to offer, particularly on this complex topic I think many writers are afraid to tackle (and many readers don't want to confront). Phenomenal.
lily23 chapter 17 . 9/4/2007
That is awesome.

I noticed the parallels between what Sirius's mother did at the beginning and the other one. Good.


Young Sirius cannot be compelled by force or by anger. His mother could have slapped him until his face fell off, if she’d cared to. But he has little defense against love. She so rarely offers him such tangible affection. She strokes the cheek she had slapped only moments before, and instinctively her son nuzzles his face into the palm of her hand.

“Won’t you promise your mummy, Sirius? Please?”

He trembles. She adds another motherly peck on his forehead to her argument. It is the coup de grace.

“All right,” he answers, defeated. “I promise.”)

That is sad.

I like how the dementers like Sirius and the flashbacks when they were younger and snap found out.

(“You just saved my life, Potter, you miserable, four-eyed fuck,” Snape wheezes, and for some reason, all he really wants to do at this moment is laugh and laugh and laugh, if he could only find enough breath for it. “I’ll get even with you for that if it’s the last thing I do.”)

I liked that part.

(“I’d tell you what it was if you asked, you know,” Sirius says, and his voice is so low it’s almost inaudible. “If you ask me, I will tell you. But I hope you won’t ask me. Because there’s not a single thing about this that I ever want you to know, or to think about, or to remember. I don’t particularly care to remember myself. So, you decide, Moony. Will you ask?”)

I like that part.

(Sirius,” he says. “Paddy. Do you love me?”

Remus has Sirius neatly boxed in. His nature is what it is. How well Remus knows it.

“Yes,” Sirius finally answers, and the words are so raw they sound as if they might crack open and bleed. But how else can he answer? What other answer is there? “Yes, I love you. Always.”

“Then promise me. Won’t you promise me, Sirius?”

Remus adds a gentle, final kiss to his argument, just one more kiss to finish the job of tipping the scales. Sirius permits him to do it. He is not the sort of man who has the ability to turn away from love, no matter how it may consume him.)


(“He’s a regular human dictionary, Prongs. A prodigy. Just wait until he deigns to learn English.”)

I like that line.

I also like where they decided to switch the keeper. My favorite part is the Epilouge, which I read first.
Illyra chapter 17 . 8/18/2007
Its ages that I read this particular story. Back then, I was more of a lurker, so I only want to say that this story in its entirity is one of the best S/R stories ever.

Your style is awesome. Everything is logical and as I read it for the first time, my only thought was 'Yes, that fits'.

So, I only want to say thank you, because this story earns it.
Mazz chapter 17 . 7/31/2007
well, screw me if this isn't EXACTLY how it ought to have gone according to jkr (and possibly more talented higher powers as well). for all we know, it really could all be this way because your writing seems disturbingly accurate, efficient, and explanatory.

by the way, i wouldn't mind especially if you screwed me. i do believe you're awfully talented and therefore pretty much the awesome-est. ever.

thankyou so much for this.
Elenaiel chapter 1 . 3/12/2007
Wow. I’m not sure I can write a coherent review, but I’m going to give it a try, because you deserve it.

This is the first Azkaban fic I’ve fell in love with. It’s plausible, it’s heart-breaking, it’s harrowing…I cannot truly describe what I want to say here, and it’s getting frustrating. Basically, it, kudos, hurray, I’m off to read more.

Well, I tried to be coherent…

Silverhair Theory chapter 17 . 11/19/2006
*claps enthusiastically* If this story wasn't already finihsed, I would be begging you to continue it.
so caffeinated chapter 1 . 7/17/2006
I've read a tremendous amount of fan fiction - easily thousands of stories for Harry Potter alone. This is the best one I've read so far.

I left a rec for it in my livejournal last month, but brilliantly neglected to send you feedback at the time. So, let me just summarize for you now what I wrote in my rec...

This is one of the most evocative stories I've ever read. I don't think I've ever read a story before that felt so much like a piece of music, with so many different parts weaving together to create something far greater than any single piece could do alone. And, as you near the end you can literally feel the story crecendo.

You don't pull any punches, and that's what puts this story on a whole different level from 99% of everything else out there. Yes, it's dark. I nearly didn't read it because of the warnings listed, but I'm so glad I did because the payoff was so very worth it. It's haunting.

Your plot is amazing. Your characterization - for everyone - is spot-on, but your portrayal of Sirius puts the average writer's Sirius to shame. Everything about him suddenly makes perfect sense and because of that it seems impossible to imagine anything having happened differently.

Thank you for daring to do something different, worthwhile and so fully developed. Its a rare treat as a reader (particularly when browsing on to find such a gem.
Bottlebrush chapter 17 . 1/15/2006
I read this wonderful story through three times before attempting to review it. And I don’t usually read anything as long as this even once, but this had me hooked from Part 1. You set yourself a tough task, trying to get inside the minds of Dementors, who seem more alien to humans than animals are. Their motives, what makes them tick, very hard to understand. You did a brilliant job and your Dementors are convincing. We see them rummaging about in Sirius’s brain because that’s what they do. They know he is innocent of the crimes for which he is condemned, and they don’t care. Justice is as alien a concept to them as mercy. Your Sirius is even more convincing, a marvellous in-depth character study, entirely consistent with itself and with the books. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him done better. From the start you show his need for love, and how his mother exploits this to control him.

The chapter with Bellatrix is chilling. If not actually insane, she is certainly a psychopath totally without conscience. And it’s interesting that Kreacher helps her, foreshadowing how he will help again years later. Briefly I wondered how Sirius would just happen to know a curse to take away a woman’s fertility, but of course he would. He reads a lot, and his sharp mind understands, remembers and files away everything he reads. And the sort of books that would be in the Black household would contain many curses, including that one.

I also had the idea that Bellatrix was Sirius’s first sexual experience, and I’ve found it’s not uncommon, but this is the most traumatic example I’ve come across.

You raise an interesting question about the mind of an animagus. I had supposed they were completely human, mentally, when they were in their animal form, basing this on Rita, who used her beetle form to spy on people and who could not have understood and remembered what they said if her mind was even in part that of a beetle. But against this is the fact that the Dementors had difficulty reading Sirius’s mind when he was a dog. And certainly for the purpose of this story the doggishness is an advantage when it guides Sirius to the Potters’ home when he runs away. This whole chapter about Sirius and James is wonderful. The affection and trust between them is shown perfectly, their conversation completely credible throughout, and it is so heart-breaking that “nothing comforts Sirius more than physical contact”, when we remember that he is going to have to survive 12 years without any.

And then the conversation between Sirius and Remus which is so funny: Remus’s sarcasm, Sirius trying not to laugh, the return of the chewy boot, “I’m a rotten cat”, followed by the switch to pain when Sirius has to reject Remus’s touch, and the final question which he knows will antagonise Remus further but which he just has to ask. It’s comic and tragic all at once.

And the “doggishness” of Sirius’s mind, even in human form, is essential to the next chapter, the conversation with Snape. This whole scene is brilliantly done: the exchanges between Sirius and Snape, both keeping in character, and the inventiveness of it which rings so true – Bellatrix drawing Snape over to the Death Eaters – and above all the description of Sirius’s mental state. He seems disconnected, like someone with a high fever, not in touch with reality. That must have been difficult to write, but it doesn’t show. It comes across so well, especially when James finds him and he tries to tell James what he has done without at first realising it himself. This device – Sirius being partly dog when he revealed the secret to Snape – makes everything make sense, even his lack of remorse in PoA, when he said Snape deserved it.

In the conversation between Sirius and Dumbledore, it seems that Dumbledore likes Sirius, or at least understands him to some extent. I’ve always had the feeling that he disliked him. But then in the books, the only interaction between them that we see is post-Azkaban, and Dumbledore’s feelings must have been complicated by guilt then.

What I can’t believe in is Remus staggering out of the hospital bed and beating up Sirius. I can’t believe in violent Remus at all. This isn’t a criticism, just a different perception of the character. I do believe in the wolf beating up the dog in the tunnel; the wolf was so near to getting its human prey and at the last moment was denied it. The dog was lucky to get off so lightly. Perhaps he entered the tunnel knowing he would be attacked, even perhaps hoping for it to lighten his guilt a little. It’s a clever touch, having Dumbledore believe that Peter beat Sirius up; in 1981 he may remember that and think poor brave Peter, he tried to tackle Sirius again but wasn’t so lucky this time.

The conversation between James and Remus in the hospital shows what a good person James really is. And the scene between Sirius and Remus ends up being very funny, in a sweet and touching sort of way. It is so skilful, how you put all these elements into a few words. It’s dialogue at its best.

One of my favourite bits in the story is this idea of Sirius being able to send out some kind of far sight at Halloween. I love it that he gets these glimpses of Ron and Hermione and Fluffy. That’s such a clever idea.

The scene with Remus and Rosier, Dumbledore and Moody, is, like the one between James and Remus in the hospital, not part of the Dementors’ feast, because Sirius never knew about it so the Dementors can’t either. But it has to be there – the Nihiliatus curse is a brilliant invention. The idea of Remus being able to communicate with the enemies at the point of their death, and the hardship it entails for him, and the sympathy he feels for Rosier at the end, are so well conveyed. And then the argument between Remus and Moody: it’s the classic argument about the ends and the means, and the reader (this one, anyway) is persuaded by both in turn, agreeing with whichever was the last to speak. Because of course they’re both right, but they can’t both prevail.

This sentence has to be one of the most beautiful, poetic and visual in all fiction: “Sirius glittering darkly in the moonlight, too beautiful to be real, sparkling on his pillow like a handful of carelessly thrown jewels, moonstones and diamonds and jet.” Of course it is Sirius seen through the eyes of love, but I am persuaded. It is true. And I have never read such a beautiful, intense, passionate and convincing description of a sexual relationship as this. It is inspired.

How ironic that it is Remus’s loving concern for Sirius that makes him reveal the information that makes Sirius suspect him. This is so believable. This is how it could have happened. I’ve always thought that Sirius’s suspicion of Remus began only a few days before everything blew up. Some fan writers have the suspicion going on for months before, but I can’t see that; Sirius is too open and forthright, he would have had it out with Remus before then. I did think that Sirius does not seem to ask himself here, if Remus is the spy, why does he go to so much trouble to ensure that Sirius will not reveal the secret? But then, Sirius knows as well as we do that Remus loves him and cannot bear to think of him being tortured to death, and that concern takes priority over Voldemort getting hold of the secret.

In the end I feel almost sorry for the Dementors, about to lose their favourite victim/sensation provider. Is it possible that the rage and frustration his escape caused them festered for nearly three years and contributed to their mutiny in Book 5? Well, maybe not; rage and frustration are things humans feel.

This is a marvellous story. If I haven’t made that clear, I love every bit of it. One of the very best HP fics I have ever read. Is it a “dark” story? It’s like a tapestry woven mostly in dark colours, but patterned with brightness in places, and with here and there a glittering thread of joy and comedy. If it is a dark story, it is one that has not lost its sense of humour. (Oh yes, I love your portrayal of Fudge.)
winnett chapter 17 . 12/20/2005
Wow. Okay, first I loved your take on the Prank and why Peter became the secret keeper. It is incredibly unique, a plausible reason done in the best form. Very good.

Wonderful story, sad. I just want to hold onto Remus and Sirius and HOLD them. You captured them beautifully.
Zions chapter 1 . 11/12/2005
Nyx - you rock.

Which is why I'm bowing my head right now and at this very moment to you and your superior writing skills. What shall I say... I rarely come across stories that make my heart ache with such exquisit bittersweetness. Every time I read them. Goodness gracious. A further plus is, of course, my undying fondness for Remus/Sirius pairings, and you depict both just so well, so believable. I had come across your "The shapes of his hands" on the internet by accident and fell in instant love with it, and you may believe me if I say that I was rather desperate when I couldn't seem to find it anymore! But I found it,after some dark hours of searching the internet, and with it more of your stories - I couldn't believe my luck!

So, just wanted to get this off my chest.

Thank you for your wondeful stories!

Yours faithfully and in most pleasant anticipation of further stoties,

this is not my home chapter 1 . 11/8/2005
Well, this is unusual. You are possibly the first person that I have found who did the Lecter thing and the slash/yaoi thing. THANK YOU! And, also, THANK YOU!
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