Reviews for Return To Me
prettyflour chapter 5 . 5/20/2011
Awe... I love a happy ending! Well done!
prettyflour chapter 4 . 5/20/2011
Ha! I had a feeeling that the baby was not Rons!
prettyflour chapter 3 . 5/20/2011
Gah! She's preggo? Oh my!
prettyflour chapter 2 . 5/20/2011
Oh! I really like this so far!
JaneA0202 chapter 5 . 3/1/2011
nice story, but I think that Severuss change of heart was quite abrupt and Hermione forgave him too easily, but since this story has (only) five chapters, I can forgive it :)
dizziestdaydream chapter 5 . 4/21/2010
I really liked this story! Very true to Snape's character I think.
dizziestdaydream chapter 4 . 4/21/2010
I like this very much! One more chapter!
dizziestdaydream chapter 3 . 4/21/2010
I like it! Great writing!
dizziestdaydream chapter 2 . 4/21/2010
You really are a brilliant writer! I love this! So, she's preggers?
dizziestdaydream chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
That was really good! Are Minerva & Dumbledore a couple in this?
NoahIrene chapter 5 . 1/2/2010
Aw! I like it alot!
cdunbar chapter 5 . 3/27/2009
Whew, done!

That was a really cute (short) story. Now I'm off to read your others!

What *will* Amelia do with me? I'm not even consulting her emails before I run off to the next story. Oh noes! LOL
cdunbar chapter 4 . 3/27/2009
Wow, that didn't take long. Of course I should have known it wouldn't since it's only five chapters long.

I'm actually going to finish a story in one sitting! It's a miracle!
cdunbar chapter 3 . 3/27/2009
Huh. I assumed the kid was Snape's. Why does he think it's Ron's? Snape seems to be the more likely choice. That's why Ron and Hermione are rushing into a marriage, right?

I just want to shake my head at him and say, 'Silly Snape... love isn't a weakness.'
cdunbar chapter 2 . 3/27/2009
Is she pregnant?

Why is it that whenever a girl throws up we, as readers, automatically assume she's pregnant? Hmm...

And what do you mean those other stories are better than yours? Stop being so down on yourself. I'm really liking this one.

Shame on you, trying to get to read someone else's work before I finish yours.
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