Reviews for Waiting
CJ chapter 7 . 7/8/2005
OMG I have been gone like I said before and haven't reviewed. For which I am so sorry! BUT OMG IT WAS WONDERFUL. I was almost crying at the end. OMG I can't get over how beautiful it is. I can see everything happening. WOW I am at a loss for words it was so amazing and breathtaking. I just can't get over it. It may have been the shortest chapter story but it was the best (well besides No way Out.) But it was utterly perfect. I know there aren't enough beautiful words to describe this story in the full credit that it is due. I was so in love with this story it was just brillant. As always AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, story.

P.S. I hope you get this review and lol have fun with your boyfriend! lol
CJ chapter 5 . 7/8/2005
I am so sorry I have been gone and haven't been able to read your beautiful stories! I love it, not the suffering but the story. It all seems so real. I told you once I loved this story and I still do. I really hope you get this review since you are done with this story but I really really love it. You are such a terrific writer. As always I love it!
twistedcoil chapter 7 . 7/6/2005
I liked this - sorry for not reviewing sooner. Keep up the good work.

And if you are looking still for someone to read through things, I'd be happy to help - it really doesn't take long, and I know how much writing can benefit from it!

hollywoodgal chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
that was wonderful! very loverly.
crtjester chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
I always hate getting to the end of the story, although we must get there sometime. (sigh).

You are wonderful at writing drama, I envy you. This story had more of Joseph's feelings and emotions in it I think, and it felt right. It would have been very much him.

I wouldn't mind proof-reading for you, but I must confess that I miss alot myself. If you'd like, just email me.

theologygirl chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
One of the best stories I've read. Great drama, wonderful love story. Thanks for updating so quickly. And write another, soon!
jjmlucky13 chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
This is so great. You made the transition from past to present so perfectly. I didn't feel like I missed a moment. I loved the description at the end with the wine glasses and the ball gown and tux! So romantic! Great job!
Hoodie612 chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
What a perfect ending... I loved that you took it to the present with Joseph thinking back on all that had happened... and of course the lovemaking at the end *dreamy sigh*

All is right in the world of Clarisse & Joseph ;)
aserene chapter 7 . 7/5/2005
It was beautiful! I Loved it! I hope you write another story soon!
aserene chapter 6 . 7/4/2005
oo i love it! I'm so glad he rescued her, but you had me going for a moment...Update soon!
Hoodie612 chapter 6 . 7/4/2005
Forget the boyfriend LOL get back here and post! Clarisse and Joseph are in distress *giggle*
RevSue chapter 6 . 7/4/2005
Yes, this is DEFINITELY drama! And what a place to leave it! I do hope you're up to writing some more soon ... LOL


Hoodie612 chapter 5 . 7/4/2005
Ek you left me hanging again... come on get those little fingers typing!

I need more please ;)
hollywoodgal chapter 5 . 7/4/2005
oh please hurry with an update, i'm dying here
crtjester chapter 5 . 7/3/2005
I love it! I am the drama/romance type person anyway, but your writings great!

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