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yufa jackson chapter 11 . 3/20/2014
love yar fic xD and do you know the strangest thing that happened? i dont know if it was just coincidence but the radio was on while i was reading this and while i was finishing your fic a song was laying and when i was at the last chapter, i was reading the lrics and suddenly the song that was playing suddenly just registered to me; it was the SAME EXACT SONG: STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT and while i was reading the lyrics the singer was saying the same exact thing and i was just like what the o_O that was the FIRST time that everr happened to me and i dont know if its cool or just plain creepy xD (i just really had to say that) anyways keep on writing! it was such a touching story! hope to read more of your fics soon :)
ily26 chapter 11 . 12/19/2011
awww this is seriously too cute! i enjoyed this story very much!
Lemonysh chapter 11 . 12/4/2010
fantastic fic! :D great job!
Lemonysh chapter 10 . 12/4/2010
sorry for not reviewing soonre, i just loved tour fic so much i couldn't stop reading.. i couldn't wait for more Kori Dick moments.. really great fic!
I Dream of Stage Lights chapter 11 . 2/12/2010
The ending was so cute, I loved it!
VampirateLycan chapter 11 . 11/25/2009
love it! :D
Star of Airdrie chapter 1 . 5/18/2009
I really, really liked it. It was great to see someone pull off the whole "falls in love with someone else's girl" without making people evil and overly-flawed . Extremely well done.

Would love a one-shot of Kori and Richard down with road...

I'm glad to see other people reading and commenting on 'older' stories...

LJ - Star of Airdrie
Beatrice chapter 8 . 3/13/2009
Had anyone else start to scream when they started to kiss (not in a "oh the horror" kinda scream but unbridled joy kinda scream")

Yay loving the story so far
coolcari chapter 11 . 2/21/2009
wow! that was amazing! I love this story!


thanks so much for writing this story

Robin and Stafire forever!
Stained Glass Rose chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
I love ‘Strangers in the Night’. You write very well: you blend and balance humour and pain neatly, so that we always see the world as multi-dimensional and real. It was present in the narrative and in the characterization – I think people tend to strip away so much when they write AUs, but the allusions to the comics/cartoons (Kitty, Babs, Miggy Webster) added authenticity and familiarity that I, for one, consider necessary. You didn’t overemphasize (or, worse, forget) that, with very few exceptions, these characters wear masks in public. You adapted the characters to their new environments marvellously and I know that’s difficult, especially with Starfire, because, unlike Raven, for example, she’s distinctly alien. She’s far too naïve and optimistic to pass for the average twenty-something, but you did a marvellous job with her and everyone else. I like that you spent time on the side characters too because, in romance fiction, authors often neglect their characters’ family and friends. I particularly liked the scenes between Bruce and Richard, they possessed such subtlety of emotion, and I found it quite lovely. The end of chapter four is, perhaps, my favourite father/son moment, but they’re all really nice and the Raven/Gar dynamic was sweet :3.

I think my critique is, for the most part, based on taste and, of course, it’s only my opinion. I think ‘Strangers in the Night’ was unrealistic; I thought it unlikely that Richard would start to fall in love with Kory so soon after they’d met. I admit, I’m a little world-weary and a little cynical, but I don’t think Dick Grayson is much different. He doesn’t strike me as the type to develop such deep feelings for someone so fast and I certainly didn’t expect him to realize it. It was equally unexpected that everyone assumed he’d fallen in love with her—it’s uncharacteristic for him, to say the least, and few people are that idealistic. Roy seemed to accept that Richard had fallen for his fiancée much too easily and Kory seemed to overcome her broken engagement very swiftly as well. The latter I can understand, with some difficulty, because she knew Richard loved her and she’d had time to consider her own thoughts, but I’d expect much more jealousy, more conflict, more sorrow; it seemed to sort itself out so neatly and the turmoil that preceded it existed solely between Dick and Kory. Perhaps, until that moment, none of the characters would’ve accepted the situation, but it seemed too perfect. It seemed to gloss over so much and, for me, that detracted from an otherwise exceptional story, but by no means was it ruined. There were a few minor, technical errors, but it was very well-done.

Personally, I prefer less idealized romance, but nevertheless I loved ‘Strangers in the Night’. It possesses many merits that are lacking in the fanfiction I’ve read and it has many qualities that I appreciate. You’re a great writer and the story is a reflection of your talent, skill, and dedication. There are flaws, but they’re eclipsed by the virtues. Maybe I seemed to linger on the faults, Jolyn, but I find it easier to offer praise and I know you’ve heard it before. I won’t write an essay in the review box (no more than I have already x_x…), but I wanted to articulate my critique as clearly as possible because, perhaps, it will help you improve in future. I hope I didn’t come across as rude or discourteous because I’m very blunt, but I wouldn’t have spent so much time on a review if I hadn’t enjoyed ‘Strangers in the Night’ so much and it’s only my opinion, so take it as you will. Thank you for sharing an excellent Rob/Star story and I hope to see more.

- Ali
Starfire-is-not-a-wimp chapter 11 . 2/9/2008
A marvelously adorable ending to an amazing story. Congratulations! And thanks for reawakening my love for this pairing as well. There is nothing better then having a heart-warming ending. Also, I liked the allusions you gave to their cartoon counterparts. _ Great job!

(pounds fist on chest)

1ku chapter 11 . 1/20/2008
What a sweet ending. :D
Jabba1 chapter 11 . 1/10/2008

This is one fic I never thought would be finished, I am so happy to be wrong.

Great ending, I loved how Roy knew at the end and it wasn't too agnsty.

Great job!
StarryNightT chapter 11 . 1/10/2008
this. was. so. cute. i LOVED it! i loved how roy told her to go after richard, i loved how she found out, just omg. A! finding good stories makes me happy D now i wanna watch a sappy romantic comedy. gah.

StarryNightT chapter 6 . 1/10/2008
half way through this chapter i realised that the murder quote was also fro love actually. wow i'm dumb. but YAY! strobin fluff! **continues reading**

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