Reviews for The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse
alice.cuevas91 chapter 86 . 7/21
I can't even begin to put into words how much I love this story. it was well written, funny, and all around amazing. kagome was finally a strong character, Inuyasha was emotional, and it was as if you were in my head showing me the characters the way I wish they were. It was even long enough that it took me days to read. I have a new favorite Fanfiction author to follow. A million thanks and hugs for your amazing work of art. keep writing!
FanaticallyInLove chapter 86 . 4/23
I was right in what I posted over 50 chapters ago, this is everything I've always wanted Inuyasha to be. It was so incredibly detailed and absolutely wonderful. Fantastic job this will be in my top 3 favorite fanfics forever!
FanaticallyInLove chapter 30 . 4/18
I'm only just starting chapter 30 and I have to say I am completely enthralled! this is everything I ever wanted the original to be! The characters are amazing and it's so well written I wanna cry! I can't wait to see how the rest of this goes!
DeathDagger chapter 52 . 3/2
I gotta say this is my least favorite chapter of the whole story...the thought of her mom with someone we know as a child in the other area bordering on pedophilia for me. I know that's not your intention but the portrayal leaves much to be desired
DeathDagger chapter 38 . 3/2
I'm with her! I'm tried of this Kikyo ish!
DeathDagger chapter 8 . 2/29
The Inu on her bike is Sess!
TruPan lover chapter 7 . 2/21
Man you came up with some good names!
Jay chapter 86 . 2/10
"with be 'dada'," (will)
I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Assumed she'd have a boy because of Fenik's last request. It's sad to see this story end. It was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions. I know a lot of it was based off Rumiko's story, but you made it your own in a great way. I would have loved to have seen this strong, independent Kagome in her work. Did they ever officially marry for her grandfather? You did a great job writing this & now I'm off to see if you have any other great works that I can lose myself in.
Guest chapter 85 . 2/10
The entry she was so focused on at the beginning seems like it should have been slightly further in the story when they arrived at the fortress. I'm kinda jealous of her retreat at the fortress. It sounds very relaxing & I'm glad Momiji was able to help her. I can't believe you

"was one wag's suggestion." The ending of the sentence seemed a little off. Wag's?
Jay chapter 84 . 2/10
Loved Rin's bit about rising or choking. This chapter was getting really sad & then you had to put in the part about being groped & I started laughing. Not great when you're in a rather quiet area. I'm surprised they let her go on that long since it's not like she can easily hide her problem with their delicate noses. Glad they finally got Momiji there at the end.
Jay chapter 83 . 2/10
I really thought you did a good job with them getting everything out in the open & her being so patient with him. The rosary was a sweet touch. It's not an easy thing to admit being in a situation like that & he had to hold onto it alone all these years. I'll be honest, Fenik easily became one of my favorite characters so it really was a bittersweet ending for him. It sucks that after all that she'd lose everything.
Jay chapter 82 . 2/9
Are you kidding me? First you hit us with Tsu & Kohire in the last chapter & now Kumo?! I'm starting to believe you're as evil as Naraku. I was wondering if there was going to be some issues with the soul wanting to return after Kikyo was no longer. The full silver eyes could be a little hard to hide in the future though. I like how you decided to color all this seriousness & sadness with a little fun. Sess trying to pry that last bit of info & Inuyasha divulging Kagome's origins to Koga. Why doesn't she give the lock to Miroku to deliver? Also, I know she hasn't brought up her fear of being pregnant in awhile, but ever since she first thought of it I've been thinking that's the longest pregnancy ever...500 years! Seriously? We're finally saying rules are out? I started this chapter seriously still questioning if I wanted to risk you killing off more of the characters I liked & then getting pissed. I'm still ticked you took out your own guys, but the ending was good.
Jay chapter 80 . 2/9
I enjoyed this chapter. The cave situation was well written. Glad you included the bit after Jakotsu gave Bank the shard & he gave the red riding hood like warning of not talking to strangers. Koga really loves pushing his luck with death, doesn't he?
"NarakuOne third"
Jay chapter 79 . 2/9
Really good job introducing Bankotsu to Inuyasha's group. The fights were well written.
Jay chapter 78 . 2/8
I share your thoughts about Bankotsu. The trio definitely raised morale with that waterfall blast. I had a good chuckle at their antics when the tenbaryu had to untangle themselves. Loved when Inu called Jaken out on his 'love song.' When Kagome grabbed Kikyo, all I could think was please toss her to someone else & yell 'pass the miko' like it's a game of hot potato. Seriously though, he gets pissed about her protection of Koga & then responds in kind with Kikyo? I liked this chapter, especially the beginning half.
"wasamazing" "Sesshomaru'syouki" "Did youknow" "on thetenbaryu's" " 's really" "Aw,hell." "I can'twait" "willnot be happy."
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