Reviews for The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse
jj chapter 86 . 11/19
truly a wonderful story great job very well written tho I wish it had a longer epilogue I wanted to see Madori's reincarnation get together with fenik but oh well still love it
the-clumsy-one chapter 86 . 11/10
Aww, this is such an awesome fic :3 thank you for creating and sharing this to us
Anna chapter 1 . 11/4
I really enjoy this story but the constant inbhead conversations get tiresome.

You also have a habit of giving up on being creative and describing an orgasm as "blinding white light." you build up for an intense lemon and then summarize it in two sentences.

Also, I now officially hate the phrase "damn, damned, damnable." it's not catchy but it is obnoxious to read a dozen times a chapter.

Overall it's a good read.
Guest chapter 86 . 10/26
This story gets even better on the second reading, years later. This time I was mature enough to appreciate the complexity of finding a happy ending. The characters, descriptions, and narrative voice were incredible through a great great read. Thank you so much for the story :)
The Great Karasu chapter 86 . 9/7
Good lord, this was a trip! Your degenerate plot bunnies make me feel things... Not unpleasant, but definitely naughty!
SagaOfTheSolitaryKiwi chapter 52 . 6/24
Hi there! I've been working my way through your story over the last week, and heartily enjoying it. All the things that really bug me about Kagome are gone, but she's still flawed enough to be interesting. I felt I had to write a comment, though, because of the mokume gane wedding bands... my fiancé and I have matching mokume rings (this: transaction/194760346 except with rose gold instead of regular gold), and I approve the choice for InuKag! :)
angeljme chapter 29 . 6/3
thank you for keeping Rin alive and with Sess on this story... i love those two to bits
hiya168 chapter 86 . 5/2
I can't believe it took me this long to find this gem of a story. This has easily become one of my top favorites of fanfiction stories that I have ever read and I have a lot of favorites in my profile. I do not even have a slight regret for the amount of sleep that I've missed the past few days. This story was just beautiful. Amazingly written, and a brilliant plot deviating from canon. I love it so much and I thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece of work. I've felt too many emotions at once, shed more than a few tears, may even have outright bawled at some scenes, that I'm feeling a little empty now that I finally completed this story. I can't imagine though the bittersweet feeling you much have felt as the author, when you finally completed this story that had taken 3 years to complete. So I'll stop blabbering now and just say again that was this story was simply amazing.
Compucles chapter 86 . 1/31
I would've preferred for the story to have included later events from the manga, and I much prefer Takahashi's solution of wishing on the Shikon Jewel to destroy itself, but I understand that these things hadn't been revealed yet when you were planning and started writing this story.

Otherwise, this was a wonderful story that was exciting all the way through. I congratulate you on writing and finshing such a huge masterpiece.
Iris chapter 86 . 1/5
Well! I've just finished this whole thang (for the first time) and BOY OH BOY was that some ride! It was excellent, you wrote it brilliantly, thank you so much for being so fabulous. Gods, I ADORE these two (heck, ALL of the "these two"s this has in it) and finally the boulder in my throat and the acid in my eyes have fucked off, allowing me to bask in the wonderfulness that is this story. Cheers, "Fenik" ;D
Stardust Miko chapter 7 . 1/3
man I know this story is done, but still this is too funny...I luv the time twist thingy!
Stardust Miko chapter 5 . 1/3
Aww Inuyasha is SOOO sweet! :)
Compucles chapter 46 . 11/13/2014
Who cares if your timeline doesn't match up to the third movie? The movies are all animé filler.
Compucles chapter 44 . 11/12/2014
Wow, I'm kind of surprised that Miroku and Sango moved so quickly in this AU. Kagome and Inuyasha are different, as their relationship was heavily modified right from the beginning, but it seems strange that Miroku and Sango moved so quickly after it took a good hundred plus episodes of the animé before they got engaged in canon.
Compucles chapter 29 . 11/4/2014
Hmm, I didn't expect them to just lay everything out on the table for her. Then again, if she had gone through the whole adventure without figuring it out, she'd be even more oblivious than Akane Tendo towards Ryoga/P-chan.
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