Reviews for Sometimes It's Better To Lie
KimmaGilmore chapter 31 . 4/26/2013
Did you ever rewrite? Great story!
xshynenstarx chapter 31 . 2/19/2013
Ok it has been updated or rewritten yet and I'm dying here. Where's this story?
xshynenstarx chapter 27 . 2/19/2013
I hope Jess feels bad. I've always hated his character: selfish and immature. I love this story though. I liked how you portrayed Mitchum and what he's done to repair his relationship with Logan. I love Finn and Rory's relationship too it's so cute. I wish Finn was my big brother. I liked how you portrayed Lorelai in this story too. She was always too judgmental of Logan on the show. PLease comeback to update and finish this story, it's so amazing.
Julie Sue chapter 31 . 4/12/2012
ahhh what did you decide to do! I want to to know what happened...did Lorelai and Rory make up? Do Logan and Rory get married? Have more kids? what happens iwth Luke and Lorelai? and Mitchum? soooooo many unanswered questions? I need to know!
Julie Sue chapter 30 . 4/12/2012
WOW they are sooo PERFECT!
Julie Sue chapter 29 . 4/12/2012
lorelai is being ridiculous! she wont talk to her becuz she is being soo selfish...and has been from the beginning!
Julie Sue chapter 28 . 4/12/2012
OH holy toledo! I cant wait til Luke hears what they named the baby!
Julie Sue chapter 27 . 4/12/2012
wow but yes now he will prolly leave her alone!
Julie Sue chapter 26 . 4/12/2012
why wont he ever go away?
Julie Sue chapter 25 . 4/12/2012
ohh bless her heart! :(
Julie Sue chapter 24 . 4/12/2012
OMG OMG OMG she told Finn! WOW! and I love Mitchum in this story!
Julie Sue chapter 23 . 4/11/2012
what a sweet chapter! thi story is soo good!
Julie Sue chapter 22 . 4/11/2012
I am soo glad that you also wrote a good mitchum! i love the stories where he redeems himself! :) i cried when I read waht all he did! its GREAT! :)
Julie Sue chapter 21 . 4/11/2012
OH gosh!
Julie Sue chapter 20 . 4/11/2012
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