Reviews for Thirteen Ways To Say Goodnight
Em chapter 7 . 6/26
Oh god how amazing is this. And how tragic.

Your writing on this was beautiful as it all was. I don't think you probably even look at these reviews anymore, and certainly aren't writing more of this by now, but regardless: It's a fascinating, lovely story, and you're pretty awesome for thinking of it.
Shadow's Interceptor chapter 7 . 9/6/2014
Knock, knock, anyone there?

This story is good. I mean really freakin' good. I mean damn it all to hell I want this to be bloody canon good. Well, maybe not canon since Freya is dead, but you get my drift.

I HATE stories where my favorite character gets killed off, yet I LOVE this one. Don't know if you're still writing, but if you are please consider giving this one an update or twelve.

Fun fact, I saw your pen name and thought it familiar so I looked through your stories. You just happen to be the writer of my favorite FFVII story ever, the one about characters I consider meh, the one about the pairing I consider fair, the one that kept me so damn hooked from beginning to end that I think I stayed awake till who knows when on a school night finishing the thing. I recommend it to anyone who shows a passing interest in Yuffie/Vincent.

Wherever you are in life and whatever you're doing, I wish you the best. I sincerely hope you've continued to use your incredible talent as a writer.
klepto yes that one chapter 7 . 5/21/2012
Any chance of this being taken up again? I'm in the process of redoing the SIW doujinshi because I think I can do the narrative better now, so I am perfectly happy to try and bribe you into updating this. You write dysfunctional so well, it's like poetry.
Mosritheel chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
A couple of years ago, this fanfiction changed my life. Straight up. Your writing conjures a picture of the world it describes in such a way that it becomes tangible, alive with the chemistries between people, the journies tangled amongst places and the lives of the kinds of extraordinary characters featured within these games.

It isn't easy to get a hold on a character you didn't create- especially when they're as mind-boggling as some of those in the FF universe -and yet you seem to breeze through dialogue and interactions that read like the game-script would if written in gorgeous detail by someone who was allowed to swear.

The charactisation in these works of fiction is bloody astounding. You ponder the fine-tuning and make note of ties and awkwardnesses between characters which the game only touches on- in fact, you open with a fantastic exchange between Garnet and Amarant. The result of all your efforts is more than just a fan-fiction- it's a story which, as much as it pains me to say it, is wasted by being available free of charge.

I'm going to go on forever, so I'll summarise a smallish percentage of the things in this story that make me swoon. There's the idea of Gudrun and her mix of her parents traits, the way Puck rules his kingdom, Fratley's fierce love of his daughter and the way he treats Amarant (civil acidity?), the way life moves on for the characters featured, Amarant's wandering, the tragedy of his being far away when Freya dies, Zidane becoming 'Prince Consort', the little details like Amarant's interaction with Cornelia, his relationships with the other characters, the way he tries to block out the fact that she's dead- that bit always makes me wibble, your understanding of the 'period' in which the game is set (and of all the details in the game), the interactions between Gudrun and Amarant, the bitterness Amarant suffers toward most everything (especially his exactly accurate graceful-clumsy strength, which sees ordinary wooden seats collapsing under him and so on), a stab to the gut as a greeting (followed by frigid hospitality). Also, your writing style.

I'll shut up in a minute. One more thing. If one day I can write half so well as you, I will be veryyyy happy. You, madam, are a timeless credit to the fan-fiction universe, and I wish I shared more of your fandoms. Oh, and hilariously, I don't even ship Amarant/Freya!
Anzer'ke chapter 7 . 1/16/2010
Well damn do I hope that you are still out there and that you do continue this because It's definitely one of the best in this category, not least for in character Freya and Amarant and...well everybody.

Excellent stuff all round.

Peace out and Rock on,

Taokan chapter 7 . 9/25/2009
I read this once, years ago, and finally found it again just a short while ago, and I just- I cannot believe it doesn't have more reviews.

It's beautiful. Just about everything that I've could have wanted in a Freya/Amarant -no, just a straight *Final Fantasy 9* fic- all wrapped up in one big snarky package.

Thank you.
bubblygoo chapter 4 . 4/14/2009
Haha, Uncle Beatrix. Loving the story so far. I kind of feel sorry for Fratley. He's like one of those guys that's so pathetic, but it breaks your heart to tell him that.
j.c.kai chapter 7 . 2/13/2008
i like this story very much

keep on going
Reinna chapter 7 . 1/8/2008
af;sdlkfjaslkjfsd I love this, especially how you switch between the past and the present with Amarant and Freya and Gudrun and all. I especially love the way Amarant and Freya interact with each other and how their 'relationship' is built up and executed.

Your story is absolutely amazing. I don't really have any better words to describe it.
Starr Bryte chapter 7 . 10/25/2007
*squealsigh* I adore all of your fanfiction. I loved the dialogue in this one and the way the chapters flip back and forth. I adore Grunty and the way she and "Uncle Amajerk" snark back and forth at each other.

On the offchance of sounding like an annoying fangirl throwing a tantrum... "I WANT MORE! I WANT MORE!"

I love it all and wait paitiently impatient for your updates.

Stay safe

Stay healthy


Starr Bryte
Shaolei chapter 7 . 7/23/2007
Aww.. I was hoping there'd be a new chapter soon.

I love your take on Freya Amarant and Yuffie Vincent. Two of my favorite FF pairings. Keep it up! Oh, the Dragon onslaught was awesome. Write more soon please Ü
Hail Dormin chapter 7 . 7/22/2007
Wow! This is a very powerful chapter of a well-written story-I feel like I could read it over and over again without tiring a bit. I especially love the wonderfully described action of the battle and the climax of Freya and Amarant's twisty bond.
KatSumeragi1313 chapter 7 . 5/30/2006

Lately I've been going on AmaFreya story hunts and I've found what I'm looking keep updating!
Guile chapter 1 . 5/18/2006
Man, this is an amazing fic.

I've always been a sucker for Freya/Amarant, and you really do write them beautifully. Hell, I even love Fratley in this one, and it takes a lot for me to actually like Iron-Tail.
kinokokichigai chapter 4 . 3/11/2006
What's carnal passion? Ask your father-100% gaurunteed he'll have a funny reaction! Please update soon!
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