Reviews for Into Ashes
Sunoko chapter 1 . 7/30/2006
ウア!ミルさんは漢字がとても上手すね? ジャ、その話わとても面白かったです、そして私はとても好きでした。ね、ミルさんは 東京に行ったら、古本屋に行った方がいいですよ。そこで、マンガも本はとても安いです!凄いですね? そして、上野の近いに、とても安い買い物があります。

skenshingumi chapter 1 . 6/29/2005
This does make a nice companion piece to "The Longest Walk". I found the story moving and the author's notes very interesting and informative. Hope you get more time to write in the future.
xZig-zagx chapter 1 . 6/28/2005
Wonder! It was simply wonder! Loved the emotions that were shown! Great job!
Gremlins chapter 1 . 6/28/2005
Very nice! It's short, but there's not a word wasted in this. The depth of Kenshin's pain is clearly shown (and I do hope that he got Tomoe's ashes and not the hut's...)

Have fun in Tokyo! Yes it does get very hot, but what really kills you is the high humidity before the rains imho. ;)
SiriusFan13 chapter 1 . 6/28/2005
That's a great story. I really love it. Especially how you describe water, salt and fire to be purifiers and how each played its part in this incident.

I also loved the boy who unhesitating, leant him a hand when he stumbled. Probably a surprise to Kenshin who was used to people being too afraid of him to even make eye contact.

Excellent job. I'm actually extremely flattered that any part of this story would be inspired by something I wrote!

lolo popoki chapter 1 . 6/28/2005
Fascinating piece... it really goes well with SiriusFan13's fic :) Beautifully done and very informative! Good luck on your presentation!
sueb262 chapter 1 . 6/28/2005
I just read SiriusFan13's "His Longest Walk", as well, and it's great that you've based something on it!

The image of him standing and watching the pyre, of the heat and ashes covering his body, seemed to me as though he actually wanted that, wanted her ashes to become a part of himself. Very touching.

I also really liked how you wove Japanese religious feeling into this, as well as how you made it clear that Kenshin's history would have made him a little eccentric that way, put him outside the mainstream of Japanese spiritual feeling, simply by the fact of his having grown up in a spiritually neglectful environment. Great touch.

Thanks, too, for the end notes on religion. I just eat that kind of thing up, and like to include notes like that in my authors' notes when appropriate (even though I've been criticized for "showing off", of all things!).

The phrase "smothering silence of the snow-laden forest" was enough to almost stop my own ears with its effect.

And "Black dust—hers, theirs, neither"-I loved the emptiness of it. He is quite simply not attached to the need for this ritual, but his doing it for Katsura and her family is very moving.

Thanks for such a wonderful "write it now!" story, and I'm thrilled to hear that your others stories may be updated soon!

Editorial details in case you update:

In the first paragraph, you probably meant "smoldering embers" v. "soldering embers".

In the third paragraph, "He still, he remained rooted to the spot" probably suffered from editing.

In the fourth paragraph, "eyes still to bright": "to" should have been "too"?

In the next-to-last paragraph, "behind his left shadow": should have been "shoulder"?