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Guest chapter 39 . 7/14
Aww such a good read! I couldn't put it down.
1Lioness6 chapter 39 . 6/21
OH MY GOD! You're story is absolutely AMAZING! It made me laugh, cry, smile, and seethe with anger! This was amazing! I stayed up until, like, 2 am reading a chapter of this, and I have never done that for another fanfiction! I LOVE this story!
~ 1_Lioness_6
Who chapter 1 . 10/29/2015
I'm sorry but WHAT! Why are you starting us off on a riddle ? Is it a riddle? It sounds like a riddle so there for it is. Right? Eather way I'm very very very curious. So I think I should continue reading for now.
ssdawning chapter 39 . 10/21/2015
Nice epilogue and a good ending to this story...all except for Draco dying. Really? You had to do that? I also think that the Minister should have been sent to Azkaban for everything that he did. He was evil!
ssdawning chapter 22 . 10/20/2015
Man, when you notched up the angst, you REALLY blew it out of the water! I'm so glad that the judges weren't corrupt. I'm hoping that Draco can somehow help get Elizabeth back. This sequel has been one of the best I've read.
GanjiaQueen91 chapter 37 . 9/26/2015
sooo First u kill Neville in the first book and now you take Draco.. Whos next MOONY! lol great stories by the way!
Pwrmom2 chapter 39 . 2/28/2015
Absolutely loved this series! A side note I also enjoyed was how draco's generation overcame their school hatred and became close friends with him not just a saving hermione which started the change, but ultimately bonding over Elizabeth and sacrificing for her. Quite the opposite of Snape and Sirius keeping up the hatred which led to all the bad stuff
Guest chapter 19 . 2/16/2015
Do to this chapter being so long and because of me really want to see what happens next and also it reduces how long my review are and also because it really is a hole lot easier to get the review dune and have said whated too I also find that I don't worry so much how much I should put in to the review.

1. I forgot that Sirius also had Snuffle as a nickname.
2. I see that Hermione dose not min flying now.
3. Dose the Minsterey ever tell the truth.
4. Glad that Dumbledoregot to the Minsterey before they could intearageyt Hermione's parents any more then they have are ready or lie to them more.
5. Happy to hear that Draco and Harry still get to train
Pip Pip chapter 18 . 2/15/2015
Aww Sirius dose talkin his sleep and from what he saying whatever he is dreaming about is ether very funny or embarrassing or perhaps bothI pick both. By the way what happened with Sirius and Hermione on the flooor last week?

The Minsterey and it's Minater are a big load of the TRUE meaning of RETARDEDNESS (the dictionary has it worng)
and blindness.

Hopefully Tonks, Harry, and Draco will be okay.

So I'm gonna guess that wen Harry in not at Auror training or visiting Genny then his with Hermione and Sirius ant Remus and Tonks home.

Who are they whom do they hsve? Let me guess I have to go to 5 he next chapter to find out. I'm on my way then bye bye.
Pip Pip chapter 17 . 2/15/2015
OK I just finished reading this chapter it's now 2:30 AM so I need to make this short and I think it will be the best if I did it the same way I did it in the chapter previous to this email one so here they are.
1 Ment to have this in the other review Yea Genny is conscious
2 Think Merlin that the head of the Aurors in the group any rate is a boldy cowered to a angry one and only Harry Potter.
3 I hope Harry knows that Hermione trust him it's just that she is very scared for Elizabeth after that SCARY Auror insadent that they just had and is to scared to have her out of her or Sirius arms.
4 So happy that Graham is ok.
5 Snape need to shut it.
6 Tonks is silly and the way she told Remus was cute ad shy.
7 Remus and Tonks are a very amusing pare .
8 It is now 3:05 so I'm done good night. Or would it be good day?
Pip Pip chapter 16 . 2/14/2015
Just finished reading have to see what's going to happen in the next chapter so no time to review other then this here.
3 LOVE GRAHAM andI really REALLY hope that he'll be OK!
4 Tonks haveing a baby is ALSOME!
5 Sometimes I really dislike you and you evil Cliffhanger's Cliffy.
OK I dune now I must goon to the next chapter.
Pip Pip chapter 15 . 2/13/2015
Congratulations you have managed have me abalutley patativly dislike Snape he is a complete and outer Sirius, James and the others Marauders did to him wen they were students in school were the Marauders and the Marauders alone doing and sometimes just Sirius or James for those were the two that gave him most of his hard time at school not so much Remus or Peter. Snape is abalutley in the wrong for making Harrys and those like him, Melanie , Neville, and others. What did Remus mean wen he ask Snape "You told Vodemort ?" What did Snape tell Vodemort please don't tell me please that it was he who told Vodemort ware James and Lilly lived if he did then I don't just abalutley patativly dislike him I absolutely patativly HEAT him.

So poor Genny is still unconscious? Well it not that saprarizing she did almost a hole room fill on top of her
I do hope that she wake's-up soon she has a lot of people worried .

Elizabeth will neve ever ever be anything like Vodemort Sirius, Hermione, Harry, Remus, Tonks, Draco, Genny, and all the other Weasley's (minus that git Purcy of course) would have that even be possible.

There is more to the Prophecynow I see. So Graham may now why Tonks hair is changing from mustered to to a horrible green and the only think he tells her is to talk to Remus and ask Madame Poppy for a exam. I need to go to the next chapter ASAP Oh look I am dune with this review so I can go and read now good I'm on my way BYE.
Pip Pip chapter 14 . 2/13/2015
Good Harry and Genny are both going to be okay that is very good Harry more so then Genny but with Poppy taking care of her I'm not to worried don't get me wrong I am sad about her condision very sad but not so worred not so much not with Poppy taking of her (the same gose for Harry too) Dumbledore is wise for keeping Harry and Genny in the Hospital wing and not St,Mungos there are SAFER terephthalate the St,Mungos. Sirius was right for stopping Hermione about thinking about the what if's it never ever ever helps but I know if I was in Hermione's prosition I would be thinking about the what if's too. Nice of Draco to watch Elizabeth especially after last night wen he and Harry watch her.

Yea Genny is improving slowly yes but she is improving and that is good to it could have been so much worse but this Merlin it wasn't.

I hope I nor my family and friends will never ever ever have to go and do what Hermione, and Sirius are doing now it very nice of Remus go and helping them suching for anything that can be saved I'm saprarize that Hermione's wedding dress was untuched but happy the same go's for Harry Firebolt and Sirius bake. It is exstimately sad that they lost all those pictures and other sentimental things.

How is Tonks hair changing color with out her knowing it?
I hope Harry wake's-up again and soon.

Poor Melanie Snape is such a GIT for treating her that way I'm happy that Sirius and Hermione are there and making sure she feels better Sirius dose it with jokes,laugh, and smiles, and Hermione dose it a mother like care and hungs. I glad that Hermione manchen Neville and how he was also afraid of Snape in his years at Hogworts and yet still managed to show just how brave he was and became a hero just like so many others. Hopefully with knowing that now Melanie will know that she can and will be the same hopefully though her will end up happer.

Tonks hair is still changing color with out her knowing I see. Why hasn't any one said anything? Harry would wake-up at that time. This is NOT YOUR FOULT Harry it is the Death Eastern and the Minstere(I just can't see how its not) and Sirius and Hermione know that as does everyone else.
Pip Pip chapter 13 . 2/12/2015
So it was Sirius and Hermione's cottage (wouldn't also be Harryband Genny too) that the five cloaked figures were heading to. I thought it was going to be theres. Of course Harry wis not stupid enough to live the door unlocked nor is he stupid enough to just have any smiple safety charm on the door with a friend like Hermione (I mean hello) of course it would be almost undo able and this should go with out saying but the same go's Genny on both ends.

Wen one WANTS to GET IN then we'll they will get IN and ready to strike.

Well Harry was righ the door being broken down was loud enough to wake up Genny who was very wise to use the invisble Cloake although it didn'thelp her from not getting hit by a curse by a evil as of a Death Eastern so it would probably have ended the same for Harry if hehad it on wen he wen't to check out what had him waking up with that felling of DREAD. I HEAT those Death Eastern'snot only did they destroyed the cottage but trapparently under a beamaND Harry nearly unconscious and unable to help Genny but now they know what Elizabeth looks like. I hope they get found out in time

Aww you mean stayed like that the hole night once Remus fund were Tonks was that's that's so so CUTEand they still are .

That's a sweet and funny way to wake-up by hearing the word Dada and being so meat smack in the face well what can I say wen Elizabeth wants Sirius up she wants him UP.

AWW YOU JUST GAVE ME A NEWT HAPPY PLACE within this moment with Tonks and Remus Thank you!

Poor Sirius and Hermione there day were starting off so nicely and now they find that there house is destroyed and there a good chance thatHarry and Genny are still inside
smart of Sirius to tell Hermione to get Remus just as smart for Hermione to live Elizabeth with Tonkswile she and Remus go back to help Sirius. SMART GIRL Hermione using the rocking char as the portil key now everyone can get out and Genny doesn't have to be gelled in a way that is parbaly that isn't to good for her with her injury's please have her and Harry be OK I fill so sorry for Sirius he wen't with thus before hopefully it will as it's seems it might be end happen then it did back so many years ago.
Pip Pip chapter 12 . 2/11/2015
Sorry it happen again did not put my name Pip Pip and press the the wrong botten an who as I was saying
my favorite parts were thethemfighting about how did what, the bath, the fight over the dipper changing, the suching for the missing Elizabeth , and her calling from her stuff wolf Moonly or as she says it Oonly. I am happy and saprarize that they did not kill eacher. I'm liking Graham he seems nice and caring funny too it will hurt if not only Tonks bit me if if he turns out to not be who he seems to be so pleas please please PLEASE have him be the way he seems to be.

Aww Sirius got a gift foMr Hermione's dad. Snape was being out of line with those poor Gryffendors thankfully Sirius and Hermione came at just the right time.. I think it is the cutest thing wen Sirius and Hermione found Draco, Harry, and Elizabeth past out on the couch together.

Okay I'm worried now both Harry and Tonks waking up with not at all good feelings plus there are five cloaked figures coming up to a small cottage please don't let aby thing to bad happen PLEASE .
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