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ShadowBasilisks chapter 11 . 9/10
Oml once me and my dad were river rafting and we fell of a waterfall bout 10-16 feet high and he frikin dragged me down underwater when I could have floated above it since I had a life
jacket on... It was fun though when I opened my eyes underwater and saw everything (cuz the water was quite clear...) so yeh he didn't wanna lose me so he grabbed me and we both were dragged under the current we ended up okay though crept Casey (we were with friends; it was a pre-wedding party thing) broke her leg cuz she got caught between the rocks at the top of the waterfall so husband Ryan (newly married cuz she was the one getting married and the pre-marriage party was for her and her soon-to-be at-the-time husband) had to carry her down the isle
Nikimo chapter 2 . 9/6
I'm extremely sorry to say this but Mikoto never thought of Naruto as a monster nor a demon fox. She knew that Naruto was the son of the Fourth Hokage and his wife, Kushina.
Ash0011 chapter 22 . 9/5
whelp it's been seven years, the story was good while it lasted
bartlettpear chapter 22 . 8/27
(Sakura and Naruto screamed after him while Sasuke suffered from his chronic eye twitch - the longer he was one Team Seven, the worse it got.
Despite his words, the eye twitch was returning. She was starting to wonder if maybe he should get that looked at.)
Sasuke's eye twisting lol Hopefully it's not something deadly.

(She figured that the day everything they did made perfect sense was the day she finally left all traces of civilian life behind. Ninja were weird. She still wasn't sure how she felt about that.
For once her teammates were starting to really make sense to her.
Wait a second...
Sakura just wondered what strange quirks she was going to start developing.)
Haha, Sakura's worry was really cute. I'm glad they included her into their fold. The time thing is probably something that will either get touched upon later down the line or not at all.

Zabuza's you're late at Kakashi made me laugh.

(That was it. He couldn't take it anymore. He was curious. It was just so weird.
"That's it. Why?"
Sakura laughed. It was kind of creepy, and more than a little manic sounding. "I've decided to take the initiative. I'm going to come up with my own quirk before a weirder one creeps up on me," she informed him.
"'re weird."
"I know. Isn't that the point?")
Cute interaction and scary too haha

("Look, appearances are important for me," Sakura said with a glint in her eye. "After all, I've decided to master genjutsu, and that's all about false appearances.")
I like how the appearance thing made a reappearance and Sakura's fancy makeover. Off topic, but it is unfortunate Tenten nor Lee didn't get to become a chuunin. Probably anyways since that wasn't touched on. Itachi being secretly a good guy doesn't excuse what he did and for deliberately messing Sasuke up. It sort of feels like the series is a showcase of bad decisions. It would still be great if you pick the story again one day or share notes you had for the story and like highlights of all the different things you wanted to happen. Thank you for writing :D
bartlettpear chapter 21 . 8/27
It was nice to see Sakura do well and Sasuke surprising Naruto by cheering for Sakura. I was worried Naruto and Sasuke would be brought up again. I hope Hiruzen doesn't die this time.
bartlettpear chapter 20 . 8/27
Way to go Naruto and Sasuke in their ruse, and that explanation before they gave the truth they could tell was nicely done. Sakura's last words to her teammates made me tear up. Has your original work been published? Is it something we can read if we don't mention your fanfiction and original together?
bartlettpear chapter 19 . 8/27
Yay for no favoritism from Sakura but was punching them really necessary, yes she was worried but what if they had injuries :b

(Naruto looked at him in barely disguised horror while Sasuke had turned around to stare at him as well.
Naruto immediately ditched the idea of a hole and started thinking more in terms of digging a grave.
Naruto and Sasuke, resigned to their fate, did not try to escape.)
Lol, Naruto's reactions and them being pulled out together. I like how they were communicating during the fight, that was brilliant.
bartlettpear chapter 18 . 8/27
I wonder who they were talking to, first guess is Karin for new people in the exam. Nice fights with great team work, exciting and easy to visualize. That was a freaking cool twist, at first I was like when did they meet Kin what happened to Tayuya, wait Tayuya wasn't in the exams, oh that's what the NaruKin was referring to, I confused myself lol Rereading from from the chuunin exam to the rescue again with Haku in mind was fun. I hope he was the only observer.
bartlettpear chapter 17 . 8/27
The Uchiha seriously make themselves look so bad. I think that injured one might get harvested which is unfortunate and gross but he's down and separated from his team which makes him easy pickings. Sakura did great, it was a relief to see the team find each other but alarming that someone is watching them. It could be the same person that noticed Sasuke or a different one but I think it's. Kabuto and/or Orochimaru.
bartlettpear chapter 16 . 8/27
Sakura being lost in her own head was fun to follow, I like her self awareness. Is Sasuke holding a grudge against Lee? I am glad Sakura stepped up and Naruto also stepped in. I like the POV switch to Naruto so we could see a bigger picture of things. Sasuke and Sakura's in sync head shake at Naruto was cute. I am curious if Naruto's exchange with Tayuya would change anything. I appreciate the time skip. Will Sakura ever either learn a little about the time travel part about her teammates or will she just grow up with them and that won't be touched upon?
bartlettpear chapter 15 . 8/27
There will probably be a closer eye out on Naruto and Sasuke now. Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon being recruited to help out, grudgingly doing it, setting up pranks/ambushes and getting verbally flayed for almost breaking a set of tableware make for a cute collage of the mission. That is was so Naruto and Sasuke could keep an eye on them was a surprise.

Naruto being reminded of Sasuke's two personalities and possibly forgetting their other life was a sad little wakeup call.

Sasuke knowing what Naruto was there for, Naruto listening, Sasuke venting, Naruto's speech, Sasuke finding it confusing along with his feelings over his own thoughts, Naruto finally leaving and his observations of the sky wrapped it up in a cold way. That last part feels old soul and symbolic.
bartlettpear chapter 14 . 8/27
I like your characterization of Mikoto. Her not being originally an Uchiha is a novel concept for me, I am guessing her family is possibly all dead and same for Fugaku's family so there's no close family left beside distance relatives that would probably purposely stay away. I like the idea of her formerly being a shinobi of high caliber. Mikoto's conversation with Hiruzen was interesting to follow and she their dynamics. Mikoto finding the thoughts of what Naruto would do heartwarming was a nice detail. It was nice of him to assign the new mission that he did. Sakura's totally lost so I am glad people are giving her cues and trying to be be reassuring. Mikoto's thoughts about Sasuke and Naruto feel nostalgic and definitely given off the impression of a mother's thoughts. I was particularly fond of the last line.
bartlettpear chapter 13 . 8/25
Sasuke having hazy memories while Naruto has vivid memories was an interesting effect of their time travel. I like Naruto's conversation with the Kyuubi. I felt bad for Haku, that conversation and it's red flags. It's fortunate they don't mean to harm him.

I like the twist, it cleanly took care of things but it does still look sort if suspicious lol. I am guessing we will eventually meet Haku and Zabuza again in the future.
bartlettpear chapter 12 . 8/25
(Perhaps they could channel that gift through a jutsu and shatter an enemy's eardrums. It was a thought to pursue later.)
The ability to weaponize sound is a pretty awesome, making your enemies lose their sense of balance is an effective skill, I wonder how Sakura and Naruto would each take to learning it :-)

Naruto's reasoning for orange made me smile but then sad because Naruto would need something to cheer him up with the crap he has to put up with from the village :'( Nice save, I look forward to Kakashi eventually meeting Mikoto and Iruka.

("So you guys don't want to draw any more attention to yourselves until you can prove them wrong." She looked proud of her analysis. Kakashi had always thought she was extremely quick.
True it seemed a bit insignificant, but it was important to her. Besides, everyone else seemed to be revealing things about themselves, so why shouldn't she?)
I am very fond of your Sakura, she's a good kid.
bartlettpear chapter 11 . 8/25
That first paragraph cemented how horrible what Tazuna did by neglecting to advise Konoha of the danger that might show up, they people protecting could've all died because of his omission :-(

("Right! Let's get wild!" Naruto exclaimed. That line was just too cool to pass up. He heard Sasuke snort in amusement. Naruto grinned. )
This made me smile :-)

I like the mention of how strong of an opponent Zabuza was, it always raises my hackles when I come across people who say he and Haku are weak. Kudos to shout out of Kakashi being not up to par because he's been lazy accompany the kids on their D ranks. It was a relief to have Sasuke go after Naruto and help patch him up, good job to Sakura dealing with the three of her essentially downed teammates. Water is heavy af, I panicked when I went down, agree on the sinister underwater plant life, and luckily someone was there to drag me back.
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