Reviews for This Time Around
avidreaded chapter 22 . 3/17
So is this story dead or what?
palmtreehead chapter 22 . 2/3
Very interesting, thanks heaps for sharing. love stories where Haku gets to live, and although I love Hina/Naru I also agree that not every story has to revolve around romance.
palmtreehead chapter 18 . 2/2
Hehe, that was quite clever to have Haku rescue them, nice planning!
palmtreehead chapter 10 . 2/2
Great fight scene! I generally don't like them but you wrote it in such a way that it held my interest, thanks for the effort!
kitsune7815 chapter 22 . 1/21
awsome book please update
Anonymous Person chapter 13 . 1/20
I get the feeling that everyone has been affected to some degree by Kyuubi's time travel trick some more so than others.
Burning Delphox chapter 22 . 1/6
Please continue making chapters for this story or possibly rewrite it if you don't like where it's going but I want to see more of this story because it is very good and amazing to read so please continue this story if you can.
Lilium Mercedes Knight chapter 22 . 1/3
I demand more chapter I'll give you cookies :)
rogueofstorms chapter 22 . 12/22/2016
bummer! Just as this story got moving in an interesting direction, I look at the top and find it's been abandoned. ;_; Will this ever update again?
ladyres chapter 4 . 12/20/2016
Seven hells do u ever watch the anime or read the manga u don't even know anything about itachi this is a fucking fail
ladyres chapter 3 . 12/20/2016
Itachi didn't kill shishu he committed suicide and naruto and hinata was always meant to be you authors annoy me with listening to stupid reviewers
HeartofIron13 chapter 18 . 11/24/2016
You just go ahead and eat your shirt!
Huh chapter 4 . 11/6/2016
Wait, so in your story, Danzo and Hiruzen was not behind the massacre but solely Itachi?
Synaps chapter 22 . 10/21/2016
This is well written and the use of Zabuza and Haku is brilliant.
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 2 . 10/4/2016
Kushina was Mikoto's friend, it's strange how she would think Naruto as a demon and monster
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