Reviews for Running, Always Running!
SeleenaMarieDragonMistress chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
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Guest chapter 20 . 10/4/2013
What happened 2 the 2 little ones that you put inthe story ? The ones that where hoping that they would help them ?
nno chapter 5 . 10/14/2012
no nigga no!
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 5 . 8/1/2012
It was amusing when they all broke out in a happy jig.
Megan Consoer chapter 20 . 7/21/2012
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
Bing Bing 9312 chapter 20 . 7/7/2012
Great story. Terrible ending. Never do it again.
Weeping Angel Of Fear chapter 20 . 10/2/2010
Wow...I am speechless it was that good!

All I can say is bravo and well done, thanks for the amazing story!

Dark Neko 7000 chapter 20 . 9/9/2010
Mel chapter 20 . 6/19/2010
The story was sort of interesting till the end, you went for the totally depressing, sad ending and it then turned into a fail
MysticalKC chapter 20 . 4/15/2010
Loved It!
winchesterxgirl chapter 3 . 9/21/2009
so, not only is your part good, but Alice could write good crack it.
Basill chapter 1 . 7/16/2009
Damn, i thought Harry was going to be Zan, aw, oh well i like the story anyways. It's really good. :)
The Lady of the Land chapter 5 . 7/15/2009
your friend alice is crazy!
The Lady of the Land chapter 3 . 7/15/2009
pretty sure zan is draco
Inner Self chapter 20 . 7/27/2008
that was crazy.
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