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Mominator124 chapter 49 . 1h
I like the slightly more expanded version of Genn's packing to move to the larger room. I've always wondered about her books, fearing that Erik's note might be found by someone else if she carelessly left them behind. Though I must admit, I've also always wondered why she would choose to keep it, since it was meant to hurt her feelings and push her away.

Hmm . . . future plot point? :)

Another thing I've always liked about this story is "watching" Erik gradually resume the mantle of Opera Ghost as he grows angrier and angrier at the end of this chapter. Don't know why I like it so much, I just do.

You know, Genn's mention of climbing the stairs of the Grand Foyer reminded me of something that has always bothered me. Genevieve, and I presume other opera house workers, seem to move about the PUBLIC areas of the opera house with impunity, entering and leaving the building through the main entrance as though she were a member of the audience rather than an employee. They should be using employee entrances, and traveling the . . . I dunno, back areas? Business areas? . . . of the building, not the grand halls and such.

Little boo-boos:

. . . dark mahogany that SHONE (not shown) with age
. . . of those words he had SPOKEN (not spoke) to me
. . . AN (not a) unlit candelabra crashing to the stone

See ya next chapter!

Mominator124 chapter 48 . 2h
Oh, I DO like this better. Erik's thoughts and inner turmoil seem more . . . I don't know, mature? Realistic? . . . than before.

And let's face it, the original idea that he could make love to Genn so many times as to cause her to sleep like she had been drugged was just not very believable. You've made changes for the better yet still seem to be leading to one of my favorite details of the story - the note he leaves for her.

Another couple of tiny errors:

. . . I was LOATH (not loathe) to let go of.
I would be hunted down once more, RUN (not ran) out of my home . . .
colliemom chapter 1 . 7/27
Your story is wonderful - well written and intriguing. I'm sorry you have been attacked by negative people's comments. I hope you can ignore them. I for one appreciate any little thing you can update - it has been a fun story to follow. I've always loved POTO, but I am new to fanfiction. I enjoy quality stories, and yours is definitely quality. Keep up the good work and thank you for continuing on!
Mominator124 chapter 47 . 7/28
I think I like the changes you have made in this chapter. Gen seems stronger, more willing to face Erik's anger if it allows her to explain things. She's not as passive as before.

The actions seem better as well. I like that this confrontation isn't just happening in bed.

I wish I could remember more of Gen's original apology. This one sounds very similar, but I just can't tell if there are any differences.

"If he had beat me" should be "if he had beatEN me"
"Taken my love and threw it" should be "taken my love and thrOWN it" - I think. It does seem to work as you have it if I look at it long enough (and squint one eye ;D), but "thrown" just sounds so much better.


I'm not quite certain about
RedDeathLvr chapter 49 . 7/27
Isn't this what you wanted Erik? To be away from her? And now you have the audacity to be pissed off when you see that she's not gnashing her teeth and wailing over the loss of you? That she found the strength to perhaps move on despite the note you wrote to her? What did you expect? (Hah! I loved this chapter! We have a hardened seamstress and a pissed off phantom. I see fireworks in the future. ...well..I hope. ;)
BadWolf8588 chapter 49 . 7/27
I am so happy that this was resurrected and is being updated again! I started reading this way back in 2005 and I loved it! When I saw that it had an update I spent a whole afternoon re-reading everything you had posted. I wasn't disappointed. It is still as fantastic as it was 10 years ago. I can't wait to read more and you are a great writer!
dragonladyw chapter 49 . 7/27
Erik may be 40, but in many ways, emotionally he's still a sociopathic 3 year old who's not very adept at thinking through the consequences of his actions. Add to that the abusive background ... This chapter kind of shows that.

I like the way you rewrote the two previous chapters and look forward to reading more once you've settled in at your new job and find the time and energy to write.
Debboluh chapter 49 . 7/27
Hey! Love the updates. Erik just doesn't get it. some people will move on in spite because the can't breakdown because they have to move forward. Also, the previous Chapter is titled 46 and this one is titled 48. :) Good luck with your new job! And i am not following you on Tumblr. XD
Mominator124 chapter 46 . 7/27
I've always been conflicted about this chapter. On the one hand, I love Erik's care of Genevieve as he sees to her comfort, and am amused by the headache treatment itself (does this really work for migraines?), yet on the other hand, snooping around Erik's personal things seems so out of character for her. I realize it's necessary for the plot points of the next few chapters, but to me it just feels off.

I must admit though, I do love the imagery of an angry Erik standing there in the buff. ;D

Heck, I just plain old love your storytelling imagery. You make it so easy to picture everything as it happens. Wonderful!

A few small errors to note:

"Tender box" should be "tinderbox"
In music, the plural of "staff" is "staves" (”staffs” apparently refers to people and, these days, sticks or rods)
"none the less" should be "nonetheless"

OneDayGreatness chapter 49 . 7/27
Dun dun dun! I need to find my PotO soundtrack or some killer organ music to listen to when I read your stuff! Love, love, love this. Erik is totally in character here.
maraudergurl2010 chapter 49 . 7/27

Erik be a dipshit, y'all. :P

You know what rule I've learned from all these heartbreaking love stories? There were never truer words than, resolve all conflicts both great and small through consultation.

But, I suppose, talking out his feelings isn't quite Erik's style, now is it. ARGH. His ways do so piss me off sometimes. :D

Poor Genevieve. She's gonna be the new disappearing female of the theatre, isn't she? I can just imagine Erik, feeling like a boss, being all Red Death-y again at the Bal Masque, ready to freak the shit out of Genevieve like he did with Christine, and Genevieve, not being frail little child, giving him the ol' one-two and what-for, and completely ruining his plans. That would be so sweet. And then Armand is there, and tries to do his creepy-ass abusive things and Erik and maybe the Chagnys and the Girys see, and it's all very dramatic and weepy and kick ass, as Erik and Genevieve boost his ass outta the opera house, and then the mad planning begins to take down the old rapist's life. That would be epic.

Probably won't happen, but I need to ease my soul by telling myself this is all gonna end okay. :D

Thanks for this. Three updates since I started following this story! Amazeballs!
Mominator124 chapter 45 . 7/27
Another chapter I've always liked (there are so many! ;D), especially Erik's "long suffering" sigh and new job as "nursemaid." Lol!

That's one of the best things about this chapter, the brief (and amusing) glimpse of Erik's compassionate nature, that he likes Gen for more than just a sexual partner.

I do feel that Devre deLuc should have been introduced earlier in the story, perhaps when Genevieve was sketching his Aida costume, as you did with Erique Louroux, or backstage during one or more of the performances of "Le Baudelaire." Or he could perhaps be a new hire, which would explain why such an important character doesn't make an appearance (save for a mere mention of his name at the funeral) until the 45th installment of the story. Probably an easier change to make, too. It would also explain why he hasn't yet made any moves on the twins.

Btw, I found a small error when I went looking for Erique's name (I'd forgotten it). When Erik asks about the designs for"Aida" it should be "How GO the designs . . ." not "How GOES the designs." (Installment #39, ch. thirty-eight.)

And another tiny mistake in this chapter at the end of Gen's encounter with deLuc: ". . . than strolled out slowly . . ." should be ". . . thEn strolled out slowly. . ."

moondancercat chapter 48 . 7/26
The morning after I saw Phantom live at the Hollywood Pantages, e-mail notifications came in that there were fresh updates on this phic - what a blast from the past! It's wonderful to see you updating again. Any way, perhaps, that you could be convinced to post to Archive of Our Own as well?

Regardless, I'm so pleased, and eager to see where you take us.
OneDayGreatness chapter 48 . 7/26
Wicked you! Leaving us on THAT note! Good luck in your new position of employment! I'll be here when you get back. Waiting. Side note...I read a flame someone left on the reviews accusing you of never finishing the story because you enjoy stringing people along. I just want you to know that some of us get it. We've been there, pulled from writing due to real life circumstances, and come back to stories sometimes years after we last touched them. It happens. I get it. I hope your muse has returned and your life is in order. Thank you for not giving up!
RedDeathLvr chapter 47 . 7/26
Oh no..! Despite all that's happened between them, her acceptance of him, despite his face, etc..And now he is ending it? Can't wait to read the next chapter.
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