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Ale chapter 31 . 6/22/2015
Well, that ending was depressing as heck, but so very much better than it could have been.
Yes it's sad, but they at least got to enjoy some time of happiness there at the end, and there is hope that Sanzo will be reborn as someone new to come and free Goku from the cave. And hopefully either Goku will be more sane or they will have the power to fix the limiter.

Anyway, this was a very wonderful read, often creepy, but it always left me longing for more. Parts were very depressing. It's hard to read characters that you care about going through all of those horrors, but all in all, it was a very satisfying read.

Thank you very much for writing this!
Theresa chapter 31 . 8/29/2012
This is an amazing story! I love it. Sanzo's character was great, it was almost fun seeing him insane.

Though, why did you have to leave Goku so tormented like that at the end? What if the merciful goddess came down and took his memories away from him again, like at the end of the Saiyuki Gaiden manga when he was first locked in the cave?

Other then that, I think the ending of this story fits perfectly.

ladysakura31 chapter 31 . 4/13/2012
Wow, i dont even know what to say...u totally threw me into this world and had me mesmorized from beginning to end. The story u wrote pulled off what most would never have the guts to do...u killed genjo sanzo, and i hate to say it but at the end there i was hoping for it. He suffered so much, that death was the only outcome. i have to give u props for writting a very heart gripping, soul searching, novel that i might not soon forget. Good job, and please keep on writting u have a way of capturing the characters that i have only seen in a few others. Much love 3
LuoLiBei chapter 31 . 12/3/2009
Yargh, you double tricked me, or I should say I did it myself. :) For some reason I thought this one 18 chapters at first then I found it went on and again apparently made up a totally inrelated length of 33 chapters so reading this chapter knowing what Sanzo would do I was reassuring myself that I had two more chapters in which you would make everything better. Then I get to thebottom and there's no next! Guh! Much pain. :( I haven't quite got the hang of reading fanfiction on my phone where websites are a little harder to navigate. :)

On to a more useful review. You did not shirk on the darkness here and I appreciate that even though I did hope for everything to be fixed as so often is the case in fanfiction. I also appreciated how you treated the mature subject matter. So many people just put in sex scenes even though they don't enhance the plot, often detract from it, and I'm pretty sure aren't even allowed in this site. The way you hinted at things, letting the reader know what was goin on without going into graphic or longwinded detail was really nice. The insanity was quite enjoyable and I especially liked Goku's since it was so subtle in developing. I mean he was letting Sanzo hurt him and then he spent all that time in demon form killing people and when it seemed he'd be back to normal of course he wasn't. No instant fixes here. :) I just loved his devotion turning into obsession and how he could come back to himself enough to not want to hurt people but still couldn't control that insane need for Sanzo. Ugh, the ending is just killing me to think about, stuck in that cave alone again. I want those imaginary extra chapters I misremembered and I want a future reunion in heaven or something! Not really (or totally if it exsists, I'll have to check your profile) since the ending really goes with the overall painful reality of life sucks and we all die alone. :) I feel vaguely cheated not getting to see the final battle, but I know it'd be a pain to write and I don't know that it'd really add to the story's feel.

I really appreciated Hakkai and Gojyo's devotion to Sanzo, too. They really cared about him and wanted to help and felt like they had to protect him and keep going on the journey even without him which I thought was pretty cool. Somewhere when Sanzo's insanity was just developing and they felt like protecting him was more important than their own lives even though he was obviously being wrong and then later all they did when they knew he'd done terrible things and had absolutely no idea what was going on but just thought he was crazy, they still they tried to clear up his reputation etc. They were a little neglected compared to Sanzo and Goku, but it felt like you were giving their characters a lot of respect and value even if they weren't the focus of the insanity.
Gosurori-Otaku chapter 31 . 8/8/2008
This is-! This is-! It's beyond beautiful, beyond anything! It's the best Saiyuki story I've ever read! And it's just so... .

Argh. Anyway, I was expecting an even more sad ending, but this is far more fitting! And I seriously love stores with Sanzo and Konzen in them and... well, basically, you rock.

Oh! And do Hakkai and Gojyo go off on their own to finish the journey?

Ah, whatever. This rocks. You're my idol.
Mizu-Miha chapter 30 . 7/2/2008
I read the whole thing again... but i couldn't submit another review for the last chapter... but this time I bawled and I showed my friends and they cried also. IT'S SO SAD! I feel for the whole group had to go through and its depressing when you realize that, you know?
39.Falling.Grace chapter 31 . 4/24/2008
This story scared me.

I could feel for the characters, especially for Goku and Sanzo. I hated how it touched me so. It held such a huge grey cloud above me and yet I kept on reading; captivated by you're writing and how dark it was. This was indeed the most angst written story that I've yet to read; you took every ounce of light from it, leading for me to find light. But as I read the end it became very evident that you were never intending to shed light on your readers in the first place.

I can't seem to decide whether I dislike or love this piece; on the one hand I hate tragedies and on the other this is one of the best tragedies that I have read. But despite that it is a master piece in its own right. This was most defiantly /not/ a cliché.

I applaud you on being able to affect your readers so because by the end I was left with a very hollow feel.

Mizu-Miha chapter 31 . 4/11/2008
*cries* Yes you put me through hell and back with this fic that I thought I was going to lose my OWN mind... and you kill him... wah and you put Goku back in the stupid cave thing *sniffle* WAH... I really liked the fanfic though... You made me feel what they were going through... especially with the evil knify and Sanzo
sulie chapter 31 . 2/8/2008
craved my heart out and served it on a platter...


GypsyWorker chapter 31 . 1/18/2008
I don't review to often..normally cuz I'm lazy. But I've found myself hooked to your story. Found it through the community that D-Chan is apart of since of late I've been reading his/hers -can't remember the proper gender- The summery caught my attention at most as well as the length of the story. Knowing that it should keep me entertained if I found it well written..which I must say it was exceedingly so considering the failings of fandom in and of itself at times. I myself seem to be guilty of it.

At times I found myself confused as I read only to keep going and found myself drawn ever more deeper into the plot. Sanzo's behavior disturbed me until I repeatedly had to remind myself that he was in fact insane. Though as I reached the last chapters I was surprised at the reaction that Goku was going through but to sit and think about it I understand where his own insanity came from.

But for the last chapter I surprised even myself..I cried. The only ever time I have ever cried at anything that was not actually affecting me was at the movie The Last Knight when the King was burned upon the pire..

So I give you kudos for such an amazingly well written story. And I thank you for posting it up where anyone can have the privalage of reading it..already I have suggested a few friends of mine to read your works.

Sincerely Yours,

kerumica chapter 31 . 12/26/2007
Better late than never. This story was amazing. I had a hard time pulling myself away from it. It was such an unusual take on Sanzo/Goku's relationship. I have read other stories about their slips in the crazy side of things (suicides, cuttings..) but this rally took the cake. My heart was aching so much for Goku who truly understood none of what was really going on and sliding head first into insanity right along with Sanzo. I really was a sad and troubling story and now I can only hope to put it out of my head for a while. I think this will be one of those stories that sticks with me even longer than I want to admit.

Thank you for sharing with all of us readers and I do hope that you continue forward with the great work. Here's to hoping you have a great holiday and new year.

gerigirl chapter 31 . 7/19/2007
I read this story about a year ago and never associated with you but i have to tell i glanced over it again and you know what i actually cried because in my minds eye i pictured every scene in my mind some parts were very good and other parts you just can't help but to feel for them as a couple and team mates.

hakkai and goyjo ended up getting left behind until the cycle starts over again who knows how long goku will have to sitinside of that mountain top again until konzen reincarnated self is born again. do you plan on doing another story like this again?
Raine Ishida chapter 31 . 2/25/2007
*Needs to take a minute* I just spent the last two days reading this. This was a lot darker than I thought it would be. Two people were talking about your story one time and how one of them didn't want to read it because it would be too dark, so I decided to venture in and read it myself. Goodness. Glad I did, and's going to stay with me. Sanzo's madness, Goku's inner darkness, everything that happened... This was a wonderfully written story. Your writing skills are incredible, and my heart aches for the final chapter. I almost cried, but I didn't. I definitely wanted to. Thank you for writing this, honestly. I figured there probably should have been more amusing parts, but that may have killed the dark, serious mood you were trying to achieve and did achieve. The funniest part had to be the drugged Sanzo part near the fire with his "That'" line. The part that had me gasp in "holy crap, I never even considered that" had to be this:

"Goku had been subjected to a merciless, meticulously torturous recap of his crimes, and was left with a warning. Hakkai had emphasized his words by distinctly touching the clips on his ear as he spoke, and the message had been clear.

Behave, or else."

Again, thank you so much for writing this. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it. Phew.
Eloise chapter 31 . 8/2/2006
At first I thought that you were just some (don't mind my french) But one really sick fuck but the funny thing was I just couldn't stop reading. It was so heartwrenchingly twisted and heartwrenchingly sweet, that at the end I almost felt that the only way to give it justice was to cry. You are one complex and incredible deep person to be able to write such a moving story and you deserve any praise you get. I will refrain from giving you advice about a councellor even though I would find it funny, your perception to this obscure story theme is amazing.

And I hope you continue to write with such emotion in the future.

All the best, Eloise

PS You rock my world and owe me a box of tissues... lol... Luv ya Always, El
BabyKeepItSurreal chapter 31 . 7/21/2006
Man, this story was intense, but I like intense :D I must confess that I didn't want Sanzo to die, but I saw it coming. Maybe there's someway for him to live, and a sequel in the works? *nudgenudge* I almost can't believe Hakkai and Gojyo let them go...they'd worked so hard throughout the fic to keep them both alive, especially Sanzo.

Maybe it was just me but I thought the self-injury was hot, really hot. And so was Gojyo, he was one sexy Kappa. I really liked the secens where they were together, and he was trying to help Sanzo. I'm just an angst whore, especially if that angst revolves around Sanzo, it's just yummy.

I encourage a sequel, although it would be a challenge to come up with one...
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