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the17thmuse chapter 7 . 5/31/2016
*sheds tears* I am so invested in this pairing nowadays. Thank you for this. The ending worked perfectly...
BeautifulxDestructionx chapter 7 . 11/20/2011
aw its heart wrenching but I guess you're right there was no other way.
Yamamoto Akane chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
hey there! I really love your story whether it's SasuNaru or SessNara. And i reaally love this story! I cried at the last chapter! Yeah it's really heart wrenching chapter, but as you say it's the best way to end this story. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and being a wonderful writer. Keep going!
mslunarissa chapter 7 . 4/2/2011
I have found a new love amazing but oh so sad beautiful is one word to describe it
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 7 . 3/13/2011
My God. I can’t tell you how much I cried with this last chapter. Usually, I don’t cry unless something really stirs my soul. For instance, if I read an excellent ending to a book, or some line from it uplifts my spirit. Then I cry with abandon. With this…it was the same way.

Let me address your AN at the end: you wanted a good ending, a happy one. In theory, this IS a happy ending. Sesshomaru and Naraku are now free to be with each other in the way that you, and all of the fans wanted. It’s just not on Earth, or in the Feudal Era at all. It’s somewhere that has no name, and yet is the Name itself. They were in the deepest core of the afterlife, and it was one of the most touching, and beautiful things I have ever read. If it were any other way…it would not have remained true, now would it? I had a feeling that if you were to end it on a HEA tone, that not many people would remember it. However, if you hurt the characters, and kill them off, no matter how gently, THAT in itself lingers in the minds of millions. For example, there are dozens of movie characters I could state that have died, but have remained immortal. That’s what makes immortal love: tragedy.

Where do I even begin on the complexities of this story? I love all of it, from the beginning to the bitter bitter end. I began crying as I thought of Naraku getting feverish from the curse, for it really was too late, a doom of the matter. I began shaking a little, and crying…but I had to stop lest my parents walk in the room and wonder if I’m alright. XD

This is DEFINITELY going on my profile, for I advertise some stories I’ve read that have met the hierarchy and beyond. This is above and beyond anything I’ve read before for this fandom, truly. The one thing that might come close…actually, for this couple, nothing does.

My favorite lines: “Sesshoumaru crooned low in his throat and closed his eyes, embracing the warm touch eagerly. It felt so good to touch Naraku again, to be touched by the beautiful demon. He could hardly believe it, could hardly believe he'd been so blessed.” My goodness…I think I might start crying again. This line spoke to me somehow, stirred my soul once again. “Naraku smiled, a sad, gentle smile, the smile of one who has no hope left in the world. He placed one hand on either side of Sesshoumaru's face and brought the inu down to lie on his chest. Sesshoumaru snuggled close to his lover, cursing the gods for making Naraku feel so alive to him in the moments before his death.” Tears now, for sure. My God above…I swear to you that you made me FEEL more for Naraku than I ever dared imagine. One day, if I can find the right plot, I’ll post a Naraku and Sesshomaru story if I have the means. This is the type of story to inspire millions. “There was just him and Naraku: two lovers finally brought together in a land where they could love freely, love like they'd never been able to before. There was nothing stopping them now. No petty quarrels or selfish desires or hungers for power and dominance. There might not have been a life for them together, but at least there was a death.” I’m shaking my head right now at the sheer beauty of this story.

Thank you for inspiring me with my own writings, for I actually have a fantasy novel in progress, in which the main couple dies, all for the sake of the worlds they rule. This might very well be the tragedy and emotion I’ll remember when it comes time to draw that story to an end. Once again, thank you for this, and you DID choose the right ending. May God bless your studies, and your superb writing skills. -

Ephemeral Everlast chapter 6 . 3/13/2011
This is such a great story. It pains my heart to see it coming to an end…but if a story didn’t end, then it would go on forever, which might not be the best thing in the world. Hot damn this is beautiful. Had I read this when I was a bit younger, I would most definitely have felt differently about Naraku then, that’s for sure.

My heart almost bled when I read about Rin crying. Truly, it made me so sad. I thought that Naraku died before Sesshomaru could help him. But with you and your awesome powers of romantic ness, that never happened. Sesshomaru is really struggling here, and I know that his struggle and the battle he fought to save his kumo will linger with the Naraku and Sesshomaru fans.

I so want to know what happens now. But before I do, here is my standard fave line and song list, since I cheated the last chapter out a little.

“A sickening wave of fear filled him whenever he wondered if Naraku might've died in his absence. The kumo was already very sick when Sesshoumaru left. He'd almost been too weak to talk at all. Sesshoumaru bit his lip nervously. What would he do if Naraku did die?

How could he possibly live on without him? Sesshoumaru could barely remember a time when Naraku wasn't a part of his world. How could anyone expect him to return to such a lifeless, loveless, hopeless existence?” That’s so beautiful to me. Naraku’s life gives Sesshomaru meaning, and even though they once were such bitter enemies…this change really stirs and shakes up my very heart. Damn, this almost reduced me to tears. Believe me, if what I think happens occurs, I’ll present you with my tears. Not the best gift, I know. XD “"One last thing." Sesshoumaru stared directly into Inuyasha's eyes. "You would make sure that if Naraku were to die as well, by your sword or by any other means, we would be buried together on these lands, the lands that were our home for the months in which we truly were in love."

Inuyasha showed not the slightest hint of hesitation this time as he nodded confidently. No matter how cruel his pureblood brother had been, he knew Sesshoumaru deserved at least that much—to be buried with the only person who had ever melted his icy heart.” The question here is, would you be willing to sacrifice everything of yourself, and to overcome pride, to save the one you can’t live without. It’s a classic theme, but with such a beautiful twist. This story is labeled tragedy after all *readies tissues*

The songs I thought suited these two were as followed: “The Only Exception” by Paramore. You might not like them, and I get that the song is repetitive…but it reminds me of these two. “I swore I would not sing of love. Id it does not exist.” The two are each others one exception, a wavering lust that became so much more outside of Ashe’s chambers. My goodness, this pairing is interesting. Also, “Use Somebody” with the Paramore version, originally by Kings of Leon. There was one line “I’ve been roaming around always looking down at all I see. Painted faces fill the places I can’t reach” This reminds me of Sesshomaru and Naraku’s pasts, and how they are overlooking everything and everyone to be together.

I have my fingers crossed on this one. Regardless of the ending, you have my supreme love. I’m going to check out that Naraku/Sesshomaru community, and tell people about this story, you bet your boots!
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 5 . 3/13/2011
I have successfully finished my essay, and printed papers out for work tomorrow. Meaning, I can spend the evening finishing this amazing chapter before I have to get ready for school tomorrow. I can’t get this out of my head: the plot, the couple, the anything! You’ve created a monster more adamant and fierce than Frankenstein’s Creature, I swear. -

I LOVE how you made me love Inuyasha and Kagome as a couple again. I like them together, and always will…I just prefer them with other people quite frankly. Boy did that volition dissolve! XD I loved how Inuyasha was so tender and intimate with Kagome, it wasn’t so OOC at all, it was more of a deleted scene, behind the directors chair of the goddess that is Takahashi.

I enjoy how you were going to have Sesshomaru kill Inuyasha before he saw him with Kagome, once again, your genius leaves me dumbstruck. This is getting excellent, the climax is building just beautifully.

Thank you for this, truly!

Also, the title: genius once again. All of your one word titles have me entrance, and I'm actually doing that with my own Inucest fanfic, having one word titles.
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 4 . 3/13/2011
Like I have once said, for now, homework can go die. This story getting finished and reviewed is more important than editing an essay. The control this story, as well as your words has over me is insane to say the least. XD

I made a sound like *chokegaspsputtergag* when I read what Sesshomaru needs to do. You are…freaking brilliant to say the least. I really don’t mean to stroke your ego, but I could NOT think of a better way for you to kill two birds with one stone, metaphorically speaking. In order for Sesshomaru to save his mate (the amazing kumo who has my knees knocking) he needs to deal with Inuyasha. Heaven above, that’s smart. Love really is about debilitating your pride, dismantling it and throwing it away, for its not really needed here. Damn.

My favorite lines: Like I said, Lady Ashe was as skilled as any, and I believe she found the one curse in all the thousands in our world that could possibly stop a inu youkai lord as powerful as yourself. The spell is called "Bachi no aka hatsu" or "Curse of bloody hearts" and it is one of the rarest in existence, since it requires the sacrifice of the user to inflict. The hex targets lovers, but will only contaminate one of them to insure that the uninfected one will be forced to live on in sorrow without their mate.” I about choked at that. Not only did you figure out what the spell meant in Japanese, but you figured out a way to tie it into this genius plot. Bravo, to say the least. - “Naraku's fair face appeared out of the misty backdrop of his mind like an angel stepping down from a silver cloud. It's ironic that a bloodthirsty demon should possess the beauty of one borne of the heavens… Sesshoumaru watched behind closed eyelids as the vision of his lover slowly approached, growing clearer by the second.” That’s an excellent way of thinking of Naraku, for he technically stole the form of that prince, and the prince was extremely attractive to say the least. “Naraku sat astride his mate's hips and placed a hand on either side of his head, giving the demon a feeling of vulnerability that was a surprisingly pungent aphrodisiac considering the inu's normally domineering personality.” Holy crap…yes! I have always thought that Sesshomaru needs someone to knock him on his back for sex, and that his lover needs to be aggressive.

As always, I heard a song for this story that reminded me of this story: “To Lose My Life” by White Lies. The title and the band name could tie into the story without the lyrics adding their magic. The song story is that someone is racing against time to stop some inevitable act on their own lover “He said to lose my life or lose my love. That’s the nightmare I’ve been running from.” I think it was a nice match.

As always, EXCELLENT story, you are brilliant for making this story, thank you so much for this use of my time. -
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 3 . 3/13/2011
For this fanfic, I say, screw homework for a little while. I have a feeling that once this fanfic is done, I am going to be bawling my eyes out for a few minutes. I never even LIKED this couple before I read your stories, and now that I've read them, I found that I can't get enough of it. This is insatiable to say the least. XD

Wow you loaded on the emotion. This pulls at my heartstrings, and for once, I found myself asking Naraku to fight for his life, instead of going to Hell itself. I still don't like him for the sake of my stories, but for this beautiful story, I find myself loving him. :)

I don't think, as you put it at the end, that you ruined their characters. I feel, once again, that if these two were to fall in love, a lot of chaos would come from it. It would be the most passionate, epic gale on the face of the planet. What these two are sharing in this story is something that is really, really hard to describe I can imagine. However, you are doing it beautifully. -

My favorite lines: “He'd managed to bring Naraku back to their bedroom, but he'd been far too dazed to do much more than stare at him afterwards. Where was his iron self control now? Where was his unbreakable calm? The truth was, his calm had deserted him the second he'd figured out that Naraku was dying.” The thought of the struggle both of these males are going through is so touching to me, it could be an epic story, one that is carved on the face of a stone. “Rin smiled and heaved herself off of the floor to go throw her arms around her lord. Sesshoumaru usually stopped her from showing such outward displays of affection, but this time he went against his apathetic nature and let the little girl hug him. He told himself that he did it to comfort Rin, but in truth with his lover bordering on deceased, Sesshoumaru needed to be comforted more than anyone else right then.” That was so touching, an almost father/daughter moment. I love those between Sesshomaru and Rin. - And of course: Would having his revenge in place of having Naraku really be more fulfilling? Would he choose to go back to how he was before he'd found his mate? Could he do such a thing? Sesshoumaru gazed down at his mate's ashy face, smiling ever so slightly. Maybe he could have before, but now that he looked into the eyes of the man he loved, he knew there would never be anything more important to him.” Good Lord, that almost had me in tears. I am going to be blown away by Sesshomaru’s sacrifice, I just know it. -

I’m not sure what you listened to while you wrote this-if anything-but I listened to: The Crow and the Butterfly by Shinedown, and one particular line stood out to me “ When you and I were getting high as outer space. I never thought that you would slip away.” relating to how Sesshomaru thought that the peace they shared was permanent. And of course, Through the Glass by StoneSour would make a great song for this story, considering I think of these two as a mirror. *fights the urge to make a forty chapter epic with these two*

Once again, excellent story. And as for your novel…you have intrigued me more than ever! I love LOTR and to know that you are also a fantasy novelist makes me so happy! Rock on, just rock on. -
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 2 . 3/13/2011
I wrote most of my essay before I could review this. I was thinking about this story in the back of my mind however as I was writing about whether or not animals can think in my argument essay. XD

But this is not about me. This is all about this beautiful story. I am really glad that you chose to go back and forth between Naraku and Sesshomaru's point of view, it really gives the reader and the fan of this pairing the ability to truly SEE what is going on in Sesshomaru's mind, and how he is coping with this situation. And you did it just beautifully. Also, to hear I am not the only one who stays up till 3am to satisfy her reviewers makes me happy. :)

My favorite lines are as followed: I”t was growing increasingly more difficult to concentrate on anything for any length of time without his thoughts wandering off to some quiet place in his mind where Naraku waited for him. More and more often now he would find himself jolting out of a daydream he'd unknowingly fallen into when someone asked for an answer to a question he should have been listening to." That is hilarious! Just the thought of Sesshomaru falling victim to daydreams of his mate makes me laugh. He is not as stiff as I once thought. - “Why do I insist on obsessing over that man like this? Sesshoumaru questioned himself forcefully. I'm well aware that he is my lover, but I should not allow that to get in the way of my duties as a demon lord. My allegiance is to myself first and foremost, no matter how much I care for Naraku.” That made me go “You keep telling yourself that buddy, you’re in too deep!”

Also, the fact that you had them parallel each other, both from the time Naraku left to the time he was discovered really, really made me happy. They really are a mirror of each other. And when Sesshomaru discovered his mate lying there in the garden, under siege by Ashe really made me mad. I am glad you didn’t get rid of her that easily however, for villainesses who fall too easily to me, are never memorable. This reminds me of my favorite yaoi fanfic, Pride: In the Name of Love by Jezz-Ra and her villain Tsetsukotsei, the horrible dragon youkai. Meaning, your villain is extremely creative and memorable.

This is an excellent story, thank you for gracing us with it! I now have a favorite couple, aside from Inucest. -
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
Once again, you have awakened a monster in me. I am supposed to be writing an argument essay, and instead, I find myself lured to this story, the way the moth is entranced by that vile and clichéd flame.

I am thrilled that you chose to continue the story of Inmates with this sequel, Soul Mates. It is a play on words, the theme of "mate" being the emphasis. There is something brilliant about your writing, something that even with this 8000 word limit I can’t quite pinpoint. I love your plots for one, and how you use words and set up your sentence structure. I feel a little as if I am treating you as a rock star, but you are one of most talented authors I have run across on this site.

I was listening to “All This Time” by OneRepublic when I read this, and it brought tears to my eyes when Naraku and Sesshomaru were lying in bed together. I was blown away by how romantic this had become, and yet, how plausible at the same time. To me, if Sesshomaru were to fall in love, he would move heaven and earth just to please the object of his desires. The same could be said for Naraku. Plus, the fact that they went through a life and death situation together only adds to the reasonability of this story. -

Naraku’s struggle in here makes me really consider making some sort of plot on these two…but as always, I have multiple stories to finish, and not enough time to do them, much less my own novels to conceive a plot. I’ll think on it though, and as you said in your reply, I will let you know. *winks* I like the fact of something (be it Onigumo or evil Ashe) taking over his mind and making him sick, that’s…truly interesting to me.

My favorite lines: “All the passion-filled nights, all the secret, sensuous touches when no one was looking, all the mornings when Sesshoumaru awoke to find his lover already kissing him warmly… all of this ran together in his mind into one flowing tapestry of the happiest days of his life. He would rather take his own sword to his wrists than lose even a single moment of his time with Naraku, his soul mate.” My goodness…such ardent words! “Sesshoumaru is my mate; I love him dearly, but the Shikon Jewel is my obsession. I spent too many long years plotting to take the Jewel to just give it all up in an instant. But what am I to do? I can never hunt for the Jewel and be with Sesshoumaru… I can hardly remember where I am when I'm with him, let alone plot against another. Am I… am I supposed to choose?” Such struggle. I love struggle in a story, for I think that is the meat of the matter.

To say the least, I will be giving you 10 more reviews, if not today, later on in the week to this beyond intriguing idea. I’ll keep thinking on that Naraku and Sesshomaru plot. Thank you for this riveting story, and I am cheering Naraku on!
Account Exanimated chapter 7 . 6/1/2009
Geez the end almost brought me to tears! Like another gloriously good, yet tragic fanfic (I don't think it's on this site, but another one that I forgot the name of) where Sesshoumaru dies and finds peace in his true life (i.e the afterlife) When Naraku died that was too sad, I almost burst into tears ;_; But this fanfiction was beautiful. I read in a book that the saddest stories were often the most beautiful, and I believe that. Not to say that I don't like happy endings :) I do, it's just that, in some fanfics, I think a sad ending is far more fitting. I loved the prequel and this story (hence why I faved both of them)
HellDragonSaya chapter 7 . 5/20/2009
OMG! This story was so wonderfull in too many words to describe but...the ending made me cry my heart out! *sniff* *sniff* *gets out box of tissues* Still what's better then living with your love? Dying then staying with your love for all eternity. I think that was the perfect way to end it!
nicole chapter 7 . 11/5/2008
omg i cried so hard i could'nt read it anymore! for damn sure you picked the right ending! it was ultra sad, but absolutely perfect in every way! you did an awesome job! i hope you write more naraxsess yaoi's! (pwez!)
zzzDayDreamerzzz chapter 7 . 10/11/2007
This is one of the best endings a story can have.

If they all live happy and whatever then I always wonder if anything else ever happened.

This way we got to see them from first kiss to last kiss.

Great Job.

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