Reviews for The Roots of the Ivy: Extended Edition
GryffindorCriss chapter 3 . 11/16/2016
This chapter was pretty short, actually, but still very enjoyable! It was a nice little interlude after two chapters about Eowyn's POV, to see how Merry was faring.

"It was good to be home again" - I hear ya, Merry! Too many a day do I think that after uni or work...

"But at least his father was more understanding than Pippin's father" - And, oh, I remember now how much I hate Pippin's father in this story! I wish I could give that hobbit a good hard talking to! Thinking about how miserable he makes Pippin later on made my blood boil!

A thought: if elves are tall to humans, than they must be giants to hobbits! XD

Very fitting that Pippin chooses to go with Merry - they're such loyal friends/cousins/companions that it seems odd to imagine Merry go somewhere without Pippin, and I suppose it must be odd for Pippin to think of too! Also: "All right, Pip. I know you'd just follow anyway" - TOO TRUE!

"Well that's it then. Let's go get my new cousin!" - because I've read the rest of the fic, all I could think was "You mean 'wife'," Which seems odd to think at this point! (it seems less strange later, of course, as humans age quicker and so the baby does, but...yeah.)

"I don't know if I'm ready to be a father". I think most men worry that at one point or another when they find out the news; it's a very big step, especially considering Merry is looking at raising the baby single-handedly - he'll have help, of course, but he is at this point looking at a life as a single parent WHILE preparing to be Master of Buckland. That's got to be scary.

I like the last line of humour at the end of the chapter XD When you think of Peregrin Took and a baby, you think chaos!
GryffindorCriss chapter 2 . 11/16/2016
I wonder if women know deep down when they're with child, like sub-consciously, and if it just takes a while for their conscious mind to realize (that sounded weird, but still). It's sad that she's so distraught over being pregnant, of course, as it's usually joyous news - but it's easy to see why she's so worried after viewing the circumstances of the conception and society's expectations (if that makes sense?)

I have to admit, I got a bit of a giggle at Faramir blushing and thinking being in her room "isn't proper" - I don't know why, I think it's adorable!

"I think I'm beyond proper" - Ouch. Just...OUCH.

Poor Eowyn...the pressure and stress of having to reveal to her betrothed that she's pregnant with another man's child is horrible...the fact that she loves him and "hated what she was about to do to him" - you can tell that the love between them is real and not a forced pairing.

"You know I will accept the child as my own" - Oh, Faramir, God bless you. He's better than many other men in such a situation - most men would probably run and never look back. He's truly a good man. Following on from that, it's understandable that Faramir is hurt and even a bit angry after hearing about Merry and Eowyn - it's very realistic and it makes him a three-dimensional character.

This whole decision that Eowyn makes to give the baby away is heart-breaking to read, even if her reasons are for the best. It must be so difficult to be carrying a new life - a tiny little being - for nine months only to give them up, even if you do it for their own good. Sometimes being a good parent is putting aside your own wishes and wants, doing what is truly going to benefit your child the most; she doesn't want her child to be mocked and ridiculed, like Merry and the other hobbits were, and I can understand why she believes it would be best for the child to be raised as a hobbit.

Faramir is very honourable, by the way, not sleeping with her while she's pregnant with someone else's child. On that note, I also love the fact that they're intimate without actually having sex: helping her undress, kissing,'s so lovely and romantic.

In an odd way, it seems fitting that Arwen of all people would notice - Elves seem to notice a lot more than others! (and I'm aware she's half-elven, but still) The "gentle hand" on Eowyn's shoulder was such a small but nice little detail - it would be lovely if more fanfic writers wrote women being lowkey supportive of each other (I'm making no sense here, but oh well).

" 'It's for the best.' At least, that's what she kept telling herself. " - Oh Eowyn...I'm so sad for her. It's dreadful for her to be in this situation. She knows she must remain strong, even if it kills her inside.

I keep saying this, but you've written such a lovely fic :) I'll keep re-reading and reviewing!
GryffindorCriss chapter 1 . 11/16/2016
Alright, so, I'm going to do my best to go over each chapter - I hope it doesn't bug you me doing this, but I feel like there's so much that needs appreciation so...I'm going to try and do each chapter! :)

Firstly, I thought that Eowyn and Merry were written very in-character; Eowyn attempting to hide her tears, Merry doing his best to comfort her but then eventually crying too.
"He sounded a bit angry, probably expecting that she, too, was doubting his ability" - that, for example, is SO in character for Merry in my opinion. I feel like, being a hobbit, he was underestimated by the humans because of his stature despite the fact he has a brave heart.

The whole love scene was quite tasteful, not too cringe-worthy (that seems silly to say, but sometimes love scenes can be cringey) - it's fitting that they find comfort in each other before their possible deaths, doing this thing that they probably think they'll never have another chance to do.

I think this chapter also highlights how Merry and Eowyn are both underestimated because one of them is a woman and one is a hobbit - even though they're braver than most. It's the two of them that kill the Witch-King, which is so telling!

"I admit a little jealousy and a bit of a broken heart. But, truly, I am happy for you" - I think that's probably unsaid canon, to be honest - it seems very fitting that Eowyn would be the first woman Merry loves, seeing as she's brave and fair, and that she doesn't ever treat him like a child or underestimate his skill. At the same time, however, he would be happy that she's fallen in love and found her own happiness, even if it does break his heart a little. Very accurate.

"But he says he understands, that we are apt to do things we may regret later in time of war" - I am so very glad that you didn't make Faramir an absolute dick in your story! It would be too easy to make him an asshole or horrible character, but you kept him in character (well, I think that's in character, but that's just my opinion). Even if he doesn't know it's Merry and he doesn't want to know who it is, the fact he's so understanding about this matter is wonderful.

I love the bit where she says she didn't regret it, and then giving him "a gentle kiss of friendship" - I just love that. I love that even though they're not "together" (at this point) they will still remain friends.

I don't usually write reviews, so I'm sorry if my comments sound silly or juvenile. Anyway, this is a great first chapter - it's just wonderful and sets up the whole story nicely!
GryffindorCriss chapter 131 . 10/10/2016
Okay wow...I read this story last Monday and I've been trying to come up with the words for it since. I know it's been a long time since this story was finished but still, I felt it would be only right to review.

This story is just so incredible. Before reading this, I was very firm on my Merry x Estella and Pippin x Diamond (which I do still ship outside of this story) - I had never considered Eowyn and Merry. I came across this fic after seeing the YouTube video and I'm just blown away!

There is so much I would love to say and I probably won't remember to write all of it but I'll try.

First off, I love your characterisation of the characters, I loved pretty much all of them (and this made me hate your version of Diamond but I guess that was the intention!). I didn't think I would like Ivy as much as I did, to be honest, so I just applaud you for writing her to be so likeable!

I can't remember which chapter, but there was a moment that I really loved where Ivy was looking at Pippin's portrait and that was the moment where I went "oh, are they going to get together at some point?" And - dare I say it - I actually started to ship it! Up until that point I had no idea that was coming, and then it hit me and I just really loved that moment as it all suddenly seemed to make sense to me.

Your descriptions were very sharp and vivid without too much waffling on, and that was awesome as it made it so much more readable (is that a real word?) I could clearly picture the places and the characters as well as what was going on, and at points I forgot this was a fanfic and not an actual Middle Earth story by Tolkien!

It's just so beautiful, and I will reread it again soon - I might have to review certain chapters seperately just to get all I want to say out! (And I will also read the other Ivy-verse stories too, don't worry!)

Great job! :) this is one of my favourite fanfics ever!
Eliasfw chapter 13 . 6/30/2016
Eliasfw chapter 1 . 6/7/2016
I like your wring, it's poetik and really feels LOTR:y. Whatever happens, keep writing, I will look out for new stories and chapters.
o'blueflower chapter 131 . 1/25/2016
wonderful and inspiring story ! Thank you so much, it made me love my family routine again as a mum :) and I also had a lot of fun reading adventures for my favorite LotR characters !
TMI Fairy chapter 131 . 8/7/2013
Thank you very much for this wonderful story.
khaleesiofthewolves chapter 131 . 3/6/2013
Wow. I never read a story like this. Honestly, this touched my heart. I read this from beginning to end. I loved the build up of the relationship. It was not rushed at all. I totally loved this story.
Guest chapter 64 . 1/30/2013
I'm going to kill Derpwyn...
LunaEvenstar chapter 131 . 12/14/2012
My brain is currently overloaded from the sheer enjoyment I got out of this story. The first 1/4 or so was extremely cute; I giggled or squealed at the end of every chapter and I'm not normally that girly. But then I started to detect the sexual tension between Ivy and Pippin and the fic took on a whole different tone: still engaging, but tense and occasionally frustrating. You have no idea how much I wanted Diamond to just die or something so that Ivy could be with her true love. I could totally feel Ivy's impatience over having to wait that long and when she finally got with Pip, it was all I could do to keep from cheering out loud. I was sad when you killed off Estella and Faramir but I suppose that was part of a bigger picture in one sense. Overall, I am thrilled to have discovered your writing! It is seriously so gripping that I read this entire story in just two sittings: I got all the way through the first 102 chapters yesterday and only stopped because it was almost 4 a.m. and I had to go to school. If the rest of the Ivyverse is this amazing, I may not be sleeping much anytime soon...
milkywaymidnight chapter 131 . 10/28/2012
This is one of the most epic LOTR fics that I've ever read! Seriously. And I adore the pairing, so thanks so much for this.
bakaindisguise chapter 131 . 6/14/2012
Hello, Aranel Took! I say this rare-for-reviews 'hello', because it's not a simple review I'm going to write. Well, it's obviously gonna be a review, but a really long one. I feel it's the least I can do to thank You for giving us, readers, this gem called 'The Roots of the Ivy'.

I only watched LOTR movies for the first time a couple of weeks ago - still haven't read the books, though - and was overwhelmed by how enthralling they were. By their magnificent storyline. And, of course, by the characters. It's unusual for a movie to make me cry and lough sincerely, but LOTR did. Well but anyways. For the first two movies I saw Merry and Pippin only as an item, but Return of the King made me see them both in a different light. They both became individual heroes - Pippin together with Faramir, and Merry together with Eowyn. Of course, I didn't have an idea of Merry and Eowyn together then - but giving the movies some thought afterwards and being a 'crack' pairings lover that I am, I soon did. I came to , but didn't find anything that caught my eye (reason unknown) and left this matter for the time being. But then, I saw some person on internet recommending his/her two favorite LOTR fics - and The Roots of the Ivy was one of them. I looked it up - and was SO THRILLED to see it's about Eowyn AND Marry! :) I knew then I was going to read and enjoy it.

But I didn't know I'd enjoy it to such extent.

Not only you managed to beautifully depict Merry and Eowyn's relationship, but all the other relationships as well. It's amazing, really, how you had me cheering for all of them. Well, except for Pippin and Diamond, of course! But that was the plan, wasn't it? ;)

I must admit that at some point into the story - I'd guess it was around 20th chapter - I got worried. Eowyn was happy with Faramir, and Merry on the verge of marrying Estella, and that unsettled me. I couldn't help feeling a bit of animosity towards Estella, as she was coming between the pairing I adored, even though she was clearly a lovely character and I felt I shouldn't dislike her for bringing Merry the happiness he deserved. So I went and read the final two chapters and felt so relieved to find out that Merry DID end up with Eowyn eventually. But then I saw... Pippin AND Ivy? Surely didn't see that coming. But it immediately caught my interest. I HAD to find out how the lovely couple got together ;)

And, of course, not long after, I was rooting for them like crazy! :D I couldn't stop reading your fic till 4 A.M. I only stopped when I got my Ivy & Pippin fix, and that happened to be their first night together. Yes, it was kind of desperate and maybe not thoroughly romantic, but it was beautiful. Their love is beautiful. And so, SO real.

This whole fic felt so REAL. And I mean it in the best possible way.

Life, love, birth, death... You portrayed all of them perfectly and professionally. Again I must repeat myself and tell you how real (not realistic!) it all felt.

It's also a very inspiring story. It inspires you to believe in the power of friendship, family and most of all - true love. It inspired me to continue believing I would find the Man I'd happily spend my life with, because this belief of mine was wavering already and had led to some 'why not' relationships that hadn't and couldn't last. Similar to Ivy and Darren's, in fact. Now I believe there will come a day when I'll be with my 'Pippin' - and it's worth waiting. :)

Oh and, hehe, I loved the educational aspect of the story :D I will know 'what to expect when you're expecting' now! And some other things, too ;))

Sadly, I have to end my review soon (it's late already and I haven't studied a bit for my exam today - but this story is really worth getting a lower mark in an exam!), so I just want to say one other thing. I've read tons of fics with tons of OCs (that I usually don't like), but it's the first time I really loved an OC. Your Ivy was and is wonderful. I like all the kids, too, of course, notably Theo! But Ivy... she's amazing. She's almost canon to me now. :) I'm so glad she found happiness with Pippin and gave so much happiness to others. Especially her parents.

I sure hope to read more about married Eowyn and Merry in your fics. I will read The Course of Love once my exam period is over. I just need to see them happy together :) oh and speaking of the sequels, have you published The Wanderers somewhere? I haven't been able to find it in your stories' list. :(

So. HUGE THANKS for writing this amazing piece of (art) fanfiction! It was truly one of my favorite reads here. God bless You and your wonderful imagination. :)

Please continue writing and making readers happy.

I will look forward to your new works (reading the old ones comes first, of course!).

Thanks again,

merrypippin chapter 18 . 9/23/2011
I feel sorry for poor Merry - I didn't want Ivy to grow up past one year either!

Your ability to keep such a long story so riviting and well done is amazing. I was so happy that you brought Merry and Eowyn back together after all that time, although I was really sad for Esthella and Faramir to die. You maneged to weave their romance through the years so well. I am a huge fan!
Lt-Spork89 chapter 131 . 9/26/2010
I really really freaking loved this one! It was beautifully written though there were times I wanted to cry, you made it better by at least the next chapter! I hope to read more of your works!

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