Reviews for Elegy
GamerGirl54321 chapter 1 . 5/28/2014
Dear God... Classic to Modern, but...

You, sir, are an amazing writer. Able to capture sorrow and loss, as well as the "good times"... I am awestruck.
MasterCJ chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
How sad it is to know how people could turn so inhuman, even if it is only but a story, though, in truth, some would act in such a way.

Sally didn't deserve such an end...
To say you want Sally to die is to say you want to kill a large part of Sonic's heart and soul...
MasterXIII13 chapter 1 . 7/11/2013
Even though those we know and love vanish from existence, the love we had for them and thememories we cherish we still live on forever within us...
Parker 117 chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
Sonic and Sally Forever. Simple as that.

Keep writing!
not telling chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
O.o wow... kinda sounds like a revolution if you think about it
Mylilsecret chapter 1 . 5/23/2012
Wow this was a disturbingly amazing story. I mean seriously Im not a huge fan of Sally but that was really dark an disturbing. But please dont kill off characters just to get sympathy for a couple that some other people may not like. Just because you may not like other couplings for Sonic doesnt mean you need to go around flaming the writers. Just IGNORE them.
Hamato Kameko chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
Jesus, that was one of the most depressing things I've ever read.

True to an extent, and yet I find, here and there, younger people than myself (at 27) occasionally rediscovering the series, through friends, even through parents at this point. And there are new stories popping up, some good, some bad, but they're there.

Point is, I don't think the theater is empty just yet. In fact, I know it isn't.

I'm still here.
Silas Goodwill chapter 1 . 5/3/2009
...with Poetic skill and insite that stuns, you manage to display the end of what STH once was...I am not one of those who grew up on Sonic Cartoon series...but this makes me wish I had...You are a Master at Wrighting.


-Silas Goodwill
S.S. Armageddon chapter 1 . 4/15/2009
Very strong use of symbolism in this story, and it's well written too. And (I don't think you intended it to be) I found some of it kind of humorous. I'm faving this, and I don't hand those out often.
mei0023 chapter 1 . 12/8/2008
I've been out of the satAM fanfic world for nearly ten years now. I was one of the ones who grew up and walked away from the theatre, lured by other series and eventually kept away entirely by the whirlwind of adulthood.

A recent string of bizarre coincidences led me back to the fray. Looking at the state of SatAM fandom now, it saddens me to see how empty the proverbial seats are. I don't begrudge the newer generation, or even the new Sonic, because it's in the nature of things to blossom quickly and die. But it still saddens me to see a staple of my childhood-the series that first inspired me to put words to paper in any meaningful way-just fade away.

Thanks for the fic; it's one of the first I've read in years, and it made me realize how is emotionally at stake.
Malthius chapter 1 . 11/15/2008
Wow. You're not butthurt about kill sally people at all. How about stop provoking them and just ignore them? Stop flaming, Attacking, joining anti-hate groups and 'defending' Sally (Say doing anti-any other character art)

Also Sonic only ever cried about losing chuck. He never cried once for Sally being captured multiple times and sometimes almost dead. (Notice in blast to the past and Sally tries to tell him they wont exist and he just doesn't get it)

I doubt Sonic in Satam understands the concept of death. He understands ghosts and life but certainly not death.
Unknownlight chapter 1 . 10/29/2008
Okay, please let me get this straight first: I agree with almost all of the points you bring up in this story; make there be no mistake about that. I know all about these "Sally must DIE!" fans, and, quite frankly, I think that the idea is completely insane. Some of these SatAM haters are some of the most lowlife people I have ever met (and believe me, I know plenty of lowlifes). So for this I congratulate you, you have convaid this message into a interesting and well-written story.

Now, here's my problem: for all the anti-character bashing you raise in this story, you end up sounding like a total hypocritic at the end where you needlessly bash SegaSonic. It really detracts from the overall feeling of the story for the reader. For instance, at first they may feel like they've finally found someone else on the internet that's actually smart, but by the end they feel like the author really isn't any better than the people that he's trying to criticize. It's not good.

Really, I'd actually consider re-writing this story without this rather pointless addition. It just makes you sound like an asshole, and I would rather you didn't sound like one since I consider you one of the few smart people on the internet.

Anyway, just my two dollars (inflation, you know? XP).
Your-Room-Is-A-Mess chapter 1 . 8/20/2008
You know, I gave your fic a chance. Like I gave Archie comics and SatAM (yes, they're not the same thing, blah blah but they both have your beloved character). I read it and sincerily, I don't see where Sonic the Hedgehog is (kudos for making him cry, very true to those two spin-offs). My Sonic the hedgehog, the one I've seen since Sonic 1 through now, only appears in the end and remarkably, where you tried to mock it! I just don't get it why you fans have to make this drama around a character which appearance and personality never had a place in the games to begin with. She (and the setting of those spin-offs) is so out of the true Sonic world that it baffles me the cult following. It is a matter of opinion I think, but still your opinion is less than the majority and that's what I don't understand it either. It might be the furries too, if it is, sorry, don't feel insulted, everyone is entitled their opinion and this is mine.

And I don't get where the hate is, I haven't see it in the majority of the internet at all. What I've seen is retarded kids (which exist in your fanbase too, they are only some years older and should have some respect for themselves already) making some mockery but major hate? Kindly link to me that hate then.

I'm sincere, I don't like SatAM because they made Sonic too un-Sonic. I'm not even going to speak about Archie. It's not as if I despise spin-offs either. I like some.
Ghosthack chapter 1 . 5/19/2007
I have no words. I am stunned by the multiple meanings in this piece. But I can say one thing. I've been in the theater for 14 years, and I'm not going anywhere.
Winnie C. Hedgehog chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
A grand masterpiece! BRAVO! The theater gives a proud standing ovation! Gives us SatAM people a confidence boost too! This is easily one of the greatest SatAM (oh heck, Sonic in general!) fic I’ve ever come to have the honor to read and review.

We are veterans of SatAM- the most close-knit and dedicated bunch, we’ve had to be, because us veterans- we’ve had our own fight for freedom. To write. Without Sonic X newbies who don’t know what their talking about, emo Shadow fanboys, Amy fangirls, Sally-Haters, avid comic readers and everyone else who ever gave us a hard time. The Sally-bashing in this genre is ridiculous. Don’t listen to the hotheaded raving and bashing, flaming and cursing out from beyond the theater doors. Pity them, at least. Like another reviewer said, “they’re trying to bring something down they just don’t understand.”

The issue addressed, the conflict over Sally as a character, her relationship with Sonic and who might take up her place has been an ongoing battle that many of us SatAM fans have been tiring of lately. Not beaten down, but certainly tired. Its good to see this kind of things every so often.

But, to be entirely honest, I can understand why people can hate Sally. It’s the portrayal of Sally in Archie comics, barking decree to everyone and flaunting around her honorary title and royal burdens, her bitch&moan routine that makes us SatAM veterans both cringe and flare up in rage. As enthusiastic a reader of the Sonic comic series as I was, one day, I just had to close the pages and put them down. It was too heart-wrenching and too infuriating. It’s the type of thing that sparks stuff like Dan Drazen’s absolute-RANTING of the comic in regards to Sonic and Sally’s relationship for the review of issue 148.

And as terrible a thing as it may sound, given the choice, I’d have prefer Ken Penders won his idiotic pursuits of inflating his and Sonic’s ego in the ENDGAME series, and let Sally fall, but during her state of glory, her maturity and royal grace, rather than this slow, but sure deteriorating of her character.

If anything, its that the newbie Sonic fans these days who adore Sonic as cool, slick and, for lack of a better way of saying it, an egotistical prick (and not in the lovable old way either), who are coming in from a younger generation. It’s the undoubtedly broader portion of the audience that watch the Sonic animes and then swear up a storm at us older guys writing the older Sonic. Not to appear high and mighty, but its us older people who understand the complexities and emotional depth of the SatAM series and appreciate the memories those glorious times gave us growing up. Even the really old guys stick in there, like the remarkable and witty Dan Drazen because he has truly devoted his honors to the SatAM series.

The short statements and sentences, simplicity, but fitting detail worked to have a great, tremendous compelling effect. It was compelling in the “simple statements, deeper meaning” sense, the down-to-earth realistic theme of our situation. The entire piece was rooted from Sonic politics and it showed your bias, but also the real truth in your word choice. “None of them could have scratched Sally on their own; they weapons were crude, blunt, and unsophisticated.” – the real injustice about it, that fans don’t even really try to understand or get to know the character they are so bloodthirsty, blood lusting, so set on killing off. They have to swear like a bunch of idiots to get their say because they have nothing else at their disposal. I mean, honestly, what Sally-Basher have you come across that hasn’t had to swear incessantly? But, the point is, these petty, but merciless people have been armed with crappy writing from the comic, that they couldn’t “scratch Sally on their own”, that if Sally-Bashers were the mindless soldiers, it was disgraceful, untalented comic writers like Ken Penders who took up the role as generals and gave out the orders, who put the “crude, blunt and unsophisticated” weaponry in their hands. So, you see, there’s meaningful and subtle symbolism in this too.

You know, the funny thing about this is that I’m leaning towards the theater doors right now and I’m not hearing on relentless protest banging their fists against the wood from on the outside. Its probably too deep for them; they wouldn’t get it.

I suppose there would not be much else I could say to review this fanfiction that these other writers haven’t already praised you with. So, I’d like to share with you a personal experience that honestly, hurt, but exemplifies the underlying message, your theme of how us fans can get torn apart because of this ridiculous stuff-

Honestly, I had mostly grown up unknowing Sonic the Hedgehog. I was raised on continuous reels of Disney movies, grooming My Little Ponies and braiding Barbie’s blonde hair. By the time I had made friends with a girl named Kayla everything that brought me childhood experiences had changed. Having been practically raised on Sonic the Hedgehog, the quick blue hedgehog quickly enraptured us both. It quickly became a mutual obsession, passion, love, adoration, and we were freedom fighters ourselves waging war against the prejudice of others who put us down for what we honestly believed in

The times the two of us were picked on and bullied by kids at the school, seemed unbearable, but, really, we knew always had Sonic and we always knew we had each other. That’s the type of devotion that really mattered. Back then... until we got older...

Around high school, we drew apart from one another, not anything intentional, it was just our separate interests had pulled one another away. I drew scribbles in pen and she marched cadet style into musical notes. I voiced myself in quiet rooms on paper; she sounded her soul in crescendo. I wrote words, she read music. We both became so dedicated to these two different pursuits, she became so dutiful to her position in band marches, and I was so faithful to write, so engulfed by our passions- I swooning in written word, and her enthralled by the trumpet blare that one day, I realized how we had drifted apart. We were not the “friends forever in the fight for freedom!” anymore. We could hardly talk to each other.

That, more than anything hurt me, but the deciding blow came during the sophomore school year. As usual, I tried chatting with her between classes standing with her usual group.

I guess it was when I mentioned the glory Sonic days, even making to pick a little causal fun, because it had been us, our friendship, our time and we could alone do that, that was when I screwed up in front of the newer crowd.

Her following band geeks passed her unsure looks.

“Oh, yeah,” she shrugged offhandedly with a smirk. “We were stupid.” She went off into passing it off as nothing she could scrape up in her memory serving her as for lasting longer than a short period of a few months, flat out tossing out the inside jokes and quirks of the friendship obsession, denying it even a few quick anecdotes in front of the others. I felt ashamed of her and myself, for our friendship, it was unforgivable to our friendship, the grounds of it- that had been quaked by her godlike fist beating sense into the earth, only for it to crumble in her fingers, the foundations she had brought crumbling down to collapse, her own hands striking the timber with a sledge hammer; and it honestly didn’t matter to her that I burned at the mercy of the smoldering embers.

Sonic had been all we had, together, like most kids we adored it, but unlike so many we continued to adore him even when the shine of popularity needed a serious polish. To poke fun at old times was one thing, but to wave it off and act as if it had never happened at all was to say our friendship had never existed, and neither had I.

When I was all that little bitch had, back then when kids poked fun at her greasy, unkempt hair, her threadbare, hand-me-down clothing, her smudged-up glasses, that she had a funny smell. And she had the gall to put me down for something we both grew up on. What her band geek followers, her boyfriend-of-the-month, did for her that I couldn’t anymore, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

The worst was the insult it seemed to leave lingering in the air like a bad insult of a smell and she was insulted

to embarrass her, as if daring to mention her past before the militant Spartans was a shocking offense to her worse than when kids used to say she had a funny smell. Even worse because of a sheer matter of opinion. God forbid, her uppity band friends have any slight conception of Kayla Chouinard as a having a penchant for something in the minor popularity. God forbid it. And it was the devastating end to a liking turned strong-bonded friendship, to a fight for freedom, from turning away from all that for negligence and gradual indifference to bitterness and then ultimately a great, explosive demolition and obliteration of all feeling.

The death to memories of her as an old girlfriend. That she hadn’t always been the raving trumpeting Spartan she is now. That Kayla had been my fellow freedom fighter- she had been my best friend. She stood for Sonic with integrity, with every ounce of her confidence placed in his bravado. She- who let me pet and dote over her scruffy Tails plushie before I got mine. She shared her collection of scattered Sonic merchandise, now possibly worth a good deal. She shared countless Sonic comics, the good oldies that nowadays I can hardly scavenge off of eBay if I’m that lucky. She told me everything there ever was to know. She- who was thoroughly upset at the unbelievable issue 99 and then ranted and raved up a storm right there in the comic store down her street, and started to cry while unloading plastic shopping bags from the food market from the white jeep. “Sally belongs to Sonic, that’s IT!” she barked and stamped her dirtied sandal on the ground, this was before I even understood what that meant. Who’s comic collection; now most likely worth quite a bit on an eBay auctioning had been shredded and torn by her ten or so over-zealous poodles.

Sonic had been a slap in the face from everyone else, because everyone put me down for it. Even as a kid, which looking back on now, I don’t understand. I never expected my classmates at school to respect me for it or my parents, and what did I need them for anyhow?

Triggered by a fellow classmate who spots a Sonic fanfiction in my bag and eyes me in that sneering mockery I despise or a statement by a Sally-Hater on that makes me cringe, by however means, that roused memory can hurt me even these days, even when I thought all the ridiculing I had to toughen out as a kid had toughened me into beaten leather so that I didn’t feel the blows anymore. But that sticks and that hurts. I never brought any of it up again if I could help it.

It was when I found something ridiculously ironic. On one of my occasionally read ups on Sonic comic developments (just to keep up with the times, really) I caught passing between users of Sonic HQ internet forums of how the original freedom fighters had somewhat dispersed since there had been no call for them in some time after the slap in the face from the Xorda had numbed and trivial conflict with Eggman. The gradual dispersal of the freedom fighters paralleled to my relationship with my former best friend. It was incredible and for some reason or another, the thought seemed to heal that hurt.

That change of circumstance can do that to people. That deterioration could simply be change? But how is change that simple? You devoted yourself utterly and completely to one thing, and then shrug it off the next day. Then you call it change? If that is the nature of it, then change can be a bitter and cruel hand to be dealt.

But realization that these things can happen, and they did occur in my own life... made me want to slap my friend right in the goddamned face, it made me want to strike her down as if she were the chubby, outrageous despot of the overthrown city and stand over her as if I were the hero, with sleek cobalt quills in the winds and emerald green eyes alluring adventure.

But this deterioration of Sally is simply unjustified in SatAM terms. Many of us have turned from the comics and given up hope on Archie, but we cannot lose our memories too. For SatAM, the memories, the friendships and the fandom we use as a writing refuge from reality- we MUST STAND OUR GROUND.

In times like this, what with the quality of Sonic gaming deteriorating to the level of guns, aliens and crappy voicing (not that I’m pointing out any game in PARTICULAR as bad.. COUGHShadowtheHedghogCOUGH), and the comic getting caught up in its crossovers to the point of no return with all that Sonic is beginning to lose, us SatAM veteran oldies from the glory days remember that quality. We are close-knit and dedicated, we have to stick together. I sincerely fell in love with the great story, the exceptional, lovable characters, incomparable little quirks of inventive imagination from the writers, not to mention visual style and the unmatched star cast, romantics of the heroism and the fight for freedom.

My favorite fandom, great passion (though the drawn line between passion and obsession is awfully fine), has always and forever will be Sonic the Hedgehog, particularly the old SatAM television series. Even as a kid, I got picked on an awful lot for it, and no matter how hard I’ve tried to pry myself away from it, I’ve always been drawn back in. I’ve been captivated for so many years of my life- the stories, the characters, even the lifestyle itself as a freedom fighter seemed alluring.

“a blue hedgehog with alluring adventure in emerald green eyes...”

I’ m glad for the SatAM to end in the Doomsday Finale. How do we know the fight would have continued as vigorous? Does the fight end in Robotnik’s tyrannical reign? To end with the ultimate victory, the greatest defeat and conquer, in the true kiss, in crackling sparks of fireworks and then the suspicion that stories were told beyond the victory? The cliffhanger keeps our imaginations at work. It says that those stories happened, despite the spent reel, when the writers put down the pens, did the stories end in the final stab of pen in a period mark. Certainly NOT! Otherwise, where would we, the fanfiction writers, come in? We tell the stories before, the stories afterward and every detail between. We are SatAM, you guys, and we tell the greatest stories of them all.

I’m sorry if I rambled on forever and this review became RIDICULOUSLY endless, but a piece like this doesn’t come around very often and it deserves just as meaningful a response. This may be one of the best fanfics, I’ve ever read, no joke. Remember us SatAM people remaining waving to you from the theater seats. We hear you.

And in tribute to the Freedom Fighters as we keep them in our memories and our hearts,

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