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Fmvcl chapter 85 . 9/19
Thank you sooooo much !
ontzilore chapter 85 . 7/28
A magnificent and surprising chapter to end the story. The new connection with the trainees is promising, and I'm looking forward to see its results in WW. Severus has become more powerful, as evidenced by the fact that he can conjure Patronus and summon Slytherin's Serpent. I only regret that we have not seen the expected date with Gerta.

We continue on WW!
ontzilore chapter 84 . 7/18
Interesting meeting of Slytherins. This conniving Pansy reminds me of another Parkinson...

I always love this caring Severus concerned about his little ones. Now he's even adopted a Hufflepuff! I wish there had been someone like that for him when he was a kid.

I also liked how he has dealt with the condolence letters issue for Bella and Harry. Now we will see what results.

I hope he has a great time on his Hogsmeade excursion. At least now he has the will to enjoy the rest of his life to the fullest.
ontzilore chapter 83 . 7/8
Excellent chapter. Binns's intervention to prevent Harry from going into a rage to his lesson with Severus was very timely.

It's fair that Harry's gift also consists of good memories. It comes full circle in a way, and helps the Potions Master get to know him better.

I have a feeling that Molly's kisses and concoction have healed Severus not only physically, but emotionally as well. He gets moved all the time and wants to help prepare Christmas! I never expected it from him. I suppose that will be the end of the story, or the beginning of the next one.
Guest chapter 85 . 7/6
wonderful, thank you.
ontzilore chapter 82 . 7/5
I'm glad to see that Severus has recovered so well from his new ordeal, and is enjoying his day. The exchange with Poppy has been special, and I hope it doesn't spoil their friendship at all. It also seems that in the end he is going to become friends with Lupin, amazing!

Now I hope that Harry does not spoil his good mood, although from the title of the next chapter I expect that it is rather the opposite.
ontzilore chapter 81 . 7/1
Well, it seems that this time the damage has not been too bad, and as I expected, Molly's ointment has done wonders. What a good idea for Winky to apply it herself! Because otherwise Severus might not have done it for who knows why.

The bonus of having erotic dreams with his beloved is great, and that a connection seems to have been established between them. Poor Arthur is beginning to be left over, and from the title of the sequel I suspect what is going to happen to him shortly.
ontzilore chapter 80 . 6/28
I don't know whether to be happy about what has happened in this chapter, because I had a feeling that Severus would not decide to undergo the surgery, and in the end it doesn't seem to have been as bad as he expected (with the help of Voldemort himself, who would say! You surprised me a lot there).

I also liked that he made Bellatrix abort Draco's son, what could have come of that!

Now I hope Severus isn't worse off than he was, Molly's diagnosis has made me uneasy.
ontzilore chapter 79 . 6/28
At last the party! I hope Snape can put Moody's gift to good use, and that it doesn't become a new form of control on Dumbledore's part.

It has been very funny to see adults playing this version of Snapdragon, it seemed more like a game for teenagers, but it was the perfect excuse for Severus to let himself be loved by Molly, and even Tonks!

Too bad it ended like this, the truth is that Moody has put the peg leg to the bottom. I fear what will come next.
ontzilore chapter 78 . 6/27
To make up for the joy of the previous one, comes a new suffering for Severus. How could such a young man give up not having children, but having intercourse for the rest of his life? Only if, like him, he expects to die very soon. The trick of making him see his possible future children seemed like a low blow on the part of Healer Williamson.

It's a good thing that Severus hasn't been too combative of Dumbledore's idea of assigning Ron to him as an assistant, and I suspect it's because being around Molly's son also brings him closer to her in a way. I look forward to seeing that collaboration.

I don't think it's a bad idea for Remus to take over Slytherin in Severus' absence. The wolf would learn a lot and it would be interesting how he deals with them.
ontzilore chapter 77 . 6/27
What a wonderful chapter! It was so necessary for Harry to feel truly welcomed into a family at last. I have regretted, however, the absence of the older brothers, although I understand that with such short notice they could not attend, but especially that of Percy, who is the one who is sacrificing himself the most for the sake of all them.

It's good that in the midst of all the joy and excitement, they had a memory for Snape and his hardship. I'm looking forward to the birthday party with Molly.
ontzilore chapter 76 . 6/26
I'm glad because Severus has finally decided to be examined by the Healer from St. Mungo's, that he hasn't given up hope and concern for his own health.

It seems that Zabini could be a good ally for Severus. I'd like to see him team up with Draco. His feelings towards Marietta are also very nice, and I hope they come to fruition.

With the rest of the apprentices, on the other hand, there seems to be no hope, although Macnair's fondness for Arithmancy may have interesting developments. It intrigues me why today might be important, maybe something to do with Molly and the party that night?
ontzilore chapter 75 . 6/26
Despite his dark and toxic nature in this story, I am always fascinated by the chapters in which Lucius appears. I now hope that he too will take revenge on Bellatrix on Severus' behalf if he gets out of Azkaban.

But it's all very well that Draco immediately recounts the interview to his godfather. His loyalty to Severus is stronger than his own father's. It's also great that he's thinking about becoming a Healer, and not just settling for following the family tradition and living off his wealth. The idea of him getting fake wands in case Bella forces him to hurt Severus, and doing it through Percy Weasley no less, is brilliant.
ontzilore chapter 74 . 6/22
Molly's moments are always great. I love that she gets along with Narcissa, it seems amazing when they just became custody rivals for Harry.

It's very sweet how Draco cares for Severus. It would be nice if the Potions Master allowed himself to receive affection from him.

I like that once again his friends have expressed their affection for him with the party and the gifts. I was surprised that Filch wasn't invited, given the good relationship he has with Severus. The matryoshka carved by Hagrid has been lovely. I guess Sybill's tarot reading will require analysis when we learn of future events. Do you have the recipe for that pineapple cake? I would love to try it.

The enumeration of the women in Severus' life through the matryoshkas, the symbolism of their colors and drawings is very interesting.

I think it's a good idea for each Head of House to collaborate with a student from another House, and I like Severus' association with Ron, although I think much more should be done so that prejudice and favoritism are truly overcome.
ontzilore chapter 73 . 6/22
And Severus continues with the manipulation, this time of Nott. I love his subtlety and resourcefulness.

The relationship of a certain complicity that he is creating with Neville is great. The detail of the gum wrapper has been tender and sad.

It's terrible what's happening to Severus. Hopefully Molly's remedy is effective and he doesn't need to undergo this painful new intervention.

Poor Draco is carrying more and more weight on his shoulders. I hope that he does not make any slip when visiting his father and knows how to rise to the difficult situations that he will surely face.
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