Reviews for The Birthday Present
Arei-The Peridot Dragon chapter 85 . 6/18
this is an amazing story. I hope the fact that you have posted a recent story means that we will see Widow's Walk soon.
Dallasanne chapter 85 . 6/7
I guess I should have been forewarned when the very first author's note joked about the story not being a million words long although the author "tried". But it neer occurred to me that ANYONE could write 800,000 words plus and wind up with a story that didn't reach an end of any kind.

Does Snape lie, or die? What happens to the apprentices? To Harry? To Dumbledore? 85 chapters of prose later, we still don't know. And years after this story was completed, there's no sign of the promised sequel.

What a disappointment! This story could have been edited down by half and included all of the releant plot points. It was well written...right up until the author lost interest and allowed it to trail off without a conclusion.

Very disappointing.
smiles2go chapter 85 . 4/22
There's not enough words to explain how wonderful this fic is. I expect i'll be reading it again and again
Tarsieh chapter 85 . 4/12
It's been a hell of a journey reading this. I utterly loved and obssessed over every moment. You write impeccably well. Although the themes might be repetitive at times, it's interesting how the characters develop over time. World building must be very tiring, I don't know how you keep it in your head, but I loved that you didn't give up on this insanely long story.

Don't worry about not reaching a million words. This more than makes up for it. I will always treasure this one in my favorites list and thanks for the ride.
eule chapter 85 . 4/4
Great story! Have been reading it on and off for the last months, loved the interactions! Would definitely love to read a sequel. I hope you enjoyed the writing as much as I the reading.
TearyPhoenix chapter 67 . 3/21
Awesome chapter ! I love the way you give importance and a back story to almost every character, that make them very deep !
TearyPhoenix chapter 66 . 3/20
Awesome chapter !
TearyPhoenix chapter 64 . 3/19
Awesome chapter ! Poor Snape ! Harry will finally give him the present !
TearyPhoenix chapter 63 . 3/19
Awesome chapter ! But horrible omg this was horrible, poor draco, he must be so disgusted i hope pansy will talk to him again soon...
TearyPhoenix chapter 62 . 3/18
Awesome chapter ! sad end tho :( i love this molly is awesome
TearyPhoenix chapter 61 . 3/18
AWESOME CHAPTER ! Petunia rock !
TearyPhoenix chapter 60 . 3/18
Awesome chapter ! Omg there is! so much tension!
TearyPhoenix chapter 59 . 3/18
Oh my god awesome chapter ! It really bother me that Harry has no saying in this !
TearyPhoenix chapter 58 . 3/17
oh my god awesome chapter and what an end seriously ur making mz cry holy cow
TearyPhoenix chapter 57 . 3/16
Awesome chapter ! Such a cute end, Pomfrey is also cute !
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