Reviews for The Birthday Present
LoneTraveler chapter 2 . 1/27
Wow, this Snape is really into the pity party, but I will read on anyway because I'm curious. The writing itself is very good.
memorialcolor chapter 85 . 1/10
Your story is possibly longest fanfiction that I ever read, but it was worth it. When I take a journey with it, I never felt boredom. You truley catch each of character's core and I enjoyed them very much. Thank you for your generous share with us. I really hope, someday, you maybe wrote sequel to this splendid story! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)
Bruce chapter 85 . 1/3
This has been a good read. I am glad I did not have to wait for it as you wrote it - much easier to not have to wait.

A/N c.79 You referenced two works by title, which you indicated were coming - I don't see either in your title list. if they are as well written as this one, I hope they will find their way into your list of work on this site.
etherian chapter 85 . 12/15/2015
I feel drained but happily so. This did not end how I expected or hoped but... I am truly not bothered by that. This ending was needed. The acceptance of one's mortality is extremely difficult. Severus knew there was a life that he wanted that was not, or seemed not to be, part of the one he was living. How magnificent that he was finally able to accept what is and to turn it into something he could feel pride in, and love.

Voldemort doesn't stand a chance. Severus and his Apprentices have the Light of Love burning not just in their hearts but deep in their Souls.

I read a few of the reviews that said there was to be a sequel? Are you working on that now or is it finished? I am very curious as to what would happen next.

etherian chapter 80 . 12/14/2015
I am stunned by the fact that the Healer is a Voldy sympathiser. Awful man! I hate Voldy but sometimes he is... oddly kind... to a DE he cares about. Of course, then he goes and throws the abortus spell at Bella.
etherian chapter 73 . 12/13/2015
I never had a rubber duck. I did have a platypus, though.

More pain?! Does this man never get a break?
BluieZebra chapter 85 . 12/13/2015
I truely enjoyed this story, even if i DID read half of it with tears in my eyes. (Well... to be honest, your ability to convay all those emotions in not-to-blatand words, is probably a big part of why i enjoyed it so). I really hope you DO get around to writing/posting the sequal some time :) - Probably a wain hope, but i put you on my author alert list, as the first one, just in case anyway ;D
etherian chapter 70 . 12/13/2015
I despair for Severus. It annoys me that The Bride tells Albus something about Severus' future but not him. Philosophically, what is that? Free will?

Btw - no I don't hate you but my emotions were certainly on a roller coaster last night. It is good to be so enraptured by a story that it tugs at all of your emotions. As hard as some of the chapters are, I am still enjoying the reading.
etherian chapter 62 . 12/12/2015
I hate you.

You are a brilliant writer for plumbing the depths of my emotions. I cannot deal with the tears that are blurring my typing. I am going to bed.

Dear Severus...
etherian chapter 61 . 12/12/2015
Such frustration in Petunia's voice. It is interesting that as angry as she was she held up the Weasleys as to be better than the Malfoys.
etherian chapter 58 . 12/12/2015
I rather hope that if Severus lives he does not end up in the arms of Hermione. Let her crush be nothing more than that.

I enjoyed Albus' dream sequence but I am rather afraid of trying to interpret it.
Guest chapter 55 . 12/12/2015
The change in Severus during this meeting is extraordinary to read. I think my jaw actually dropped when he complimented Remus.
etherian chapter 53 . 12/12/2015
Ahhh Severus got his Molly!

But, dagnabbit! Albus nearly ruined it! I am so called Flitwick gave the Headmaster a piece of his mind. IF Severus is to die soon he deserves this moment of fantasy.
etherian chapter 46 . 12/11/2015
I want to gag.
I want to cry.
I so badly want to kill Lucius.

It's interesting but today I watched a short video talking to abuse survivors and one thing struck me: all the victims told that their abuser was CONVINCED that they absolutely loved the one they hurt. You see that in Lucius. He firmly believes he loves Snape.

Break time!
etherian chapter 39 . 12/11/2015
I hate seeing Severus have to kill at the meetings but I was reminded that you had written earlier that he could not cast a patronus. As Severus feels incredible guilt for ALL that he must do as a Death Eater that he finds horrid it makes sense that he cannot cast a patronus.

I really like the maturity of Draco in this. It never made sense in the movies that he went SUDDENLY from playing evil games to questioning all that he was and his family. There was no smooth transition. Granted, those books were Harry Potter's story but that was unfortunate that ALL the Slytherins were looked at briefly so that the only source of info we had was Severus and the Trio.

By-the-by: Thought you might like this bit about HBP. I've read the book once. Forgot every bit of it. I saw the premier of the movie. For the life of me I cannot recall a single scene. I then watched the movie at home with its "15 extra minutes" and once more promptly forgot it.
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