Reviews for Oath Breaker
Guest chapter 28 . 1/5/2022
I have read at least 50 of these fanfics and I have to say I honestly enjoyed this one for your writing and your imagination. This is the first I have commented on as well so that says a big thumbs up hope you’re still writing!
WeisseHex chapter 5 . 11/28/2021
I still can't BELIEVE that Slughorn would have them make this potion! Insane!
jaykayleezee chapter 15 . 1/25/2021
Stunned rn
Adam1ab chapter 28 . 1/14/2021
Awesome story! I was looking for a long time for drarry story with dark magic, and when i thougt i had readen all good ones and start reading storys from Drarry Must Reads I found this pearl. Like they say 'Best things come unexpected' :)
steffannyhoward chapter 20 . 1/3/2020
Okay, so we're all just going to act like Harry didn't just physically abuse the absolute hell out of Draco? We're all just gonna be okay with people punching their lovers when they get angry? And practically mind-raping him? We are? Well, I'm not okay with it. So, Goodbye~
Acutagava chapter 28 . 10/16/2019
What a cool storyline! I have read a lot of fanfiction but nothing like this! It is very original and unique!
LifeasFantasy chapter 28 . 8/8/2019
Great story! Really enjoyed reading it!
wits chapter 28 . 3/29/2019
brilliant world building - thanks for writing!
Aldana chapter 28 . 3/27/2019
Where can i play this song? I cant found it! I love your story!
Byas-a-Drink chapter 15 . 10/17/2018
I almost feel bad reviewing a story so old, but here goes...

On the positive side:
- your worldbuilding is fantastic (this is mainly what keeps me reading tbh)
- the dialogue flows very naturally
- so far the actual plot has been quite interesting, and thats where most fanfics are weakest

you insistently woobify Draco, Snape, Slytherin and dark wizards. They are so persecuted, have so little agency, that I can't help but feel sorry for them, even knowing that they aren't good people. That links to the other problem I have with the story so far: Everyone we care about is super reactive. Harry and Draco are just sort of pulled along passively by various events. While this is close to Harry's canon characterization I have to wonder why you retained it while reworking Draco so thoroughly.

I'm also disappointed that you effectively sidelined Voldemort by having him so thoroughly discredited, and also crazy and incompetent. While this is, again, a valid read of canon, imo it would be more interesting to deal with a smart and capable Dark Lord. You put so much thought and depth into dark wizards that it's jarring when you accept the simplistic characterizations of the original story.

I'd like to see this fic rewritten. Hell I'd like to rewrite it tbqh, I absolutely love the worldbuilding. It reminds me of Lightning on the Wave's Sacrifices arc.
Dark-Night-Tigress chapter 28 . 10/9/2018
That. Was. Phenomenal.
It is so rare to come across a well written Draco/Harry fic that also ties in their lives upbringing family and history. I absolutely loved this piece, read it to deep in the night and the following day. The historical and fantastical ties were so detailed that it gave me chills. Definitely a new favorite story, thank you for sharing it!
Guest chapter 28 . 7/13/2018
This was insanely amazing
xxqueenofbookjunglexx chapter 28 . 6/27/2018
This was one of the most beautifully written pieces of literature I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The dark magic traditions you used were completely enchanting and like nothing I have ever seen in this fandom before. Fabulous job.
Guest chapter 28 . 3/19/2018

Hey, I loved you FF, is amazing how you get to develope this ship without going out of character. I have a giant question How do you got all the "dark magic" information? How do you know the spells and the language? Is quite amusing and I would love your help to find this kind of information. Im a writer too, and I writing about a little magician whit out magic roots (out of HP universe), so he have to figure out everything. I've been doing my research, but haven't found anything as consistent as you have.

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you for your time. I will leave you my email in any case you want to help me.

Thank you.
thelasatwhisperer chapter 14 . 2/15/2018
I'm only on chapter fourteen. Yes, I manage to get this far, shocking isn't it? This is not a story for the faint of heart. It is not your feel good Harry Potter fanfic, so if you want to read about the exploits about the Golden Trio portrayed heroically, then this may not be the story for you. Yeah, this is a Harry/Draco fanfic, but you know what? It focuses more on the world building rather than on the hot, steamy sex between both characters (who doesn't love that?). For so long Slash/Yaoi fans have been pariahs, sneered at for being anti women. Well, those who love to stereotype slash fan fiction, I found a writer that actually respects Hermione Granger by being considerate enough to keep her in character and for portraying Pansy more heroically then her book counterpart.

This story needs to be approached with an open mind. There are some themes in here that might offend those whose view sways towards the left, or don't like to see your favorite world twisted differently then the book. I would also warn you that this story is very sympathetic towards dark wizards. The story is heavily themed with conservative politics, which I am not a huge fan of due to my own bigoted views of the religion, yet I am open minded enough to give this story a go. And while it is a bitter pill to swallow, I grew sympathetic towards conservative politics, since it made me understood their outlook on themes. Using conservative politics is an interesting philosophy for the Malfoys and like this author, I always viewed the Malfoys as conservative anyways.

One of the things I love most about the book is how it made Draco looked like a martyr as he struggles to bridge the gap between good and evil, while using reckless villainy to make this goal happen. I am not a big fan of the ideas the author used for her story, yet I understand that this is Draco Malfoy we're talking about here. Approach this with caution. And do not let your view on heroism cloud your judgment when you read this book. Draco Malfoy is neither the hero nor the villain, just a sympathetic figure trying to merge both worlds into one, a story that minorities struggle with everywhere.
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