Reviews for Oath Breaker
Smenzer chapter 6 . 1/4/2006
Hmm... wonder who the nasty spy in the school is? Suppose it could be anyone...

GREAT story! The stuff on the dark magic is very well thought out and quite clever, too. It must have took a lot of work. Bravo for doing an excellent job of it.

So the Slytherin dorms are under the lake? Wow... who ever would have thought? And it was nice that Draco lended Harry a robe. :)
Smenzer chapter 5 . 1/4/2006
Hmm... now that was a very dangerous class indeed! I wonder if he should have been teaching that potion? Slughorn, I mean.

I think Draco was very surprised when he found out that the Golden trio was there to protect him! Does it mean that his worst nightmare may eventually come true? It certainly is running throughout the entire story... maybe at the end somewhere? Hmm...
Smenzer chapter 4 . 1/4/2006
Well, I think Harry & Hermione got a big shock now that they realize what dark magic is. It does sound very nasty, doesnt it? Violent and bloody and all... its obvious the spells are designed for killing people..

Once again a wonderfully written chapter with great descriptions and lots of imagination!
Smenzer chapter 3 . 1/4/2006
So Harry is realy going to learn dark magic, er? With that bad temper he has, it might suite him well. Maybe too well once he gets going.

Poor draco. Sounds like he's terrified of Muggles. Is there a real reason for his fear or is it all based on old stories, like what happened in Salem, Mass.? Has he himself ever met a Muggle? Anyway, his nightmares sound terrible.

That must have been awful when that hand grabbed him in the bag!

And why did a bottle of potion ingrediant come out of the bag when he never put it in? Was it already inside?
Smenzer chapter 2 . 1/4/2006
Now THIS is what HBP should have been like! Its filled with action, a bit of mystery, great plot and lots of Malfoys. :)

Smenzer chapter 1 . 1/4/2006
Wow! This is a really incredible story! The details are just amazing, too! I'm glad I found it. Hope Draco's hand will be all right. It sounds like it was frozen maybe (numb) or maybe its nerve damage.. or those little things in the hand that make the fingers move. You can see them on the back of your hand - not sure what you call them tho...

That's really something that Voldy can alter the weather. Was he killed in the fire? I hope so but I bet he escaped somehow...

Why did Lucius switch sides?
Mystiqal Neko chapter 9 . 1/3/2006
Great update! You're definitely keeping me at the edge of my seat in suspense so, update soon! Keep up the wonderful work!
SilverDragon1610 chapter 9 . 1/3/2006

I really love this story, it's one of the best that I have read in ages. So... do we get to find out what medication Harry is on? It seems serious.

Anywho. Great chapter, update again soon, ks? Till then. Cya!
Kat chapter 9 . 1/3/2006
[blinks] Whaat? No more chapters? NO! I wanna read more! You're a really good author, and I love this fic! I got so into's amazing! Please post the next chapter soon!
Phantom Fox chapter 9 . 1/2/2006
Aww, they're playing nice! So, why's Harry taking medicine? I wants to know whys! And taking apart dragons should be fun for everyone, but why did Dumbledore send the trio to watch Draco and Snape take apart the first one? You will update soon, right?
Dragenphly chapter 9 . 1/2/2006
I'm very interested to know what's wrong with Harry. I think you're doing a brilliant job illustrating Draco's life and how he reacts to things. This is a very intelligent piece and I look forward to more.
Ravenfrog chapter 9 . 1/1/2006
I find this work of yours to be absolutely fascinating: it stays true to the character of the Malfoys and yet presents possibilities more intriguing than a childish black and white portrayal.
Mystiqal Neko chapter 8 . 12/28/2005
Good lord! I loved your fic so so very much! It was.. simply superb! I loved evry single bit of it, the characters, the plot, the underlying story.. EVERYTHING! Keep up the wonderful work!
Loving chapter 8 . 12/23/2005
Congratulations! You've just joined my list of top twenty fics! :) Honestly this fic is Awesome. You portrayed a realistic side to the dark arts, not just making them evil and petty. You gave a reason as to why the upper classes practice the Dark arts and you one hell of a writer.
ura-hd chapter 8 . 12/11/2005
I love this story. Very original!

I admired Draco's wings as well :). I imagine that he is a really beatiful wyvern.

I cannot wait to know what will happen next!
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