Reviews for Hope of Escape
Stolen.Pseudonyms chapter 1 . 12/6/2008
Hey! I just searched for fics based on "Misery", and I was surprised yours was the only one. We should start a new section! haha.

Anyways, I think it was good, even though extrememly short. You could have elaborated on more then just the movie scene, like thoughts and feelings (Paul's...or Annie's whichever) and maybe a little basic background info. Other then that, It was Ok.

Also, just wondering if you've read the book as well? I've seen both movie and book, and even though the movie cuts out a lot of the story, it was good since it had more fluidity then the book, which jumped around a lot. Either way, if you haven't read the book Annie is even MORE psycho in the book.

Either way, I was wondering what you'd think youd like to see if I ever start a fanfic on it. (You're, sadly, the only opinion I can get off of the site.) Like, what kind of things would you like to see in the storyline/plot. My mind has been thinking of a storyline for ages now, but I never bother writing any Misery fics simply because there's no audience for it.

Sorry, I'm rambling. You're little one shot was good, but more detail and description is needed to make it excellent.


aka Maddy