Reviews for Heart of the Horselord
EStrunk chapter 38 . 9/4
An absolutely lovely story. The vision of the two of them watching the pre-wedding celebrations and basking in the happiness of the people was so perfect. I like how many different OCs you've created and how many of them were included in the end of the story.
EStrunk chapter 37 . 9/4
Strange how it is almost harder to deal with a spiteful gossip like Alfild than it is to deal with a villain like Hunlaf. At least it is harder to know what to do, since Eowyn running her through with a sword really would be excessive. Delaying the wedding would have a been a huge and fitting punishment as everyone would have been angry with her, but it would have been hard on too many other people. Eomer's angry reaction fits him. I'm glad that Lisswyn could handle it.
EStrunk chapter 36 . 9/3
Sweet with Brea. I liked the picnic and the idea of Eomer and Eowyn telling stories on each other.
EStrunk chapter 35 . 9/3
So happy to see how things are coming together. Tillie's question made me sad. Poor girl. She's very kind to be worried about Lisswyn.
EStrunk chapter 34 . 9/3
Glad that Faramir understands. Horrible about her scars and her wanting not to be "poked and prodded."
EStrunk chapter 33 . 9/3
My favorite part was the line about how even begging didn't humble Eomer. The fighting was great too. Then - finally a proposal!
EStrunk chapter 32 . 9/3
I can barely pause to review - the plot keeps thickening. I love Faramir the tracker, love that Eomer is very familiar with the area. Hunlaf and company are hideous - both their plans for Lisswyn and their larger plans.
EStrunk chapter 31 . 9/3
Hunlaf is even more evil than I thought. Go Andric! Way to leave the end of the conversation between Eomer and Imrahil hanging.
EStrunk chapter 30 . 9/3
BTW - I'm completely shocked that the old cook was such a fiend. I'm glad that Imrahil is there. So annoyed that Eomer never told Lisswyn about Lothiriel so she had to hear from someone else.
EStrunk chapter 29 . 9/3
How come I kind of like grouchy Eomer? Lisswyn was very wise with her words of comfort.
EStrunk chapter 28 . 9/3
Wonderful interaction between Eomer and Lisswyn. Redwald's intuition was a very good sign too. My favorite part though was the bit at the end with Eoden.
EStrunk chapter 27 . 9/3
Amazing battle. It makes me wish I could see the movie.
EStrunk chapter 26 . 9/3
Orc attack! Loved the conversation between Eowyn and Lisswyn. The situation is horribly similar to the caves, although on a bigger (and more hopeful) scale.
EStrunk chapter 25 . 9/3
At least the kitchen situation should improve. I love Eowyn and Eomer's relationship.
EStrunk chapter 24 . 9/3
Jerk in the kitchen. I think he needs to go. I loved her observation that it took way too many people to get a pregnant lady some food. Glad Eomer gave her at least a hint of an explanation.
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