Reviews for Trinity: Repercussions
Janet chapter 1 . 7/18/2005
You see? This is what happens when you turn our superheroes into swingers. I can take things lightly if they're meant to be taken lightly. The first story was hilarious. But as the series became more and more serious, then you have to *take* it more and more seriously. They knew better, all of them, but *especially* Lois and Bruce, since they were the more "worldly" of the four. I don't see how any of their relationships, professional or social, could have survived what they were willingly engaging in. It's going to destroy them, no matter what they think. The story's well-written, an interesting study in human behaviour, but taking it seriously as this last story demands that you do, makes the four of them behave *wildly* out of character. Frankly, you either should have continued the stories in the same humorous vein as the first, or not have written them to begin with.