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This was the continuation that I promised.
And actually the end of the story too...
Ooooooooohhh so please read the part where he had met remy and juandissimo , where they needed help to go to the fairy world.

So... please read the earlier comment for the chapter 20's continuation because this is the ending of the story...

Everyone was silent and timmy asked Vicky? How were you doing? ... Timmy brushed off everything from vicky

Great, I guess, I'm missing Dimmsdale, though there were no changes. I became more happier without being so mean and just. Timmy's assumption was right...

They reached home in their new Bungalow, the Turners had risen up in their income, the Dinklebergs have been so broke, no wonder why Timmy's dad never needed to feel so worried about his money to buy timmy anything and his attention to his son.

Vicky came back! Timmy's mom was happy to see Vicky again
vicky found a letter on the mailbox saying

Vicky! You are free to visit us anytime! You know, we sort of had some random vacation for some reasons again maybe we will hire you for being so nice to our grown up son.

Knock knock". Vicky knocks in
Timmy's dad had opened the door..

Vicky was warmly welcomed at all...

Mr. Turner? Vicky smiled and timmy was beside her while his dad was glancing on Vicky... oh you... Vicky , Timmy's most adorable babysitter! How long was...that. time... already?

One year, she looked recognizeable just as before, and Mr. Turner gave her a seat...

Timmy's mom had been there, too she just gave Vicky something to eat, there were chips and baked macs to eat.

Cosmo and wanda hadn't left... timmy tried to go upstairs and look after the two...

Cosmo? Wanda? Won't you follow me?

Time to tell you sweetie... Wanda looked at timmy's smile..
Cosmo? Why are you frowning? Is it about Vicky?

We have to go back to the fairy world Sport. At this moment, Timmy began to feel crying

His heart broke and cosmo had finally spoke out his tears were heavy and only his mumbling and sobbing was heard for a while now. Cosmo had given them way, wanda had her arms in cosmo's but suddenly cosmo talks about when they still had timmy as their new Godchild. It was funny. And crazy at the same time. The days when timmy was so annoyed.

You are my one, my soul my inspiration Timmy. Vicky held his hands. Everything was warm tonight, it hurts growing up, there was nothing to say when they left but Vicky waved As Cosmo and Wanda had been taken by Jorgen with them.

Jorgen didn't mind because he was too busy anyway. But Vicky looked at timmy... in a concerned manner.

I don't understand
Must be a plan that led me you... timmy smiled.

Yeah just like an answered a prayer, You made loneliness easy to bear for me Timmy.

Timmy was almost 18, time was so fast... and vicky has been so old enough to say here but she's good enough to love Timmy.

It wasn't hopeless, I wish Cosmo and Wanda never left you even though that was their mission, he looked into Vicky's eyes and asked who were they...

And Vicky had felt a strong feeling that her memories are still there, she was happy Timmy told every part of his past secrets.

They werent gone, timmy hadn't wish or nor the two fairies asked timmy to.

But Timmy still hugged vicky with tears, her green shirt, was all wet. With timmy's tears.

But she smiled and promised timmy to tell him why he was crying...

Timmy added, I am not crying!, my heart is crying, I just wonder why...

Vicky had endlessly told him his life about fairies, everything that has happened to them , the story which cosmo told before he left, timmy believed vicky for the whole night they were just inside of his room, and she also drew timmy a pair of green and pink flying fairies drawing of how they look like, she also knew that before the morning will rise.

She knows and endlessly promises the two fairies to take care of timmy. She will never forget the feelings. It was the best and the most happiest moments of her life when she had saved them.

Vicky had finally kissed timmy for the first time, their lips were just too soft and it lasted like eternity. , vicky had turned reddish and timmy wasn't able to think well but it seems that he loved the way she held him, theres no confusion in it.

I waited for you Vicky. For this... timmy had no idea why he believed it for the first time. How come I forgot everything? Perhaps you were.. still in my head. I remember everything, except...

Yes I know... you did... and, my heart was open. Lets forget the past Timmy, vicky looked into her watch, its 4:00 AM ..

What? Timmy said, in surprised way! he hadn't remembered anything about vicky's evil baby sitting attitude and for treating timmy like crap.

Uhm, I mean you are so strong timmy, you had survived the drama, its been a long day already, could we...

Sleep... timmy finished the sentence and vicky felt guilty for that guilt trip... yawns*
The morning when they woke up around ten, timmy had a dream

There were two fairies, naming themselves as Cosmo and Wanda
We have been watching you here... the pink haired fairy said: in every world you take, we will see you.
We'll tell you all about it when I'll see you again Timmy! Cosmo seemed happier and contented with timmy.
He hugged his fairies without a word.

Guys, vicky told me about you two. I knew you guys exsisted. Ever! I love you guys... mhmm... It will happen. Timmy gives them assurance. Keep growing sport, wanda waved and cosmo carrying poof. "their son"

Good morning, Vicky said.

Good morning too, i had a dream vicky.
Cosmo and wanda... he mesmerizes the times...

What happened? She asked.

"They will come back for me" timmy smiled...

Vicky had laughed it off and they both had to go downstairs...

Vicky? Timmy? Are you awake now?

timmy had went downstairs as they were called.
Timmy's mom was so proud of what vicky had done to timmy when she was still a babysitting him so she asks vicky, we were observing you vicky,
She smiled and timmy was behind her, , timmy's mom had never became so much supportive as the two had slept on one bed. You two look so perfect together. Timmy's dad had freaked out when he heard this. Oh no no, you can stay here vicky whenever you like, but I want the two of you together... , and we have to Go to worn today son!, its monday so see you later...

Mom?she just had no place to stay,
Just like what your father says timmy, his mom gave him a kiss on the cheek before they left the house.

Timmy had proposed to vicky ever since then yes, and finally she said yes to Timmy.

When he was nineteen, vicky and timmy married on the church,

Every I do's was probably crazy and awkward and funny, everyone was happy, Veronica was sobbing outside, and Trixie Tang was invited to be a bridesmaid , Remy Buxaplenty was her partner.

He had a bling type of cane which was made of ivory, Juandissimo had already been re assigned too but he appears to be with cupid right above everyone floating and the two went invisible. "

their hairs were updo for all the girls while Vicky and her long red hair was almost on her waist. since everyone gets invited the people who came in are.., Tootie and Chester who walked in together and tootie was two months pregnant. Mr. And Mrs Turner, who timmy's parents are also wearing a formal attire, Timmy's mom looked wonderful and his dad wad a drop dead gorgeous man of the night. Vicky's mom Nicky had wore a pink gown, studded with silver dust. Cosmo and Wanda was noticeably there even if Timmy forgets, they had come up with the names, Fairywinkle and Julius. Which was never mentioned by vicky. Wanda and her hair was in a intact curl surrounded with her golden crown and Cosmo on his black blazer and poof was still a baby. They were wingless but Vicky had photographed with them together and quoted the picture of them as " Fairly Odd Parents"

Although he supposed to know them and their great times... but still Timmy didn't really know if these were vicky's relative. Or His. He enjoyed the company of every person.

The honeymoon went on ,

They went in hawaii to find a good time

Timmy was do tired when they were chased by some random tiki guards because vicky had blown the token in mistake. And she hurriedly stayed in our room for two.
Vicky? ... Come in... timmy demanded
She was dominating even I was trying to make her feel so tight. She wore that designed to make her look more hotter and better.

Everything was good because Timmy had gotten his Journalism Job. His home
And in the next three years, twenty one year old timmy, had a twin, with vicky.

Which was named Tommy and Tammy, it was obvious that they were alike but not as identical as it is...

And suddenly the Goldfish bowl was filled with water and there were two fishes, which was green eyes and the other one was pink, he suddenly picked up photo of his two fishes when he was a kid from a white envelope. Soon the two fairies had found their way back to The Turners, Cosmo and Wanda had a baby named Poof, the iris of poof was purple in the bowl, their two kids had needed their godparents because vicky went to abroad and sent them a babysitting-bot. In much appearance like Vicky, the robot started to talk to them and scare them, but Cosmo and wanda appeared winking on them. And the two kids cried and begged timmy not to leave...

Vicky spent the weekend with timmy and the kids, no matter how long distance it was in the weekdays, it seemed like they were so near to each other. Vicky had loved kids more and more... in as much as they could. It was really a blessing.

The end.


Once upon a time, this was just hanged aroung for years until it was finished today.
I know it was satisfying to read
This is the reason why Good endings are made to.
Hope that the owner would not kill me for this. Hahaha


I do not own fairly odd parents. I just desperately ended up it in my way, not to make eveything feel like it was a cliffhanger. Hope yo
Ch 20 chapter 1 . 7/5/2016
As soon as they reached the butler's reply, the two had stepped back as the large luxurious golden gate had opened right before them, the butler had welcomed and greeted them with their first names Timothy and Vicky
The butler smiled at us and vicky looked me in the eye As we sneaked in she warned not to be so obvious on my amazement.

-:- Timmy's POV

Hey... Remy", as the young Buxaplenty comes in my way, I tried my best to look at his eyes that I suddenly felt that their competition on their Godparents when I remembered that Juandissimo was defeated by Cosmo and Wanda had been going up in my mind again... but now its different from now, I'm at my worst and I feel his longing too. But I'm really desperate... too...desperate... for I know he's the only hope for my way on Fairy world.
What's up Turner? The 17-year-old boy with a Purple kind of accsesory that kinda seems odd with his outfit.
He still look as smart as he was and he didn't even bother to ask anything yet. As he had looked sheepishly from left to right, as if he examines the area
Where's ... oh? before I speak, shall we talk in private Turner? He asked , I followed him and I left Vicky on the halls
"No problem" she added while walking into the nearest seat
as the two boys went inside of lounge. I have noticed that Juandissimo, still pretends to be inanimate.
Whats with that obnoxious babysitter doing with you? He tries to make a laugh out of it, but I have to cut the joke and I said , in a very weak tone " I ... need your help Remy..." she was the reason why I got in here...
Whats the matter? He asked as, he even thought timmy should call for Chester and AJ.
They do not have a Godparent like you, I tried to keep calm and collected with my plan but My heart began to feel so broken as he remembers how happy I was when Wanda and Cosmo surrounded me.
What? He panicked a bit... Where's cosmo And Wanda? Remy was more concerned and he had a strong gut about Da Rules says he must've forgotten them... I still remember everything... I began,
In a surprise, Juandissimo had poofed flying into Remy's side , at Timmy's surprise the spanish fairy, wanda's ex boyfriend who had sensed some bad news coming down... and he asked What happend? And to Wanda, mi amor, is she good?
Juandissimo! You are still here!, he suddenly felt so happy as he feels so
I need to go to the Fairy world , I'm so afraid to lose cosmo. Wanda at my Room (sentenced to a lifetime bedroom imprisonment, no wand and magical wings) she coudn't float and had completely lost her power, she had to stay in there, whether she wanted it or not, The command was like that. Since It was the Fairy Council who took them away from me just because Cosmo broke the rule of unwished wish just to keep me as their Godchild, but Jorgen have also understood the situation that we have but they were sent into the Fairy world moments ago before they departed back and assigning them into a different Godchild, Their Job is to save miserable kids, I tried to from but Theres a voice in my head saying " don't need them anymore, I am 17 and I'm no peony as Cosmo and Wanda's size anymore" but fact was also not to blame Jorgen here but to expect him to stop cosmo from his unkown wish that doesn't even make me forget them. Yet, He is also sentenced for death, 3 days and I couldn't wait til it happens...
In three days you mean?remy implied as if there's a way to change it.
Si si, let me help you out. Juandissimo's willingness had motivated Timmy to save his Godparents as their attention drew back to Remy, he wanted to give timmy his request instead of saying that the Karma was real.
I have to help you out Turner. But?
Are you loco? Anytime the could snap out and kill cosmo if we didn't make a move, Remy wanted to help him get His Fairies and Juandissimo had overheard Wanda and her situation, he too suggested if maybe they could just go to Timmy's room now to see what was really going on, and that was Remy's wish.
his envy of Timmy Turner wasn't on his mind anymore. Timmy had felt
He had solved many things by returning the time and creating a paradox but this time, its all about solving the unwished wish.
Vicky's eyes widened when she had seen piles of money but this time, there were cameras but even if there was, She would drool over it. But instead, she brushed them off as if something's telling her to feel more attentive on Timmy and Timmy's Godparets.
"I wish could do more", finds herself sitting on the cotton couch as she drops the papers on the couch,
The plan worked", I told vicky.
She asked me
Now what Twerp?
In Timmy's room Wanda was hiding under Timmy's bed and sobbing while she was so weary and made the fairy council's heart sink.
Wanda sang a song about her Love to Cosmo
I was lost Till he found me
And although he confounds me,
By his crown
Yes where I know I should be
Yes, I know he's a moron
With a brain made of boron.
And yet, I'm drawn to him magically.
And through every moment of turmoil, And moment of pain.
Through all of our misadventures
,One thing remains.
Facing pixies, bullies, and jarheads,
I'll never be blue.
As long as I'm floating With you.
Cosmo could vision wanda, it seems like his delusions on his wife had gotten much worse.
Inside of the room where cosmo "one six nine" was place so cold, powerless and sobbing. He can't wait to see wanda even on the day he gets sentences to get destroyed.
He knows shes free but shes nowhere and nobody had told cosmo where she could be...
Mama cosma offered cosmo some drinks and medicine, she prepared cosmo's meal for tonight
She tried to let cosmo see what is happening with wanda even though she hates that pink haired nagging wife of cosmo... just to make him feel better but instead cosmo cried louder...
What did you see Cosmo?
Its my fault Mama... I shouldve have saved her, look at wanda! Oh wanda! PLEASE MAMA do something for wanda.. he begged... but mama cosma had explained why she can't help wanda. But she was crying in vain...
The image on that wall had blurred as The pink haired fairy fell asleep in the bed, the windows were open and cold and shaky in Timmy's bed.
Timmy wouldn't have his fairy godparents (who are people he puts over his suffering with Vicky) , Juandissimo assumed that to Remy,
Remy wants to help timmy so much right now..
Morning on the next day...
A letter says that he has to get an attorney was slipped into his fishbowl.
"TURNER, This is the Fairy Council
We are going to see you today and your attorney. Please be ready and this is your case on one six nine and two four four, your soon to be former godparents.
See you there, at six o clock in the evening for the trial.
Timmy closed the note and hurried back to Juandissimo and the weary wanda.
Juandissimo gave wanda something to eat, he was worried that wanda hasn't eaten anything yet and he brought a steak with break and water.
Wanda, my dear please listen, we have to go to the fairy world, at six in the evening, she clearly wasn't listening to him...
Wanda desperately asked if cosmo was fine? Are they treating him well on fairy world? She can't stop the anxiety and fear that keeps her from hiding...
But juandissimo had stood and waved his wand on wanda, that seemed to give her a good lively look once more and wanda was amazed, she stood up... Juandissimo...? She was amazed! Looking at her wings to her crown. She could fly again...
i tried wanda, for you..., he smirked and wanda thanks juandissimo as they waited for timmy to come back
Where could I get my lawyer Juandissimo? Timmy was so afraid that he just let remy wish it... remy took his phone and called juandissimo to wish timmy's attorney
Wanda added , Sport? You must wish a good attorney
He heard a voice and remy wished for the most defensive and proving that they have no evidence to be afraid of.

It was the time juandissimo had poofed a very attentive attorney, he was confused on how he appeared in Turners room.

We don't have time guys! Timmy said, its five already, we have to go to the trial for cosmo, here's the testimonies as timmy had ask a wish from remy.

How about me Timmy? Vicky wanted to come and testify of whatever she wants to, so they all went to the fairy world. And Juandissimo had poofed back to remy as he wasn't with anyone. Since his parents never gave him any affection or attention. his only mission was to help cosmo wanda and timmy. And while timmy and vicky sat on a chair, vicky tried to be so mean spirited on everyone with terror. Vicky tried to make timmy miserable even if it was acting. It looked real... Vicky had always mentioned a word.. wake up vicky! While every fairy had a thought that this evil babysitter was the reason why he needed cosmo and wanda..

Cosmo was chained,, he looks so sad and mirserable because of his isolation from the world seems more obvious that he is so hurt. And He was hurt by the fact that wanda is not yet around...

They suddenly entered in a diffrent sides of the room. Cosmo came from the backstage of the podium and the three , wanda, vicky and timmy was there

It was a very gloomy place, the lights were on for a moment and finally it dissapeared later.

He just thought of something... oh yeah, its you, Vicky. Cosmo had finally realized that his plan ad worked.

Vicky was still acting and dumbfounded by any words and continued the insult on timmy even if everyone was staring.

Silence! Jorgen brought his huge wand and remained standing on the trial.

*Vicky was so dissapointed that this happened because of her changes. Her love had ruined timmy's Godparents. *

Wanda was confused, if she couldn't make wishes to interfere true love, then maybe Timmy and Vicky are...
Her jaw dropped everytime the two giggle after she tortured timmy and she wasn't so alarmed anymore.

Her wand was given back to her, timmy was in the court as the people around timmy has wondered where his memori
Continuation chapter 1 . 7/5/2016
It was a cold winter season once again,
Jorgen looked at cosmo and freed him, Yaaay! Cosmo! You peony little green head!

Cosmo hugged Jorgen so tight and wanda lauged off and cosmo leaned on wanda to kiss her. Wanda couldn't wait to tell him that she realized how much cosmo was so. Amazing.I missed you wanda, cosmo had smelled wandas hair and feels like he had found her so beautiful...
Ahem... ahem... Jorgen interrupted.

Ok Here's your wand cosmo. Use it wisely. and jorgen gave his wand back to him. they held hands together as they leave.

Timm's first wish was kinda weird, he suddenly had wish his Godparents had a baby after almost ten thousand years cosmo had became pregnant (female fairies can't be pregnant) and named them poof, his eyes were Purple. Poof Fairywinkle Cosma

for the first time.. and took care of it and that case, poof was the reason why timmy gets into trouble as this baby had been a responsibility for timmy for a year., they were more like siblings together.

Cosmo has been saved and Wanda was all normal but they had finally packed their bags and leave the Jail and since Timmy and Vicky got along well, they finally remained to stay with timmy as a very brave act on saving his Godparents. The fairy council and everyone had been so happy with the decision. Vicky can keep a secret... and They lived more like a family for weeks.

The diary has been filled with sorts of moments, specifically to Vicky. And the music plays,

(Bread - The Diary)

The love she'd waited for
Was someone else not me
Wouldn't you know it?
She wouldn't show it

And as I go through my life
I will wish for her his wife
All the sweet things she can find
All the sweet things they can find

I don't care if Cosmo and Wanda never grant me another wish just as long as they don't go. They're so much more than my fairy godparents now, they're my friends, and I love them." Re quoted from the diary. As I felt that I was dreaming eversince this happened. Timmy had reurned to look after cosmo and wanda and saw them cuddling

Wanda floated back to cosmo , "oh, I love you, you idiot, now give me a hug [hugs cosmo tightly]

Can't break free... suffocating. Ahhh, I need my space. Is this what's like for Timmy?! OOhh, I gotta unwish this wish.

No you idiot, our love cannot interfere with magic. She grinned...

Cosmo understood how much this love had grown for Timmy and Vicky. Wanda felt like crying at some point in joy.

The fairies had realized that Timmy made her... soft. It wasn't an immediate thing, she didn't just wake up one day and love flowers and sunshine and happiness, it was more gradual than that.

-Some nostalgia starts here -
Were you just hiding in the snow this whole time? That's an awesome way to get hypothermia. You should be more-" Vicky stopped talking as Timmy rubbed his cheek against hers; it felt oddly warm, considering he had been hiding in the snow for at least ten minutes. "How are you not cold?"

Aw, because you just make me feel all warm and tingly inside!"

"That's way too sweet, even for you, Mr. Sensitive."

"It was the first thing that came to mind."

Vicky felt Timmy shrug underneath her as he spoke.

"You cold?" Timmy wrapped his arms a bit tighter around Vicky.

"No, not really."

"So... you don't mind staying like this for a few?"

"I guess not... Why though?"

"Why not?" Here's the earmuffs you need Vicky, he winked.

"Sometimes I just can't resist so she took the muffs.. thanks ti...timmy...

Lets go to bed, I feel like resting... vicky sat down beside him

And I have too much energy to sleep, timmy knows theres more than meets the eye right now...
The nostalgias, its been a year ago...
When vicky went to her bed, dragging her various blankets with her, and sat down next to Timmy. "If you won't come to me-" Vicky shut her bedroom door. "Then I guess-" Vicki walked over and sat on his lap. "I'll have to come to you." as she finished, Vicky glanced at Timmy and threw herself and the mass of blankets at him, plunging them both into darkness.

"This feel familiar to you? You playing the blanket monster while I'm your hapless victim?"

"Huh. I am getting a sense of Deja Vu for some reason... Weird." Vicky leaned down and brought her lips on Timmy's.

Suddenly a voice... calling... "Vicky?" Charlotte opened the door. "Are... you in here?"

"Crap." Vicky threw the covers off herself with her left arm, still leaving herself mostly covered. "Yeah Mom?"

Vickys mom looked back and forth between her daughter and the boy pinned beneath her.

"Hi Mrs... Vicky's mom. Uh... this is..." Timmy looked at Vicky. "Probably what it looks like."

"I'll- I'll come back later." Her mom blushed darkly. "Just- um... wanted to tell you that the weatherman said it'll be around sixty degrees tomorrow. There could be some serious flooding from the snowmelt. Ah... you two have... bye!" Vicky's mother locked the door and shut it as she left.

"Maybe you should lock it next time." Timmy deadpanned at Vicky.

"Whoops.' Vicky shrugged. "Now, where were we?

I Have to go, timmy had to go home earlier, he gave vicky a cheesy quick peck and squeezed her hands, if ever you had gotten an intern, this might be our last time together, but if you need me vicky, just call me and send me a letter instead.

Vicky was in denial, shes lost on her words, ... she nodded and kissed timmy on his forehead, I will see you someday.

Tomorrow is my flight, I have much to do later at night Vicky added.

Yeah sure I can wait. Timmy assured that.

Til we meet again, my love... vicky promised Timmy as he had felt his tears fell, she grabbed timmy and hugged him more tighter.

He walked downstairs as vicky followed, and send him home to the turners

I had a great holiday,and a warmth that I always wanted.

Thanks for the opportunity. Timmy said goodbye and Vicky waved and went back to prepare for one year internship of Nursing.

- End of nostalgia. -

he looked at his room dresser, cosmo and wanda was still beside timmy, he realized that his wishes were meant to be used mostly on Vicky

Trixie had left for college and moved into a school in New York... thats when Vicky had already decided to work out of town", one year ago too. Timmy thought for a sec., he forgot all about Trixie for a long time. He discovered a deep and introspective side of himself that he'd never would of known was there if not for his "cruel" babysitter.

But he never met any sepecial someone who brings the best out of him. It was vicky for all chester knows..


Chester groaned, uhh... maybe its time to rest timmy, he worked on his activity book while timmy pokes his face with a pencil...

Chester, you know..". Timmy looked at chester's no more brace face,
" Trixie isn't an one ethnic dating material type of girl, I know that for a fact." said Timmy, remembering the last party she threw. " I was imagining, uh,

Vicky" thought Timmy, unknowingly saying the last word.

Oh what about vicky? Chester was surprised and he knew she was heading home tomorrow...told timmy about her arrival at nine

"At nine heading Dimmsdale..." Vicky began and immediately cut herself off while speaking to Tootie yesterday. " She was about to spout off with some stupid justification for her anger she had with some workers a bit miunderstanding... , but decided it wasn't worth it. And she apologized Tootie right away.

She didn't have anything planned for that night tomorrow anyway
said Tootie, to the two boys

Tootie had knew that Vicky was obsesswd with Timmy. She didn't even bother because she loves Chester so much and even though Vicky was older than timmy. It was not the case here... it was about finding the best reason why Vicky is the Vicky today.

Too cold , around eight she arrived, Tootie and Chester were on their way, since timmy wants to head first he, wished for his own car, cosmo and wanda granted his wish and drove off the terminal, Timmy? Her familiar voice grabbed timmy's timmy looked into her Red hair and curled tips as She stared at his hand, oddly wondering what she should do. So he made the decision for her.

He quickly grasped her hand and pulled her to her feet into a tight embrace with him.

In a surprised way, Chester and Tootie went down on their taxi and was so stunned to see the two caught in the act hugging, the two had let go but the warmth changed their moods... lifting them as she smiled it away.

Vicky had embraced Tootie and Chester
I missed you Vicky, Tootie was so happy..

A wide smile broke across Timmy's face, "Well, yeah, what else would even be worth doing?" Timmy asked the three.

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Tonight's the night
Let's live it up
I got my money
Let's spend it up

Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let's get get off

The song plays inside of Timmy's car.
Chip skylar had covered them years ago
Sounds great! So... how was your college doing huh? The three obviously tried to burst out laughing... but instead Tootie was still laughing at her sister's reaction, the two boys had admitted they went to go to parties, ever since timmy's mom and dad were so busy, he knows where to go and stay already.

Well? I see you guys aren't too much serious for y'all good., Vicky remarked.

Well, In college. It has to be serious, I have my regrets when I got to babysit you but in the end. It was actually destined and bound to happen, met a twerp... I quitted school, I wished to spend more time on Timmy. And my money. Until timmys mom and dad had finally realized that he won't need a babysitter anymore when the time timmy had turned 17.

Everyone was silent and timmy asked Vicky? How were you doing? ... Timmy brushed off everything from vicky

Great, I guess, I'm missing Dimmsdale, though there were no changes. I became more happier without being so mean and just. Timmy's assumption was right...

Chapter 20 chapter 1 . 7/3/2016
I'm so dissapointed on how the story didn't even finish its ending. I loved how well it was written. So... I'm here to continue this it even if i wasn't Ms. Sky, Sorry for the Interruption but my obsession between the two "Vicky and Timmy" is better than words.

I just want to Make fans feel better so I'm into this. HAHAHA. I'm feelig nervous since I never write ficitons yet. I'm gonna help end this... Again "I also do not own FOP"
wow. just. wow chapter 20 . 7/3/2016
This must finish... this must or... HAHAHAHAH OMG please finish the story! I can't wait to see 5 more or less chapters for this one. Please make them . Anyway the story was such a page turner for vicky turner. i have loved it when cosmo's unwishiness caused the two to be understood and everything was fine. I'm so happy that vicky's on her track again as their relationship doesn't get out on the problem with the Godparents either. Its too beautiful and deep. However I'm on the watchlist in the 21st century
Mary2710 chapter 20 . 10/26/2015
Update please
Invisible Man19 chapter 20 . 6/30/2015
Please update:) This story needs to have an ending. And please by all means continue with your amazing story.:)
daywhite chapter 17 . 1/7/2015
This story is quite well written, really going into depth about love, its destruction, and loneliness. The characters of FOP, such as Cosmos and Vicky, are turned into much more understandable and intricate people. I really like this story, and I hope you keep it up!
Lewis-Sama chapter 20 . 6/4/2014
This story is so amazing...please for the love of Deadpool update this story very soon.
moosejuice5 chapter 20 . 5/30/2014
Love this fic,it's deep and amazingly well written
moosejuice5 chapter 2 . 5/29/2014
I love this fic so far - it's amazingly well written
fanggrin chapter 20 . 4/19/2014
I wish there was more of your hard work on this story
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