Reviews for Following Your Heart
melonsprite chapter 1 . 6/19/2001
hey, i love daiyako, but where is it? i mean in the story, ya know. oh well, you'll prob have it in later chapters then
aerogirl chapter 1 . 4/8/2001
_ even though I like Kensuke... but know it's officiall Kenyako... I actually think Miyako has a thing for Davis... I noticed it when Davis was stuck babysitting the Punimon, Yolei just sat on Halsemon and was spying on him... and the way they argue and stuff... my mom even said that... ANYWAY, IT WAS GOOD FOR A FIRST DIGIMON STORY! Write some Taito, how about? So what if Matt and Sora... (Plotmon:) For the love of God, woman! This is a review, not a spoiler! (~aerogirl~:)eep, sorry. Anyway, more good work *still thinks Tai and Matt are together at the end of 02 if you pay attention to the screencaps, as did my mom, but I had to say no way or else I couldn't watch Digimon probably*