Reviews for Death's Messengers
Pendecardiel chapter 25 . 10/13/2005
this is so cool and absolutely brilliant. sorry i cant write more. gotta go look up your profile page. bye
Lubbleeone chapter 25 . 10/12/2005
rayne114 chapter 25 . 10/12/2005
I really really love it! And since you finished it I can add it to my favorites! Though it did feel as if it were an abrupt end. T_T
athenakitty chapter 24 . 10/12/2005
Will Mrs Weasley find out that Osiris is Harry? Will someone be getting a Howler? Who's going to knock sense into Severus? Dursleys died in a gruesome way, yet?
athenakitty chapter 23 . 10/12/2005
Who's going to pound some sense into Severus? How displeased will the others be at Severus?
athenakitty chapter 22 . 10/12/2005
Will Severus flip for the ingredients? Pain is tolerated for such rewards?
alwaysariyana chapter 25 . 10/12/2005
Ah! Loved the ending. Hope you continue writing.
hittocerebattosai chapter 25 . 10/12/2005
Aww! *blinks* I think that's cute!
hittocerebattosai chapter 24 . 10/12/2005
aw... the hugs...
hittocerebattosai chapter 23 . 10/12/2005
*giggles insanely* sorry! I cannot help it!
Sailor GaOn Donut chapter 21 . 10/4/2005
interesting, continue! very nice
alwaysariyana chapter 21 . 10/4/2005
Nice job, I hope you update with the ending soon. I liked it.
vampirebabe chapter 21 . 10/4/2005
*lip trembles* Please hurry and update, but I will wait for as long as it takes. *sniff* This is so good, and yet it comes to a halt before it is done. *sigh* That is the price that one must pay for reading the story before it is complete.
athenakitty chapter 19 . 10/4/2005
Will Isis have kids from both men? When will they succeed?
athenakitty chapter 18 . 10/4/2005
Is Sirius comfortable with having a female on board? Will Lucas and Osiris get their targets? Will the Demon spirits be sold and introduced to the general public?
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