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Flarire chapter 41 . 11/20/2013
Good story.
What's the name of your new account?
Eviline chapter 3 . 8/14/2013
D'aww, Jermione, soeager to learn :) this is the first time someone actually described a class. I loved it!
ElPsyCongroo chapter 41 . 9/22/2012
This story is amazing. It makes you really feel bad for Liseli, but also know that it was her mistake to make as foolish as it was. Also one of the few stories(fanfiction or original) that brought tears to my eyes, and you cant really get higher praise than that for this type of story. Possible sequel perhaps? :)
octavia.b.Snape chapter 41 . 7/23/2012
Hey it was lovely thank you
I wish we had seen more of Snape and Liseli :)
I liked her character though :)
Aria657 chapter 41 . 1/24/2011
I loved it, you did a great job on it. The characters were all interesting, and I liked seeing this side of Snape. There is just one thing I was wondering about, will Liseli meet up with any of the other teachers or students? Hagrid, Sprout, Hermione? I would love to see how they would react, because they were the people she was kinda friends with right? Anyways, I think you did a fantastic job on it.
Naurael chapter 38 . 12/13/2010
(Hey! I signed up, just for this, see? :)

Alas, yes, it is obvious. But that's totally ok. I love this story anyway. :)
Naurael chapter 37 . 12/13/2010
FINALLY. Not all Slytherin in her gone, I see. :)

And, again: Your are really, really good. Although I know quite a bit about archetypes and such stuff, you had me slightly worried.

To your question about IC - I think the first sentence says it for Liseli. And she stays in character throughout, worrying about her killing her brother - one of her innermost group - and what will become of her. So ultimately, about herself, what she did and how it will affect her. So all is well with IC!Liseli. :)

And regarding Tarazet - yes, he seems IC, as well. A similar concern for himself and his well being while including his sister, in a way. He seems to have mellowed since coming out of prison, regarding all things Muggles, Mud- and Mixed Bloods, but it was an organic mellowing, well motivated by Liselis and Severus' actions towards him.

As I said - your character development is very, very good. Well done. Go Moon Archer. :)
Naurael chapter 35 . 12/13/2010
Yoha. Firmly stuck in puberty.

Naurael chapter 34 . 12/13/2010
... and it becomes more and more apparent that Liseli seriously failed that cost-benefit thing.

(To be completely honest, she started irritating me. 'I have to follow orders, I have to follow orders!' Nitwit. Think for yourself and you won't have that problem. We can't all think well on our feet, but this... Shame! For an adult AND a Slytherin both! What about planning in advance and self-serving, hmm?)

So... After this little rant, out again into the real world: Brilliant setting up for the utter destruction set up in the prologue. First Tarazet, then Paige, now Severus... Huh. Even classic in that it is in three steps getting progressively higher in emotional devastation, reaching its apex at the third! KUDOS! :)

Achtung. Brilliant Writer At Work. :)
Naurael chapter 32 . 12/13/2010

Naurael chapter 30 . 12/13/2010
"I may not like the Death Eaters, but I don't care enough about either side to take on the extra dangers associated with becoming a spy. My most valuable asset is my life, and if I lose it to this war, then the war will have been failure for me, no matter which side ends up winning."

But then, Liseli, that would be another one of your failures. You did care so much about yourself that you actually joined one of those sides - and now have a distinctive 50% chance of being on the losing side which either way could ultimately result in ending your life, be it by death sentence or loss of reputation and freedom. Not to speak about making that decision in a fit of anger instead of carefully weighing options and bargaining. Fail, love. Fail. :)

Ah well. I still like her. A bit of a one track mind, still a bit stuck in puberty, but I like her. :)

Say? Are you German or speak German or something like this? 'Dunkel and Finster', indeed... Fits. :D

Regarding the explanation of her worst memory: just right. As well done as the character background implementation from before. *bows*
Naurael chapter 29 . 12/13/2010
Oh Tarazet. If she planned on doing something like that, she would have already done it. Now, with Severus in the mix... *evil grin*

Hm. First: This is one of the best examples of 'character-story worked into the plot' that I have read in a long time. Her motivations for telling it now, the one she is telling it, the way she ist telling it - perfect. Go Moon Archer. :)

Second (and that's what's warranted the 'Hm.'): I see now why Liseli cost-benefit analysis was flawed. But I stand by what I said. Fail. Hm. Thinking about it, this could perhaps be the biggest flaw Slytherins possess: They need a group. To rule over, to adhere to, to belong to - doesn't matter, but they need other people to validate themselves; over and over, even, in the game of politics and social standings. Strangely, this need is in contrast to the 'always watch out for yourself, and yourself only' credo... but probably it depends on the definition of 'yourself'. Probably the hairier the problem or the situation gets, the smaller the circle of people this includes - rapidly collapsing into me, myself and I during increased hairyness. :)

Ah. Just musings. Don't mind me.
Naurael chapter 27 . 12/13/2010
Somehow, the ending of this chapter makes me infinitely sad...
Naurael chapter 22 . 12/13/2010
Not only are your characterizations incredibly good, but you also have a lot of startingly new ideas. Those DE-regiments, for example. I really liked this army-like style - although I wonder who does do the promoting...

And Slytherin!Liseli goes at it again... Go, Liseli. Albeit my inner Ravenclaw does wrinkle its nose a bit. If she doesn't like killing and torturing, one of the prerequisites of being a DE, why join at all? Because of collectively shared feelings of power? Fail at cost-benefit analysis, Liseli. :)
Naurael chapter 20 . 12/13/2010
Suspenseful, for sure. I'm beginning to wonder again how this will all end...

I really liked that you didn't have Liseli angsting about her reasons for becoming a Death Eater at the beginning of this chapter. It underscores that she seems... in a way content with her decision. Also, to think... Of all her siblings, the only one to manage to stay out of Azkaban... Although I wonder if I got that right. Was she a DE in the first war? Sometimes she seems quite young - her magical control probably quite good, but her emotions...?

But anyway, well written, once more!
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