Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Reploids
ArcaneMaverick chapter 105 . 5/11
I do not know anything about Xenogarock. I'm assuming it's the land from one of those Xenosaga games. And naturally I don't know the Elizabeth character, but her knowledge revealed at the end was...disconcerting. I wish we'd get an answer but I doubt we will, unless I lack the knowledge of the proper game. I thought she was a final fantasy character or Nightmare from Soul Calibur at first.

Ultima Weapon vs Perfect Chaos. I'm not familiar enough with those fandoms to know who would win, but it's neat.

This story deserves it's own wiki.

There was a point sometime after the beast split into two that I got a bit confused. It had to do with the Emeralds and falling before they were healed. I got a little confused. In fact, the healing itself kinda confused me. I wish this was a cartoon. That would be awesome.

It's a pain that took away the copy/paste function because it's easier to show what I liked or had trouble.

Surprised to see Bahamut that sentient to request and use the chaos emerald.

Bahamut Diamond. Diamond Bahamut. You got turned around somewhere.

I like the new look for Mewtwo. Colored ghost look in my head seems pretty cool.

It's the third form where I have more confusion. I thought they only had like 3 emeralds and with their plan, Protoman has two, but then Sonic had emeralds (plural) and somehow Elizabeth gave Bahamut one. Their plan didn't make too much sense to me in that Elizabeth apparently had a different one since they had to shout things in air instead of what they discussed in the mind link. Also, I'm not sure I understand how shooting the head stopped the Chaos Emerald powers.

Eh, whatever. Mewtwo doing stuff was cool. Yay massive psychic powers.

I have no ability to remember the hints I'm sure you've included all over this fic so I'm not sure who was the heart of Perfect Chaos. If it's a spirit, I don't think you could see it's brain though. Spirit of Link seems too easy.

Wait, now Mewtwo is glowing green instead of purple or pink?

Outside of my brief confusion, a fine chapter. I mean really like 90% of totally fine and not confusing. I want to communicate here that even though this review is mostly about the 10% I had trouble with, the degree of that is minor. You're doing just great so keep going, however long it takes. I just hope we won't get left on a tense cliffhanger in the ending chapters. It's harder to write what was done well than what is done wrong, so know that. I spoke little, which means it was enjoyable with very little launching me out of the story to write here in this space. So yay and stuff.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 104 . 8/22/2014
I reread the last chapter to remember what's been going on.

Seems like Shadow, Red 13 and Tidus fell into a Zanarkand if souls are what's being used to create that land.

I'm guessing that girl Shadow saw was Xion. I'm not actually sure. Took me awhile to come up with anyone.

It's funny to me that I was listening to the Katamari Damacy soundtrack while reading this. Totally inappropriate music.

I like what you did with Brotherhood; siphoning the ice. A novel idea. Although, I don't understand what happened with that lightning strike and how Tidus jumped high to hit Sephiroth because I though they were both on the ground. Nor do I understand how channeling electric attacks work in general. I need a physics refresher in real life.

I had trouble following the character's actions for the kill shot too. I don't know medical stuff, but I'm curious how they will preserve the T's leg. Encasing it in a sphere of water would be cool.

A colorful transformation. I wish I could see a picture of that. I'm a visual person.

Heh, it's funny to imagine Shadow holding that long sword.

Pretty good fight scene. I was immersed well. I particularly enjoyed visualizing the strengths of the trio as you wrote their attacks. They seemed pretty unique to me. What I mean is that they stood out mentally. It was clear to me what Tidus was doing and I could imagine Red 13 ignite into a big fiery beast. Some parts of this chapter weren't entirely clear, but it was good overall. I think it would mean even more to me if I was more familiar with Sonic and Final Fantasy mythos. I hope another chapter doesn't take you this long either. This chapter does accomplish in leaving me eager for the next. I wonder what you saw wrong with this to revise it so much. I think your effort paid off and it came out well
the missing link chapter 104 . 8/18/2014
love this story
ArcaneMaverick chapter 103 . 5/7/2014
The beginning makes me wonder where other heroes are like maybe the Justice League. Also, it seems that everyone not inside their little bubble is dead or will be soon. So I wonder what will be left to save.

I think you went a little overboard with the adjectives and synonyms this chapter.

Not sure what's happening at the end other than set up for ethereal-face-your-demons sequences.

I am intrigued still because as always, I have no idea what happens next.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 101 . 3/17/2014
I'm not sure what to say. This chapter was complete as always. I 100% understand what is happening and why at all times. I still can't fathom what you have planned next. It's kind of funny in a way that this is a bit like Kingdom Hearts with Megaman if I were to think of this as a game from a mechanical perspective.

So something odd is happening to Zelda and I hope we hear from Gizmo again. It seems he put in a lot of effort for his part of the story to be over, but maybe that is the point.

Since we are all set up for the next and perhaps final event, I wonder how you will start it. I predict that Zelda will wake up or a spirit will come back.

Mewtwo is one of my favorite characters in your story. I like how you write him.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 99 . 11/13/2013
Very touching. I highly enjoyed your description of Raven eating. I don't know why, but it was vivid and lovely. The recent events in the story were a twist I did not see coming and I have no idea where it is going to go from here, but I am supremely interested because of it. There are still so many mysteries left. Good luck!
ArcaneMaverick chapter 98 . 9/17/2013
A bite sized chapter. Easy to read and review.

Interesting that Bass appeared. I guess you already know that he was an advanced Robot Master like Megaman and not an actual reploid but whatever, it doesn't bother me. He wasn't influenced or infected by the virus in canon to our knowledge, but here in this timeline, meh, probably.

Weird how he is able to linger so long as a ghost, and it makes me worry about consistency. Robot-types having ghostly spirits confuse me because they are technology and not magical. But it is fascinating and a cool twist that Forte would make an appearance. I wish that he would have felt something more explicit for finally defeating/losing to Megaman after all this time.

It's weird to me that Raven would let Forte so close let alone touch her since he was the one who killed X. Wait, what? Robots have genetic material now? I guess reploids had something like DNA introduced in later games. I think it was in X6.

Bass was created with a new ore that Dr. Wily discovered. While your history and relationships of the Megaman characters is inaccurate for the real material, I'm assuming you knew that and it's just for the sake of your story that you made these changes.

This chapter was a little unclear in some of the descriptions of emotions. Particularly involcing Raven and Forte. They were unnecessarily complex to me which made them confusing and a little awkward to read.
And Raven screamed too much. Her emotions in previous chapters did not make me believe she was at all attached to the Light family so I don't believe she would scream out in sorrow for anyone besides X.

I'll have to reread some chapters because I've forgotten how believable Protoman's change of heart was real and how much was simple Evil influence.

This paragraph was awesome: "No one finished the thought..." The legacy of righteousness...Cool stuff.
Really cool how Forte gives them the Aeon Orb. Weird how he picked her up beforehand though, I couldn't visualize that. I'm not hyped about the ending moment between Forte and Raven because it was so sudden and seemingly nonsensical to me, like there was no common ground for them to even quickly bond on given how much Forte wanted to defeat Megaman in the past which did not seem to change.

I wonder how they could use that materia given most people have materia sickness and with that level of power, it would probably kill anyone before they can use it.

Ah, so X left more for Raven than I thought. I wonder if we will see more of his history when she opens that new chakra. Given some of the word in this chapter, it makes me think there is more to the history that wasn't revealed.

As always I am interested to see where you take this. We still have many mysteries to see solved and I am eager for it. Thanks and good luck!
ArcaneMaverick chapter 97 . 9/11/2013
I have always wished that X use more Megaman attacks than rely on so much materia. His Buster weapons, in most cases, could equal the output of materia magic. Since he used so much materia and suffered a lot of Mako poisoning for years, why isn't he more damaged or dead at this point.

In such a galaxy spanning world, I would imagine Ultima would have more weaknesses than materia. In fact, it seems more logical to me that Ultima would be materia resistant because of their origins.

I feel that Final Fantasy has the most presence in this story instead of the others. There is more lore, characters and items/abilities from there than any other game, which I find unbalanced. I'm just not as much a Final Fantasy fan compared to the other franchises you are integrating. I only ever played 10 but I am aware of 7 even thought I never fought an Ultima Weapon so I don't know what they are really capable of.

I would love to see this fight animated. When Ultima was flying towards them after Protoman's Flare and they were shooting and Tidus was manipulating water was a stark impressive image to me.

Some descriptions were clear about what was happening, others were not. Many were overcomplicated.

I am disappointed that X never seems to use the Master Sword appropriately. It should be one of his first resorts along with the X Buster and maverick weapons. Materia should be last given its harmful effects. I find it difficult to believe that Buster shots, which are solar-hot plasma, have no effect when thunder materia does.

Heh, with Ray Flux Deluge, I was reminded of Dante and Vergil's 'Jackpot'.

I was going to complain about Robin's lack of batarangs and other explosives when you had him do just that lol.
It is surprising that Red 13 could bite it and hang on when many lazers couldn't do anything.

I don't know Ultima, but it seemed too quick and stopped too many of their movements and attack due to speed alone while our heroes seemed slow.

X has seen tens of comrades and friends die, some he had to kill himself. I think he would have taken Robin's vaporization better. Or I would believe it more if everyone's feelings broke through his barriers.

Surprised that Starfire didn't erupt in anger and give Ultima a good thrashing with her strength before she was brought down.

Really? No one knows a Dispel?

Hehe, You really like similes.

This reminds me of the fight with Nappa. All the heroes fight for so long, use their ultimate attacks and still lose. I was expecting Terra to pull a Tien to Robin's basically Chiaotzu.

I was always disappointed that the modern Sonic games took away his blended red-blue feet movement animation. It was awesome and iconic so I appreciate its inclusion here.

Why didn't they all try to cut off its leg or attack its head?

What was with the sort of mental attacks Ultima used? Can it normally do stuff like that? Not sure that it eliminating magic would effect Mewtwo's psychic abilities or Raven's soul self.

X's disappearance was strange if it was a beam that he was blocking with the Master sword. This leads me to believe that Robin is not dead either.

For some reason I get the impression of a motorcycle revving whenever X or Protoman use their dash boots.

Ultima being destroyed in that way was really confusing. I'm not sure what happened. I guess X dove into the face?

Weird how his body and the sword survived when everything else was vaporized.
"She pulled away, horrified, but her longing tugged her back to suffer more." great line!

If there was nothing left, how could she sense an aura? Musta been the Master Sword.

Last three paragraphs were confusing.

Two things on her forehead now? It looks weird, but maybe I'm picturing it wrong. Did we know X had a master emerald shard before? I can't recall.

Ack. More Lifestream crap. I'm kind of sick of it actually. Still it was cool for Raven to get the other Triforce though.

Interested to see where this goes. I wanted more scenes with other party members before X left. Particularly ones he did not interact with much like Shadow.

Good luck with the next chapters; it seems we are in the home stretch.
Mitsurugi Hiroshi chapter 97 . 9/8/2013
Really good chapter. Can't complain about that, even though I REALLY HATE what you did in the end.
I'm sorry, but due to that I don't feel like reading this story anymore. I know its your story and all, and that you can do anything you want in it, but it doesn't feel right. Maybe you do have an incredible idea for the next chapters and I'm being an idiot right now, but what you did just left me feeling like what happened was just wrong. I don't know, man. After all they went through, I just think they deserved some good things to happen to them for a change.

But all in all, a great chapter.
toolazytologin chapter 96 . 7/27/2013
Oh please please please update! Ive been following this since chapter 10 and I want to it! Aaah! :)
link01742 chapter 94 . 7/16/2013
when Dr Light talked to his sons one last time I had to play this in the background
ArcaneMaverick chapter 96 . 7/3/2013
Great descriptions and a pretty gruesome scenario. I liked it.

I did not see Saria's alt identity coming though. I'm not as familiar with Zelda lore as Megaman so I doubted I could have guessed it anyway. I didn't pick up on any foreshadowing if there were some for Farore either. I wonder if others guessed it.

It would be cool to see what X went through from Raven's perspective. Hearing his many intense calls, collecting Shadow and determining how to proceed when she found him.

Has Saria sweared before? For some reason, that stood out of me. Maybe it's because Saria has been so mysterious, maybe it's been awhile, but her character seemed different than ever before. She seemed, rugged. But I guess that's understandable of course for what she went through. The plants coming from her bloody slits and cuts feels new. I don't recall that in previous chapters.

I really would like to see more interactions with Shadow and the team or X in some way,

I never thought more in depthly about evil's motives. Simply destroying everything seems good enough. Hinting that there is something more instead of unlimited domination forever seems impossible. But if it's a cool twist, I'm all for it.

There were like two or three minor spelling errors, no big deal.

Aw nuts, a cliff hanger. I guess it's somehow related to Zero/Ganon/Evilness. Some version of him has arrived.
Makes me look forward to the next chapter!

However, since there was emphasis on Mako killing Raven and X, it seems like they will need a cure or plot device to help them soon or consistency will be lost.

Good Luck and I'm eager to read more when it's ready!
THE MISSING LINK chapter 95 . 6/26/2013
Ultiman chapter 14 . 6/26/2013
I just wanna say... you're a fucking boss. That is all
BlackTyrantValvatorez chapter 95 . 6/24/2013
Here's an idea for a later chapter. Feel free to disregard it if you don't like it.
"This is strange. . . I'm feeling an enigmatic presence in my mind right now." Raven said.
"An enigmatic presence. . . No way! HE couldn't have developed the ability to read minds too!" X said.
"Unfortunately, Mr. X, you are quite wrong. I have something I want to say to you right now with our minds." a voice inside X's head spoke.
"Who is this?"
"I see that you do not remember who I am. Do you remember the Eurasia colony incident, X?"
"Then you remember fighting me?"
"How is this possible? How did you gain telepathy, Dynamo?!"
"I got it from sources best left unknown. Anyways, I have taken the liberty of stealing Alia's corpse. If you can find and defeat me in combat with only your X-buster, I'll use Metal Shark Player's DNA Resurrection research to bring her back. If you refuse, I will personally arrive at Hunter Base to retire Signas." Dynamo telepathically said to X.
". . . !" X thought to himself.
"I'll give you 24 hours to consider my offer before asking again. Adios, Mr . X!" Dynamo said before leaving the Blue Bomber's mind.
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