Reviews for Fact and Mystery
raynbowgirl chapter 2 . 1/24/2006
quite good, however SNAPE IS GUILTY there is so much against him there is no way he can redeem himself now.
Magic Crystal Rose chapter 5 . 12/26/2005
Awesome story! I am incredibly intrigued by the original and engrossing idea. Please keep it up; I can't wait to read more!

Bobby chapter 1 . 10/2/2005
Interesting, please update?
Speedy Hobbit chapter 5 . 9/5/2005
Oh, more! I'm liking this so far. I, too, am a great believer in the Regulus-as-RAB theory. He was the first one I thought of when I perused the note in the locket.
Quidditchchicky chapter 5 . 8/31/2005

update soon
Sailor Grape chapter 5 . 8/25/2005
What are you talking about? That was totally not a horrible chapter! I thought it was rather cute, the way the girls were all excited about the wedding and the guys were wishing it was already over with. Haha. Hey, they're still fooling Remus... He's gonna find out sooner or later, so Harry really should talk to him before be finds out from someone else. That could be amusing. Hmm, wonder what McGonagall's gonna say to Harry... Lovely chapter, dear. Post more soon!
curlyqntx chapter 5 . 8/13/2005
whahoho! that was rockin! post more soon
papermachine chapter 5 . 8/13/2005
are you rowling in disguise? )

seriously, I love the very, VERY plausible theories you have presented. I believe my darling Snape is innocent and I did think RAB is Regulus A-something Black.


Fan-bloody-tastic! I think this is the best fan follow-up of HBP I have ever read.
Draco's Wife Lover chapter 5 . 8/12/2005
Oh do please hurry I love your story so much! You are an excellent writer and well...just keep up the good work!
AcceleratedGlass chapter 5 . 8/12/2005
Harry/Rufus fics are good :D UPDATE FAST
ElberethUndomiel chapter 5 . 8/12/2005
LOVED IT! Thanks for giving us something, Li-chan! And thanks for making it interesting! Have fun moving! Which uni are you at now?
Kari chapter 4 . 8/10/2005
Update already! Please?
Mr. Set chapter 4 . 8/8/2005
Two ana a half weeks vacation spent in france, and I return to see jst 2 new chapters!

I'm shocked.

Well, what is there, is very good.

Regulus and Snape were friends, interesting ideas.

One question:

You write: "his tone as cruel and cold as it is when he speaks to the teenager's older brother"

So this plays 3 years after Snapes graduation, maximum. Is Snape already a spy at that time?
Prd2bAmerican18 chapter 4 . 8/7/2005
great story so far just have to say I dont think the potions were switched, I think the bowl works just like the door (the one were they had to smear blood on coming in and out) so the bowl refills for each visit just thought I'd tell you my view but good job can't wait for the next chapter.
the muggle marauder chapter 4 . 8/5/2005
Oh cool. Hah will Snape never learn to stop making Unbreakable Vows? Hehe, I just find it funny, cause it seems a bit stupid to me to keep promising to do something or you'll die. Ah, well. Anyway, can't wait to see where this story goes!
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