Reviews for What is Left When All is Said and Done
Bewitchedgal chapter 11 . 4/9/2014
Do not apologize for having Severus a bit out of character. If he remains how JKR wrote him then what is the sense of writing a fanfic story. Once you began your story the characters cease to be Rowlings as you have changed each and everyone of them. They are now yours to do with them as you wish.
Do maintain the characters from the book you are just spewing JKR's story back to us with a few twists.
You are the author and for now they are your characters, have they act as you wish them to-no apologizes for their behavior.
Severus Snape's Beloved chapter 13 . 11/11/2011
This is a fabulous story, it really is.

I think it is one of the best that I have ever read.

I am amazed at how accurate your predictions were!

I hope that you grace the fanfiction world with your presence again.

-Severus Snape's Beloved
Un tango mas chapter 8 . 11/20/2008
This has been such a wonderful story! With a great plot and very well written. I really liked the characters, they were still canon but somehow better...

But this chapter really killed me was such an absurd way for Ron to die...even if Harry did it involuntarily. I don't think he would ever cast a Killing Curse on someone when one of his best friends (Hermione) was so close to that person...he wouldn't risk it, no matter how angry/mad/crazy he would be. Well...that's just my view of things.

Anyway, great story.
thenativeprincessx3 chapter 15 . 12/28/2007
Bahaa! . When he said qouteth

Severus looked down, pleased with what he saw.

“Better,” he remarked and turned back to the white tomb.

I pretty much let out something between a "bwahah" and a "ha"

which of course, resulted in a "BAHA!" which sounded much like a bark.

So, yeas. hehe. . .
Oh chapter 13 . 8/10/2007
I can't read this anymore.

It's soppy, cliche, predictable, incredibly OOC, and just plain-out BAD.

I find myself laughing where it is so melodramaticly depressing. It's so poorly written, the characters have no grace. The love bull is so lame.

All in all, this is terrible. I'm sorry to be so forthright but the movement of the story is much too fast to make it seem true to anything.
LandUnderWave chapter 15 . 9/16/2006
O, I love this story! It's not very often we see a wonderful HG/SS story like this one, a lot of them are very long and I end up not finishing them. Thanks!
kasmo chapter 8 . 3/29/2006
You so did not just kill off Ron. How could you? That was horrible. And why didn't Harry die? And why can Snape kill Harry just be touching him; same with Hermione. I'm confused.
thisaccounthasbeendeactivated chapter 14 . 3/7/2006
This is really good! Except I can't read the Epilogue, because it won't load on my computer. *mad face*. Anyway, this is the kind of thing I'd write, if I had the talent or the time. Well done, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Milady Darkan chapter 8 . 1/14/2006
the thing with the curse was silly. avada kadevra is not something that you get right from the first try. yes harry certainly hates snape enough but he also hated bellatrix and the cruciatus still didn't work well.

and the part where it also rebound and hit harry. it was hillarious.

it reminded me of this talk i had with a friend and we came to the conclusion that voldemort would die when he tries to kill harry again and the spell rebounds because it will hit harrys glasses.

but the part with hermione lily, was reather good.
Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands chapter 2 . 12/7/2005
Wow...Hermione sounds just like I do every night when I'm rambling on the phone with Patricia about our favorite (fictional) boys...Odd...I think I've had that exact conversation! lol This really is an interesting version. You've got me hooked.
Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands chapter 1 . 12/7/2005
Oh, this is interesting...By the way, Patricia de Lioncourt referred me to this story, and I'm glad she did.
Patricia de Lioncourt chapter 15 . 12/6/2005
Great scene!
Patricia de Lioncourt chapter 14 . 12/6/2005 sweet...
Patricia de Lioncourt chapter 13 . 12/6/2005
That was so great! You are such a talented writer! Great job!
Patricia de Lioncourt chapter 12 . 12/6/2005
Dumbledore's back, Dumbledore's back! Yay!
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