Reviews for A Second Chance at Life
Heksy chapter 17 . 10/31
*looks into her ownb garden* there's dead leaves everywhere...Send some porcupines, please?
Heksy chapter 14 . 10/31
Um...I believe the Bubonic plague IS actually airborne. It spreads at first through the air as bacteria, if I am not mistaken.
Rayakashi chapter 1 . 10/19
I keep rereading this series- I love it!
Homarid chapter 2 . 10/10
Queue rocky balboa training montage. It's interesting to compare ideas about blood magic and the room of requirement with what you might see today. Great job so far.
Rasdra chapter 35 . 10/2
This. was. an. AMAZING read. can't believe I haven't found it before, I've been reading fanfiction for well over 15 years and generally find the good long ones much sooner.

Sorry I'm late to the party? This is such an interesting world you have built. I love it.
Jerdan chapter 1 . 9/13

I don't know if you still check this site but I have to try. I want to say I absolutely love your story, I still don't finish it though. But it inspired me in writing my own. It'd take lots of elements from yours but I will try to make it the most original I can. I'm still working on the lore and plot. Well I wanted to ask for your permission to post it once I finish it, which will take a lot of time because I have lots of other wips.

Hope you read this and you're safe wherever you are.

Best wishes!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/12
I hope Harry doesn't abandon Hedwig.
WhiteEagle1985 chapter 35 . 9/7
What an amazing story here!
Ajjaxx chapter 2 . 8/1
Tangentially related to Harry Potter, given a shit name, a shit school, shit powers and surprisingly good dialog-, No. That was shit too.

Never reviewed a fic, ever, but thank you for reminding me what anger felt like.
anya.hutchings chapter 18 . 7/31
Is it just me or is Nic and Rahkesh almost always near each other? Like when they were outside the city at the camp and Nic was laying in Rahkesh's lap, or when Rahkesh woke up to find himself in Nic's lap. Didn't seem to mind waking up that way though.
anya.hutchings chapter 4 . 7/30
Just call him Rahkesh please. It would be confusing otherwise.

I don't have a opinion on the other characters just yet; although, I would prefer he date one of the guys.
love4HP chapter 35 . 7/27
Cannot say that I love this story. But it's likable,yet too unpleasant and dark. Plus to see Harry as Harry,to read him as Harry makes more of a connection. But yes, his animagi forms are the best I read till now.
love4HP chapter 17 . 7/26
As much as creative and innovative the track is, especially of going back in time and demons. This story feels like it went off track real gist of not only original HP stories but also the limit to which fan fictions should be allowed freedom to divert. How the demons and all the useless fights, useless almost dying, useless fight or die situations are taking real story forward. Which if you didn't forget was Harry's fight with and training for that fight with him. At least no use in dedicating so many chapters on this track or add demons angle to it.
renextronex chapter 4 . 7/25
I really think you went overboard, the whole thing seem more like a some crazy trial to test the chosen one or something like that, waaaay to harsh for 15 years olds, no matter how exceptional
Lady Valkyra chapter 11 . 7/12
httpwww. terion
Cool little list of premade spells. Thought they might be fun to send your way
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