Reviews for Secrets Reveal
Reader101w chapter 2 . 7/14/2010
Great story,

Seems that Debra is now really on the charts, I wonder what phase II and III hold.

Drakken and Shego are a bit more open about their harshness, especially Drakken. And what was with that line about Shego being annoyed at Drakken not remembering Ron's name… something for the future perhaps?

Keep up the good writing,

The Wise Duck chapter 2 . 1/6/2007
Okay, so much for quiet, college days. We’re back in the thick, up to the hilt, in to the death. Mystery, intrigue, a hidden past that best be left hidden? Oh the agony of it all. What will this do to finals week?

Anyway, good change of pace here. Right amount of action and mayhem with Drakken and Shego in good form. I did think that Du was a little too nice, has the fellow mellowed a little?

So now lets see where the mystery goes. Lead on MacDuff.

The Wise Duck
John Steppenwolf chapter 2 . 7/27/2005
"Two guys with bad hair: Don King and Woody Paige."- Jay Mariotti

Good chapter. You know how hard can it be to forget Ron's name especially considering the fact that goes and destroys everything. It's not just Drakken. Senor Senior Senior has that problem as well. Monkey Fist remembers Ron's name as does Gil.

Debra's on the mission with Monique? Now there's a surprise. Yes, I realize that I should look at the one's prior to the football one, and probably will. Unfortunately these fics are really long. Both girls I never would've expected them to do this. I realize with Debbie it's stereotyping, I mean after all, when you first look at Kim, you wouldn't think that she's a super hero.

Monique, well what can I say. Yes I have seen her go on a mission with Kim in "A Sitch in Time". But from what I gathered she wasn't exactly too thrilled to be there with Kim. Though I'm not 100% on this. Whoa Loretta's there too, now that's another surprise.

Lemme readdress the issue with the Tweebs. When I said that I didn't expect them to take over for Kim, I meant that I expect them to take after their dad and go into the space program. After all they seem to have a knack or taken an interest in building rockets.

The whole part of Debbie singing reminds me of an episode from MEGAS XLR in which Coop goes and uses Megas' Jammer and starts singing. The only difference is that Debbie can sing, Coop can't.

You know one would think after the confrontation between Ron and Drakken near the end of "So the Drama" Drakken would remember Ron's name. Hmm, the Tweebs remind me of Gred and Forge Weasley from Harry Potter.

About Point 2 at the end of this chapter. I'm not really sure that completely applies to Shego. After all she was against, though probably half-heartly, Drakken and Motor Ed stealing Felix's chair. Then again Drakken and Shego in the movies are different from that of the series.

Go figure.

Keep up the good work.
John Steppenwolf chapter 2 . 7/27/2005
"Let me ax you something!" - Mike Wilbon

Good story. How can people forget Ron's name? It's not just Drakken. Senor Senior Senior has that problem too. Case in point, the episode when Kim took over as soccer coach.

Yes, yes I realize I have started at the beginning, and probably should. Unfortunately these chapters are really long. Anyways, it's kind suprising that 1)The Tweebs have taken over for Kim. Yes I know I said it before, but lemme try again since I didn't make my reasons clear.

From all the episodes I've seen of Kim Possible, the Tweebs strike me as being the type to take after their father. Meaning follow him into the Space Program. Since they do a lot of stuff involving rockets.

2) Debra and Monique out on a mission with Kim. Okay so Debbie has been on a mission before, but she doesn't strike me as being the type to do this. I know stereotyping after all looking at Kim one wouldn't think she'd do that either.

Same with Monique. Yes she's been on a mission before "A Sitch in Time", however if I remember this correctly, she wasn't exactly too thrilled to be doing it at the time. Whoa Loretta's there too. I just remembered something. This takes place after "So the Drama", right of course. You know after that final confrontation between Ron and Drakken, you'd think he'd remember his name now.

Hmm, in some ways, the Tweebs remind me of Gred and Forge Weasley. Too bad Coop's not there. He could've used Megas' Jammer to stop Drakken or just pounded Drakken. "No smashing? But I like smashing."
John Steppenwolf chapter 1 . 7/18/2005
"Pardon the interruption but I'm Mike Wilbon. Tony, you've lost a lot of weight since the show started. Are you on the juice?"- Mike

"I'm Tony Kornheiser. Yep, PRUNE JUICE!" - Tony

"Not that kind of juice, you dope!"- Mike

"Freshly-squeezed and by the gallon!"- Tony

Good chapter. Ah, 2001: A Space Odyssey with the ever popular theme song 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss. Q: How many tonsil hockey titles have Kim and Ron won so far? So Drew and Shego are back, oh goody. Tim & Jim are now doing what Kim did? Hmm, never would've guessed.

Good point. I never said that Americana Football was more popular than Soccer, I was just pointing out that it's a growing sport in Europe. True, true, but I get an image of Elton John in his creepy 70s garb everytime I hear Crocodile Rock or any of his other disco songs.

Keep up the good work
demon-sword chapter 2 . 7/18/2005
dang. one of the best ones so far. it was awesome. nice with the story arc. i didnt expect a story arc in this. i thought this will be some random one shots. but its going nicely. just awesome. bring out the next story soon.
Jasminevr chapter 2 . 7/18/2005
Very interesting,
Spitfire F.22 chapter 2 . 7/17/2005
I'm speachless. Wow, this was most defanatly worth the lost slep of reading it after 11:00PM, as soon as I receved notice that it was posted.(I've got you on author alert, not that you didn't know that.)

The return of Drakken and Shego was excelent- and even though it was never mentioned, I'm sure that, in anything resembling the real world, hundreds, if not thousands, would have died in the Diablo incedent.

Author, and song writer? nice. A few errors here and there, but an great read altogether.

As for being a Beta reader, I would be honored. I'm not the best at keeping up with things, but I would try to respond ASAP. Your stories are outstanding, it would be great to get a head start on reading them. I can be contacted by e-mail(from my profile page), or my account, Spitfire-F22. If you stop by, just leave a note.