Reviews for Equally Cursed and Blessed
Lelouch's right hand chapter 42 . 3/29
This was such an amazing story thank you so much for posting it! It is definitely going on my favorites list :)
Fiwen9430 chapter 42 . 3/16
This is one of my favourite AU Star Wars fanfics, though it's up against some stiff competition (why are so many of the OT fanfics so good?). Thank you for making such an enjoyable read (and happy Luke & Vader ending, which is rare).
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 42 . 3/1
A very nice story that I enjoyed thoroughly. I like Vader's journey through this, and also Luke and Leia's respective journeys. Nice job weaving the characters' point of views together. Happy writing!
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 40 . 3/1
I like how Luke is the last one to get the news about Leia. Nice twist!
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 17 . 2/27
A sweet ending to another nice chapter.
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 13 . 2/27
I liked this chapter!
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 8 . 2/27
SUCH a great chapter! It's nice to see Vader acting in such a...tender manner that's in such odds with his normal personality, because of his love for his son! I loved this chapter!
Jedi Jesi Jiin chapter 1 . 2/26
A nice beginning, but if I may... realised is spelled with a "z" (realized) and so is specialised (specialized). Other than this, I like what I've read so far!
Jambee chapter 17 . 1/31
Love this line -when Luke says to his Vader "Just don't drop me, okay"
bronweiris chapter 42 . 1/22
That...that was the best Star Wars fanfic I've read yet. Super interesting plot, fantastic dialogue and just amazing writing in general (you have a gift! I really hope you are writing professionally, or will in the future!), and just, WOW! I loved every bit of it.

And this part cracked me up: "Ah, he'd forgotten how under-whelmed he was by his daughter's choice of partner. 'But rest assured, when I do have time, we will be having a...conversation...about your attitude.'"
I'd love to see Vader and Han's future relationship bahaha.

GREAT job!
bronweiris chapter 38 . 1/22
Your writing skills are incredible. My gosh, you keep everyone SO perfectly in character and write the most exhilarating and powerful dialogue. Everything Palpatine said to Vader was so cunningly evil, and this particular part really stood out to me: "One wrong step from that boy of yours, and he'll be your enemy. You'll open your eyes one day and see that your raging emotions have torn him limb from limb. But then...that will hardly be a new experience for you, will it? Not after what became of his mother." Wow, that really shook me for a minute. Great, great writing and another great chapter.
munkijs chapter 23 . 1/22
Its cool . there could be part II to equally cursed and blessed. It would be interestin reading how they stop Palapine.!
Dearest Destiny chapter 42 . 11/27/2013
that was wonderful
Jambee chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
Definitely my favorite story of all time. I have been going back and reading parts again and again. I liked Luke's growing trust in Vader. Vader's compassion towards Luke through everything was really touching. You should really write professionally, I would totally buy your books. Thanks!
T. Alana M chapter 42 . 8/23/2013
This was awesome, (although I don't understand how Palpatine was defeated so easily).:D Sequel?
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