Reviews for Best of You
Leoboz chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
If you continue that would be awesome
Lunamagi chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
yes, you should continue it. I find that there isn't enough of really sad stories on Fan . Alos it's really well writen. I'd like to see more.
Porque ella estaba enamorada chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Great! continue it!
Panty Poison chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
Augh, horrible story to read with a headache! But, I did like it...alot. Not enough love for this pairing, I swear, but this was very good! I'ma put it on my favorites for when my headache goes away. :3
Destiny Kitty chapter 1 . 11/7/2005
Wow. I don't usually read yuri, mostly because it's so much rarer than yaoi, but they make a good pair. Very well written, technically and emotionally.
Lira-chan chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Oh, goodness. I'm a bit incoherent, but that's mostly because you've gone and gotten me all choked up. No tears, but that was pretty powerful stuff. I really feel for Miyako, and it isn't just because of how much I like her as a character, but because of how well you convey her emotions. *nod* Some pretty vivid imagery, too, at least in my head. You have my complements for writing such an excellent fic on a difficult subject.

Someone else mentioned in a review that they wanted to know who did this to Hikari. I assumed that "he" was just -some guy- Hikari ended up dating, not a character from the show. I sincerely hope that I'm right. ;.;

Personally, I think that this works best as a one-shot. It's very moving as it is, and the way you ended at the beginning, so to speak, makes it feel very -complete- to me. Now, what -I- really want to see/know, is how Hikari managed to hook up with this abusive boyfriend in the first place. If you felt inclined to write something that would answer this question for me, then I'd love to read it.
Eefi chapter 1 . 9/18/2005
. . . Damnit, gimme some of that writing talent you have, Chris.

And f*ck yes, continue it. XD It's really good, and you could so picture every scene you write.. and like, the readers could feel the same emotion that Miyako is feeling. Or at least I can. But really good, well-written like always. ; Good narration? Or something.
DraugDae chapter 1 . 8/21/2005
Wow, very deep. Yes I think you should continue this, I've never really read stuff like this with... you know, same gender romance, but its really good and I want to know which, for lack of better word, b*d it was that hurt Hikari, the guessing is killing me.
curlyalien chapter 1 . 8/15/2005
you left a sad emotion in me. very well written and I like how ended the same way as you started. just sitting on a bench and thinking.

continue if you want but I think it d be better if you d leave it as a one shot. powerful one shot. of course it s just me.

thanx for writing this :)
Dark Qiviut chapter 1 . 7/21/2005
Very chilling and very good work. I wonder if Yolei will get out of the emotionless spell.

Great work. Yes, you should continue it. I like to see Yolei break out of her spell and learn to love again.

Really great work. Please continue it. You're writing a masterpiece...
animegrl-01 chapter 1 . 7/19/2005
Wow, that was good and really touching. Is it over already? You should right another chapter. You're really good at writing.
Birdboy chapter 1 . 7/19/2005

A fine, sad Hiyako fic. Not a pairing I see often, and it's usually not done so sad or anything, but...

You've done an excellent job.
KoumiLocc chapter 1 . 7/19/2005
Good fic homie!
Sikoro chapter 1 . 7/18/2005
I forgot that the real world never promised anyone happy endings. The one-shot had me crying, Chris, crying more than I've cried in a while. Poor Inoue-chan.
One Evil Girl chapter 1 . 7/18/2005
This was really a heartbreaking, and you need a really good job writing it. Writing about abuse and self-hatred isn't a easy thing to do when both are hard subjects to face.