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Geometry makes me happy chapter 8 . 9/9/2005
FINALLY, you updated! lol, jk, I'm really liking the story so far, so if you updated quicker I would be happier than if I sat next to Draco Malfoy in Geometry wait...never mind, but it would come close. ~imagines Draco in her class~ m...yummy.
Alzipher chapter 8 . 9/9/2005
I love your story!...the plot... update soon!
beatrixitiy chapter 1 . 9/8/2005
Hehe - really good. Awesome job.
xxxdesativadoxxx chapter 8 . 9/7/2005
What and awesome story! I just loved the plot.

I'm wondering if the whole tiring-sex thing isn't supposed to kill them with the passing of time...

Can't wait to read where it goes. Can't imagine it.

So, don't take long!

Best wishes!
Mithros chapter 8 . 9/7/2005
AW! this story is so cute am hapy that this isnt one of those they get bonded and INSTANTLY love each other or realise that the only reason they hated each other was because they loved each other etc

i have to say i LOVED the drunk scene i could see them stumbling around. im slao glad that you didnt decide to go all angsty with the childhoods it wouldn'y wrap up into draco n harry's current 'thing' and helps to keep the story upbeat and amusingly positive. aw... love this story very cute *adds to story alerts* looking forward to an update!
pag chapter 1 . 9/6/2005
Amazing beginning – interesting, promising and witty!

May i say, that the author note was simply brilliant.

(By the way – i found it via )
PleaseDeleteAccount111828283 chapter 5 . 9/6/2005
Well, I havent reviewed yet, but I like this. Its very teasing, but nice and very accurate. Im sure this is how they would react. Taking it slow, exploring slowly. Its very good.
Myr chapter 8 . 9/6/2005
cool story
The Slice chapter 8 . 9/6/2005
*pokes chapter* Was it me, or did it seem a little listless, what with the boys being all tired and subdued themselves? Eh, still spectacular, in any case. *smooch*
nony chapter 8 . 9/6/2005
I adore this story. They are so wonderfully cute together. It also makes me smile like a goof.
Sarah chapter 8 . 9/6/2005
Oh. Theres another twist.. Heh. Any chance of you posting on another site for when they get further in their relationship?
smurff chapter 8 . 9/5/2005
I'm getting scared. Why are they always tired? Is it a bad thing?
Allanna-San chapter 8 . 9/5/2005
lmao! the drunk scene was soo funny! ha...this chapter was ok...not too much happened...but I'm curius as to how they will deal with everything once they go back to school do wonder what their friends will say! teehee! I can't wait for the next update! awsomeness! later for now! keep those fingers typing!
Mister Jay chapter 8 . 9/5/2005
The 'First-Datey' stuff is always funny - i.e., 'It's not a date!' And the favs.:

"Oh for god's sake," Malfoy snapped, "we won't jump on each other in the time it takes you to contact the Healer. Look, Potter'll keep his troll-man hands to himself on that bed, and I'll sit here on my tuffet eating curds and whey and stay far away from the big scary Gryffindor."

*But it's much better when Potter /doesn't/ keep his hands to himself, no?

Harry chewed on his lip, wondering if it was actually possible to get sunburn from blushing too hard.

"Oh, bloody hell, Potter, you're not actually thinking - yeah, you are."

*If thatr qualifies as thinking ...

"But I, I didn't mean to - but I wanted to hurt you, I was angry at you and I pushed you-"

"And I wanted you to."

*And /I/ wanted you to get him preggers, but no, you had to go ahead and /not/. Humph.

"Every time I fly, I tell myself I need to do it more often. I used to fly every single day when I was a girl. Four years as Seeker, back in my day." She smiled at Malfoy. "And yes, 'back in my day' was a few years after the Dark Ages, Mr. Malfoy."

*This is just funny, 'kay?

"Excellent. Have you thought about actually having sexual intercourse?"

There was a rather strained silence, during which Harry found himself fascinated by a small ant crawling across his trainer and Malfoy developed a mild obsession with one of his cuticles, before they both shrugged noncommittally.

*So I take it that means yes?

"Er..." uncertain glance between them, and Harry guessed "Four or five times?" as Malfoy said, "Three or four, I think."

*So that'd be ... whenever Anna tells you to?

and went on to the next question. And the next, and the next, until Harry and Malfoy had both moved well beyond embarrassment and into tedium.

*How can sexual questions bore our two favorite worst enemies?

"We're going to discuss the immediate future of your sex life in very, very intimate detail. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

*Unbelievably so. Where's the tape recorder? ...

You mean, did I really discuss positions and sex spells and topping and bottoming with a witch old enough to be my grandmother?" Malfoy smirked. "I'd love to believe it was just a figment of my imagination, but then that would mean I came up with all of that on my own and that's even more disturbing."

*Nothing is too disturbing for a Malfoy to think up! Wait ... that came out wrong ...

"You should've seen your face when she suggested we do it in the hospital the first time. You're entirely too gullible, Potter."

*So, you /are/ going to do it sometime soon ...

Esposito had a way of making everything sound so matter of fact that it was hard to really remain fully mortified the entire way through.

*But - but Mortified!Harry is always the funniest!

"You're not paranoid if people really are out to get you, Potter; you of all people should know that."

*People really out to get you? Gasp! The ... wait ... I already knew that, didn't I?

"We've both got enemies."

"But not the same ones. Who would want to take both of us down at the same time?"

*I think I know ... The Dark Lord wanted Potter tired and unable to fight him when he finally came to kill him and knew that having this done to him with someone who served him could make it entirely easier to get Potter to wherever he was when the time was right to kill him! ... wow ... was that a moment of actual intelligence! ... RUN! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, DAMNIT!

Also, did you notice that the whole chapter was in Harry's POV? Anyways, the sexual stuff and the humor makes up for the chapter's shortness. I'll be waiting for your update ... because I badly need a life ...

Dark Dreams,

Lady of Faerie
Of Epic and Coffeeness chapter 8 . 9/5/2005
That's... cute. Cute, sweet at times, a bit angsty on Draco's part and, oh so funny when they are drunk or embarassed. I like the pace of your story, I mean, it doesn't seem forced in any way, like it goes as it should, neither too slow nor too fast, just right.

Wonderful job, keep it up. Don't keep us waiting too long!
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