Reviews for Raoul is the Father
Julia chapter 1 . 12/15/2016
That was brilliant! It gets me too, when people claim Christine really wanted the Phantom. As much as I do sympathize with Erik, come on... The guy was dangerous and insane. R/C all the way!
Kchan88 chapter 1 . 11/24/2005
This is very good, and quite funny too. I also wonder why people seem to be against RC. Christine went with Raoul in the end, so its simply not possible for Erik to be the father. Great little poem and long live RC!
Changeling chapter 1 . 9/10/2005
How dare you imply that the two consenting adults who so adored each other in the book and the musical could possibly be happy together? Don't you know that Christine's undying love is for a twisted and demented psycho killer who admittedly has an awesome story and is very complex but also threatened to blow up a quarter of Paris/kill his competition if she didn't stay with him against her wishes? When will you get it into your head that the guy with full-body rot/half-face rot/third-degree burn scars is totally hot and a sex symbol? I mean, it's not like Erikthehottie completely messed with Christine's head and the only person who gave her peace and happiness was Raoul. She can totally find peace and happiness with the guy who built the most effective torture chamber ever and used it without reason! I mean, imagine the erotic things they can do with that torture chamber! On second thought, don't.

In other words, thank you.
Miss Christine Daae chapter 1 . 8/11/2005
Oh, Im such a strong E/C shipper, but that was good!
Lunasariel chapter 1 . 7/26/2005
YOU ROCK, YOU ROCK, YOU ROCK x10! This was a fair poem, but we need to see more of this type of thing. It is fairly clear that you are a fellow R/C shipper (which was kind of unclear in Wonders of the Past), and you make a point that needs to be brought up more often. Keep on writing.
Hikaru Hayashi chapter 1 . 7/25/2005
Yep...nuff said...definately.

I despised Kay's ending with a passion. It's bad enough that she, in my opinion, made Christine's character really, really bad, but at the end when she hinted that Raoul's son wasn't really his son at all...well, I just blew up right there. I couldn't stand it. I wanted to put it down and never finish it again. Since I was reading an etext version of it, I wanted to punch out my computer screen. But, I can never not finish a book because I'm such a bookworm and I was so close to the end (which I hated. Did I already say that?) I read that, and I was all like, "What the heck is this? Oh, come on! That's no friggin' fair! T_T" No offense to Susan Kay; I enjoyed every part of that book except the friggin' end. XP

This poem summed it up really good. I don't read many POTO fics for obvious reasons. XD Thanks, this was wonderful. I enjoyed the read; funny and cute, but very truthful and serious at the same time. Good job!

Shandethe Sanders chapter 1 . 7/25/2005
I think I love you! I'm a major R/C fan, and I hate those fics. (Plus, have you ever noticed that all of Erik's love children are Mary Sues or Gary Stus? Look at the evidence!)

"Who's your daddy?" "RAOUL DE CHAGNY!"

Ahem. I'm hyper. Anyways, great poem. VIVE LE VICOMTE!

Laura chapter 1 . 7/24/2005
I totally agree with you. I think some people are taking the kiss that Erik and Christine had to seriously. It was so obvious that she loved Raoul. I also hate it in a fanfiction that when Christine is pregnant and it is not Raoul's. That they give this stupid senario where Christine and Erik some how had sex in the story and now she is pregnant. I think most people don't see how much Christine loves Raoul and vice versa. Another thing that I see alot that kind of makes me mad is when E/C fans steel the song "All I Ask Of You", the song that is Raoul's and Christine's love song, and turn it into a E/C song. Anyway, I think your fan fic has a good message. You should write some R/C fanfic. I'm in the proses of doing that. There should deffinatly be more R/C fanfic than there is right now.
Lindaleriel chapter 1 . 7/24/2005
HEHEHE! I love it! Viva le Viscomte!
TheatreAngel chapter 1 . 7/23/2005
ganalegagvlaeheiigleol! NO! ::twitch:: you can't make me believe in r/c! i shant shant shant shant! i must say that raoul is not a bad guy...:grumble: but i must, HAVE to say Erik and Christine..they're just made for each other, like apples and caramel! however i do not like the stories where Christine is a slut and stays married to raoul while she has kids with Erik. blek. that's ick, so i kinda guess maybe that part of christine's child being raoul's also is ok, kinda sorta, in a way of sorts..yunno? im so sorry, it's late and im high on Progresso and Root Beer
MastersofNight chapter 1 . 7/23/2005
I liked it...

I agree as well, what the..? A kiss is all, fer cryin' out loud. Christine didn't have enough strength in her to live with him, and I think he deserves more. R/C is fine with me.
MC EmGeeBee chapter 1 . 7/23/2005
Heehee! You know, even though I myself am a die-hard EC fan; and as much as I loved Kay's must be admitted that, going by the original story & those facts, it just- would not have happened that way. Well, going by ANY version, actually- it's true. And I've always had quite the soft spot for Raoul, anyways- as a matter of fact I'm just starting a fic starring him. So there! I'm not TOO biased... ;)

Anyways- this is really cute & funny. I've been needing some lighthearted stuff lately, what with just finishing Kay's Phantom (even though we all know how any Phantom story ends- it's still sad!), and the 6th Harry Potter book (SOB!)...sigh. Thank you for this! :)

But, I shall shut up for now. Good job!