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Guest chapter 26 . 4/8
gigiluna11 chapter 26 . 4/5
Wow this story is really good. I love reading it from Howell POV, it's a real shame you haven't finish it yet. Hopefully one day you'll come back and finish it.
nami chapter 26 . 2/19
Poor Michael suffered more with Howell's cold than Howell himself lol
What's with that love declaration LOL

Dat dream XD
Calcifer married to Miss Angorian/Sophie lol
I simply loved the way you described that dream. I even made a drawing inspired by it when I first read this fanfic. Sophie's the mad hatter, and Lettie's there too as the rabbit. Howell's shackled to Violet, and everyone's looking at Calcifer hovering above their heads. I think it was one of the least shitty drawings I ever made :o

I don't understand that part when Howell tells Sophie he can't love anyone properly anymore because of the bargain he made with Calcifer. He fell for Sophie even though he didn't have his heart, after all '-'

"Howell could just imagine her on their wedding night, slapping his hands away because she felt he was being inappropriate. What a miserable honeymoon that would be…"

I unfortunately reached the "ending" of this fanfic /
Which means you won't be receiving the annoying emails warning you about my annoying reviews anymore XD
As you can see, I wasn't bluffing when I said I'd review every single chapter of this story *mischievous smile*
I'm really sorry if it was bothering you. But I just had to reread everything.

It's wonderful how reading this is like rereading HMC and at the same time reading another book. I love Howell's POV and your portrayal of him.
It's honestly the most well-written fanfic I've ever read, and I do hope you'll still finish it someday.
I've decided I'll reread this fanfic again whenever I feel like rereading the book. And I think I'll do it again after I reread Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways (But don't worry, I won't send reviews again haha I guess I'll only review again if *hint hint*a a new chapter magically appears*hint* or I notice something I hadn't noticed before).
I'd like to apologize again for my poor English. My mother tongue is Portuguese.
Maybe that even prevented you from reading my stupid reviews hahaha.

Well, that's all.
nami chapter 25 . 2/19
That conversation with Neil, ohmigod I almost cried HAHAHA.
It must've hurt Howell's feelings to know that no one wanted to play him in the game. At least Mari would want him, no? hahahahahaha.

That part of the book when he catches a cold is so funny XD
I hadn't realized before Sophie had cursed him with it :o Now he'll think twice before running away from anything XD
This is when he shows his Drama Queen side the most, apart from the green slime.
nami chapter 24 . 2/19
Damn it Howell, HOW could you NOT NOTICE Sophie was a witch without Calcifer telling you? XDD
"I've been a bit distracted since she's come to live with us."
Oh, you lover boy you XD
And I love your excuse for him not knowing before. It actually makes sense.
The biggest hint he ever threw at Sophie was really after Mrs Pentstemmon just died, after all XD

"You've already set the wedding date?"
Best line XD

Lettie throwing a tantrum in front of Howell LOL
nami chapter 23 . 2/18
So sad /
To lose the person that changed his life forever. The one that showed him how to work magic and explore his real talents.

It's good Sophie was there. I'm sure it would have been a much more traumatizing experience if she wasn't.
But it's weird that he kind of tries to hide how much he's not okay.
When Sophie dyed his hair ginger, they had green slime. But at this point... maybe he was too shocked? lol
nami chapter 22 . 2/18
Sophie was having a hard time trying to blacken his name and he was out there running from mad women XD
I seriously wonder if he ever got to notice the suit was charmed lol
But he can't picture her as a witch at all, can he? D:
I think it's kinda weird how he just went back home from the palace and never thought Sophie would be lost in Kingsbury. It was her first time there '-'
nami chapter 21 . 2/18
lol he thought she wasn't feeling the heat.
That explains why he didn't do anything about it.

Oh, you named Howell's dad David?
I was thinking some days ago that maybe his name could be Morgan, like Howl and Sophie's child.
But it's rather common, maybe Sophie chose it.
I can totally picture them arguing over the baby's name and Howell telling her he'll get to choose their second child's name then lol.

"But it might have made things easier on her if she noticed something every now and then."
So very true LOL
I think it's amusing how it never occurred to her that 90 was WAY TOO old to be Howl's mother LOL. She would've been his grandma if that was the case, c'mon lol
Only thing I don't understand is why Fanny told her she looked like she was 90. I came to the conclusion she enjoys exaggerating as much as Sophie XD

"She knew full well that there was nothing Howell would have liked more, even among total strangers, than to hear himself discussed."
Gosh, you know how to make me smile XD

Wow, you managed to shove in Chrestomanci to the story XD
That was really something.
I guess Niccolo is Howell's new apprentice in CitA then XD

Michael's pinning him down too much haha.
I love how he guessed who Sophie was and never thought he could be wrong even once lol
nami chapter 20 . 2/18
Mari's so adorable XD
Howl will be heartbroken if it ever comes the day she starts treating him the way her mother does :x
At least he has Morgan :)

Michael and Calcifer obviously teasing Howl was priceless XD
That was something the book definitely missed lol
But I think Michael respected Howl way too much for that D:
The way he always answered Sophie with "Howl might not like this" makes me think that :/
nami chapter 19 . 2/17
Awwww, she made him feel better about the curse :3
Calcifer acting like Howl's father AND Sophie's guardian at the same time LOL

I laughed so much at Howell trying to make Michael feel guilty and slither out of the awkward conversation at the same time LOL

I really wonder if Howl's actions towards Sophie were so "in your face" that even Michael noticed something was going on XD
It's quite possible, Sophie wouldn't notice and that'd explain exactly why we can't tell Howell's in love at first read until we reach the last 6 or 5 pages hahah.

I wonder what kind of conversation Howell and Michael had too XD
Michael said he was the one that told Howell about her curse, but maybe that was just to defend him XD
But I doubt Michael would've told Howell about it as soon as they came back from Wales. I mean, he was as afraid of the curse as Howell, he was probably peeing himself that night lol
And yeah, it's rather plausible that the "She haven't tried to talk to you ever since she's got here" excuse was what prevented Lettie and Martha from storming the castle XD.

Ohmigod, Howell thinking Michael was the other guy Lettie talked about XDDD.

Howell commited himself to talk to Lettie and Michael didn't think it was even a bit suspicious? Haha.

"It was not until he was gone Howell realised Michael had weaseled out of introducing him to his Lettie. He couldn't think why."
Really, Howl? Haha.
That's so Howl, and that only makes it funnier XD
nami chapter 18 . 2/17
I love how he knows about the attraction spell but
"It was like a wake-up call, reminding him that he was perhaps not entirely immune to the ham-fisted attraction spell."
It's clearly affecting him, even if just a little xD.

I wonder if he really noticed miss Angorian was the Witch's fire demon at first sight though XD
I don't know, sometimes he misses what's hidden in plain sight (like the dog and his charmed suit).
Would he know it was the Witch's fire demon just by taking a look at her?

Just give up Howl lol
The fire demon knows more about your world's literature than you. Tsk tsk, you should feel ashamed.

Poor Howl thought he was the one responsible for Sophie's curse lol (Well, since the Witch had to kidnap Sulliman because of him, I guess it was kind of his fault too...).
The part about the woman being false was probably there because the Witch thought he was gonna fall for miss Angorian XD
But perhaps after she got inside the guitar, she found out Howl was way too friendly to Sophie and thought: well whatever, it can work that way too, I guess lol
Yes, actually I found that just now (yeah, I'm quite slow D:), never thought the false woman of the poem could be miss Angorian.
And now that I think of it, the Mermaids had attraction spells on them just like her! :o

I always read that bit in which Howell watches the mermaids "as if he didn't remember they were part of the curse at all" and thought: Gosh, what a womanizer. He's not in love with Sophie yet?
But it makes me wonder, does the Witch put attraction spells on everything? 'Cuz I bet she puts on herself more than anything hahahahaha.
nami chapter 17 . 2/17
I laughed at how poor Michael told Howl he couldn't do the spell XD
"The Sun Rising" 3 It's so cool to think that Howell thought of Sophie as his unruly sun XD

I love how he told Mari about Sophie 3
To think they were talking about his wedding lol
And that about Welsh not being spoken inside the house is such a nice piece of information. It really explains why Mari was the only one to speak in Welsh when Howell visited.

Only thing I don't understand is why Megan treats even Sophie as a hooligan. Who disrespects old people like that? O_o
The way Howell is treated in his own home is so sad ;-;
nami chapter 16 . 2/16
Ooh, that was so cute :)
He's definitely going to be a great dad XD
He kept on saying bad things about the king without even thinking lol
Guest chapter 26 . 2/15
nami chapter 15 . 2/15
Yes, of course Howl sent Sophie to Mrs Pentstemmon for approval too heheh.

I love their relationship. I bet it was like that, Howell being scolded most of the time.

But I think he noticed Sophie was a witch way way before XD
Actually, I think he felt Sophie's magic the first time they met (And maybe that was what at first attracted his attention on May Day) and that was the reason he thought Old Sophie was his little gray mouse.

But it's funny how he can be so dense sometimes and so clever at others. He knew he had met Sophie before as soon as he laid eyes on her. But he met Lettie's dog several times, and the dog even lived with him for some time, but he never noticed it was under a spell LOL. And the suit too lol.
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