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Guest chapter 15 . 3/25
I love this fic! Great job developing Cade's character, and you write the psychology really well.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 15 . 2/24
Eaugh. The ending. I don't know. Maybe I was totally over-hyping it, but I feel like it was a little downplayed - though, I do suppose it reflects Cade's personality in this sense, he's not one to blow things out of proportion. Nonetheless, I think it was mostly Danny Shadow that threw me off. I'm pretty sure he's not a canon character and I think the DID (which is the new term for MPD) episode was when he was split by the Fenton Ghost Catcher and instead of two, he ended up being three? That's the only answer I have. I'm not entirely happy about it, but this series was written well enough for that to be mostly overlooked. Probably. I think that if Shadow's presence had been brought up in chapters before this one and the previous one, I'd like it a lot more. There's kind of a deus ex machina sort of feel to it, which kind of irks me, especially with how abruptly the fic ends. Still, I really enjoyed this as a whole. The writing style, the characters, the plot, all of it fantastic.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 14 . 2/24
...uhm what? I know you briefly brought up "Danny Shadow" but who- wha-? I'm confused and that detracts from the overall strength of the story. What's going on? I liked everything up until the mention of I'm going to read the next chapter in hopes that it will shed some light on this...
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 13 . 2/24
He's so close. I love him, he's great. The plot's been progressing nicely and I love the ally that Cade has found in Danny and that Danny has found in Cade. I hate Vlad and I cannot wait until Cade figures everything out. You've really developed his character. He's no just a flimsy OC that's been inserted to introduce perspective, but he's actually got a personality. He's got defining habits and emotional reflexes. His thoughts can be followed quite easily. Which is great for the reader who is following Cade on his mystery solving. He's very close and I love that he's so intelligent yet down to earth and genuine. Nothing like Vlad. Moving on to the next chapter!
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 12 . 2/24
Realistic. Short, sweet, and to the point. It's an almost uncharacteristically human thing of Paulina to be acting like this, but perfectly logical given the reasons you've included. I'm still wondering if Cade ever finds out whether Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. The emphasis on him seems to have shifted, but you mentioned it in an author's note earlier, so maybe.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 11 . 2/24
Kinda VERY glad this isn't the last chapter. Cade's (and by extension, your) knowledge of everything apparently: philosophy, psychology, literature, western culture, eastern culture, possibly law? Not to mention Cade is also physically fit and not a old man? Oh and a skilled tactician? Cannot let go of a character that great, so easily. As for this chapter, I like that they fight, though I feel that, while Cade's awesomeness shouldn't be ignored, the absence of Jack and Maddie's fighting was kind of a gaping hole. But that gap was mostly filled by admiration for Cade, so good enough. I like that you still have the time to include Danny's snarky sarcasm in the chapter even with the action. Your portrayal of Jack Fenton was also incredible. Most of the time people just dismiss him as an imbecile, but he actually knows what he's talking about so the dynamics you described between him and Maddie are much appreciated. He's also pretty articulate here, too, so bonus. Applause.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 10 . 2/24
And Cade magically deters Valerie! I'm not even complaining. It's completely logical and in character for the personality you've given him. I am actually so in love with this plot right now, it's incredible. There are so many little human qualities that you don't forget to include that makes everything all the more realistic. Good job.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 9 . 2/24
I feel like a broken record with the amount of times I've said I love the way you write each of the characters. The back story you've given Cade, it makes so much sense. I also love that he's related to the military, even if remotely. I used to be a cadet, so y'know, soft spot. I love that he just gets to the point, no beating around the bush, no bullshit. Excellent work. Especially since his low opinions of Vlad is sure to get points with Danny.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 8 . 2/24
I love that you didn't antagonise Dash. I love the way you gave him a motive to bully, giving him more realistic human characteristics. You just keep making the characters better and better don't you? Cade is super cool, I definitely approve. So much logic and care is put into every interaction and nothing is said or done without reason. I can't stop praising this piece.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 7 . 2/24
The fact that Cade has an ofuda on his door is great, though basic ghost-proofing is expected, it's just cooler this way. I was wondering how you'd be able to start a file for Phantom is all and this is certainly surprising, but a very pleasant surprise. Also, Danny being interested in Dissociated Identity Disorder, which happens to be my favourite mental disorder, just makes me love this fic even more. You have a style of writing that expresses everything in a sort of clinical perspective, but in no ways lacks personality. It's poetic and elegant, it's not overplaying anything either. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 6 . 2/24
Oh yeah. If my love for Cade wasn't apparent in my previous reviews, then I'll say it again. I love him. His character is absolute perfection. He's so attentive. He's genuine. He's a total badass. Not to mention, he 1-upped Vlad without even fully knowing what's going on. Did I mention I have a passionate hate for Vlad? Well I do. Love the elegant way in which this chapter panned out. It was smooth and flowed very nicely and Cade's thought processes were easy to follow. The way that he could recognise Danny's animosity and then efficiently diffuse the situation, without antagonising Danny or pinning him as the one at fault, beautiful. Great chapter. Loving this.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 5 . 2/24
Great exchange between Jazz and Cade. I love the way Cade operates (a hell of a lot better than my past psych, but that's besides the point). I'm wondering if - and whether it would matter if she did or not - Jazz knows about Danny's secret. Her reaction in this chapter seems to indicate yes, but I'm not sure. On to the next chapter!
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 4 . 2/24
You've managed to create three very separate and defined responses to Cade's questions, but also had them reflect each of the character's canon personalities. Very in character and also provides hints that Cade can use to logically interpret everything. Very good. At this point I'm only wondering if Cade figures out that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. I was skeptical at first, but the way he's being presented and the lineup of characters in the chapters you have planned seems to indicate a chance of him figuring it out - though that's still unlikely. Loving this so far.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 3 . 2/24
This interlude was an unexpected but pleasant exchange. The conversation between the two is light enough to be shared over gross faculty coffee, but severe enough to keep the tone of the fic. Very well written. I enjoyed the fact that you didn't antagonise Lancer either. The light humour at the beginning of the fic only served to emphasise the heaviness of the rest of it. It's kind of bittersweet and I love it. Phenomenal writing.
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 2 . 2/24
Oooh, love the way you've decided to structure this fic. Applause for the personality you've given Cade, again. I have a passionate hate for OCs and rarely accept them, but the way you've written this one is outstanding. Great work.
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