Reviews for Dark Prophecy
titanhoshi583 chapter 12 . 7/8
StoneTheLoner chapter 2 . 1/26
if this turns into one of those story's where he explodes in anger if his family is so much as brought up in conversation, or just present and standing in front of him, then I will drop this immediately. Usually when I read a story like that I cant help but imagine the character saying something like this in a whiny voice "Wah!... Mom and dad don't love me... boohoo... I'm going to cry and scream and be mean, because they were mean to me first!... I hate them, the stupid meany pants!..." Who am I kidding, I've read enough of this story to know that that's EXACTLY how this story is going to be written, so I'm out of here. Not wasting my time on idiotic angst.
Guest chapter 12 . 11/26/2015
Please Update! I know that u haven't updated since 2006 but if you somehow remember this story please update! It's really good! Like amazingly good!
rhizz17 chapter 12 . 11/5/2015
update please
imnotraven16 chapter 12 . 6/26/2015
excellent story
Mermaid's Magic chapter 1 . 1/28/2015
I have to say that was a very stupid idea to try to keep harry away from magic.
LordofChaos2014 chapter 12 . 1/2/2015
Make wirh an update please
Almia chapter 10 . 10/27/2014
please update
Void chapter 6 . 10/6/2014
Now my question is why the hell are they called dragon riders if they have nothing to do with dragons?!
Phoniex Fire Pixie chapter 12 . 3/29/2014
are you going to finish writing I really love the story
Fenryka chapter 12 . 2/13/2014
Really like this. Pleas write more?
Guest chapter 12 . 1/21/2014
Love your story, please continue

From, mystery reader
Gracealma chapter 12 . 1/6/2014
I hope you can continue with this story. It is really good. I'm glad Harry gave up the Potters and went for his true family. Hope he will be a strong leader.
Guest chapter 12 . 12/31/2013
great story. i really wish you would continue it though.
Guest chapter 7 . 11/14/2013
This turned out shit ,you wasted all the potential with these ABOMINATIONS that are your stupid OC, fucking light sided harry fic again!
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