Reviews for Toast, Clink, Gulp, Thunk, Repeat
Katie chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Continue, continue, continue... Please!
Captain Anemone chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
Wow that was really good! I was definitely enjoying myself throughout. I would REALLY like it if you would continue, that would be awesome. Thanks for this!

Maple Fay chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
OMG, I've just found it, and loved it - from the A/N's, to which I give my deepest accord, to the very ending :) Thanks for giving me a great read!
Lightning4119 chapter 1 . 10/25/2007
Write the next chapter-this is going really well! I dont have a clue how to approach a woman though.
Wolf Maid chapter 1 . 9/27/2007
Aw! I love Hawk/Margaret stories, and this one was just too adorable...loved it!
hey diddle diddle chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
Great! That was so in-character! I love you! Especially since I've FINALLY found someone who hates Hawk/Beej slash as much as I do! Heebie-jeebies alright! Sheesh. I love your writing sttyle, you blend humor and drama so well, just like the show. Especially BJ dragging him out by the ankles, and Potter turning over the cot, and Klinger and Radar! HA HA! The only problem with this is that you have lots of spelling errors: Houlihan, Hunnicutt, Penobscot. Other than that, Great work! Write more mash!
GGJ5 chapter 1 . 12/19/2006
You are a good writer, and are wonderful at keeping these folks perfectly in-character. .

The amount of dialogue was ovwewhelming at times, though, and I am not sure if 'shot glass' is hyphenated or not. It may go either way.

I like how your imagination works.
magic-munchies chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
This is really good so please write more, more I tell you
Tsuki no Yasha chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
I definetly think you should continue this fanfic. It's really good!

Update Soon!

Tsuki no Yasha
QueenOfHearts3 chapter 1 . 4/15/2006
wow, here i am again lol _ couldnt resist a lil H/M sweetness

summary ~ you and me both, thats all im sayin... *grins wryly*

A/N ~ heck, i never even thought about Hawk/BJ o_O now that ya mention it, it gives me the willies too. never cared what anybodys preference is, but theres just some relationships ya dont mess with. 'sides, BJ is quite happily married (and i swear on my life that Hawk loves Margaret, even with his "ladies man" complex). theres plenty of the type these slash fans are lookin for, so why bend this friendship into somethin its not? dont get it XD ok, im done now

A/N2 ~ *waves both hands wildly* thats my favorite scene!

A/N3 ~ there was a movie? O_O must have that...

A/N4 ~ wow, thats just too cool. and now, on with the fic lol

toasts ~ quite a nice dichotomy youve got goin here. rather poetic, even. a funny mental image: Margaret getting stupid-drunk lol *hugs Hawkeye* poor guy, i know the feeling all to well... -_- *shakes her head*

Winchester ~ *smirks* if Hawk hadnt given you what youve long deserved, id want that priveledge _ especially for such a comment. nice to see that our favorite surgeon still has enough sense left in him to stand up for the girl tho

BJ ~ *chuckles, smiling* i love the interaction between these two. you just capture the spirit perfectly

last question ~ ooh, thats haunting *shivers*

bad wake-up call ~ *falls over laughing* oh, thats beautiful! classic Hawkeye _ "earthworms"... *snort, snicker* absolutely priceless

Potter ~ "sweet potatoes"! thats good *still rolling around on the floor like the mad creature she is* lol this is one reason why ill never drink in my life... lol

drastic measures ~ lol oh geez _() poor BJ, tryin to bring Hawk back from the "dead," as it were hehe its cool how hes so worried. well done again, capturing all this

Margaret ~ oh dear -_-() that sux *shudders at memories that all too fresh*

determination ~ wow *stares* go Col Potter

silence ~ oh, the tension. ouch on the "quiet venom" thing *winces*

comfort ~ aw, thats sweet. go Hawk for standin for her like that. wish he coulda slugged the wretch masquerading as her husband like he did Winchester

shot ~ *twitch* shooting Hawkeye... so not cool _()

worried driving ~ bout time you started figuring that out... heh

surprise ~ gotta love Potter lol

backseat ~ o_O() why should he? sorry, not fluent in army regulations

vigil ~ thats sweet *sniffles*

kiss ~ *cheers loudly* aw HECK yeah! go Hawkeye!

cot ~ *hugs fluff and grins like an absolute moron. again*

found ~ lol poor BJ, so confused _ good idea with the screen hehe

morning ~ Radar and Klinger eavesdropping... thats hilarious lol XD

OR ~ yeowch. no wonder Margaret pitched a fit

lovey-dovey ~ hehe cuteness (perhaps a lil early, since they just got outta relationships, but whatever) *hugs BJ* aw, dude...

end ~ as to the relationship thing... afraid i couldnt tell ya, despite the fact that im female myself _() too shy to work up the guts to ask. and the other thing, what we want... youre askin one seriously broad question there. all depends on the girl *shrugs wryly* anyway, hope ya enjoyed this rant lol
gryffingirl77 chapter 1 . 1/23/2006
That was awesome! My sister is a huge MASH fan, so I had to recommend it to her!

You caught all of their personalities perfectly! I loved all of Hawkeye's and Col. Potters one liners. So funny! (I was wanting to see more of Klinger tho!)

One little formatting error...

setting the headset down. “Gee sir, what was that all about? I mean, if it’s

The "Gee sir" should start a new paragraph since it's Radar talking. :-)

Good job can't wait to read more of your stuff!

Greenfrogger chapter 1 . 12/21/2005
Great stand alone story. I really hope that at some point you do continue it. There are many directions that you could take this such as having Hawkeye have a near death experience because wound becomes infected or that Margaret has her own demons to deal with because of commitment failures.

This was beautifully written. I like how the characters were written. Margaret, I always thought, would have fallen in love with Hawkeye but unfortunately the writers didn't see it my way. I agree that it would have been Hawkeye to pick up the pieces for Margaret when Donald left her and vice versa if something happened to Hawkeye. They were each other's strenght when needed.
4077hawk chapter 1 . 10/30/2005
Hey this is brilliant-don't just leave it here-continue continue!
Mash Fan chapter 1 . 10/16/2005
I like what you have so far - but, as another reviewer mentioned, missing the small stuff can drive a reader crazy. Fix the spelling errors! Already mentioned, so I won't mention them again.

Also, and you are probably too young to know this, We are in korea in what... 1954 or 55? Hate to break this to you, but they didn't know the MEANING of Haz Mat bins back then. A bin, yes, a special bin for materials, bloody gloves, etc... no.

Fix thie small stuff and you have a good story. Chapter replacements are easy.
triphasgotitgoingon chapter 1 . 10/11/2005
Loved your story. Can you please write a sequal? As you said, there are so few Hawkeye/Margaret stories out there.
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