Reviews for Tom and Harry
brigrove chapter 17 . 9/11/2011
Harry's the Ministry's man through and through now. Cooperating in a publicity stunt (the awards) when Remus was excluded through prejudice.

To use an Americanism, when is he going to grow a pair?
brigrove chapter 15 . 9/11/2011
She blames you, - she's correct (in respect of Ron) because if Harry threatened the Minister, she's have no choice but to force through a change in the law.

she blames me, - she's correct (in respect of Ron) for pushing through such a badly written law taking no account of intent or the realities of a battle.

she blames Dumbledore, correctly. His refusal to take on the Ministry purebloods after the first war caused the second war.

she blames Hammer, - she'd be better blaming the Ministry and Wizengamot for open colaboration with Fudge/Malfoy/Riddle which allowed Voldemort to grow strong.

she blames Minister Abraxan - correctly, for obeying a law which was wrong. Nuremburg set the precedent. Just because something is the law does NOT excuse you if you are obeying something obviously wrong.

If so many are angry about what's happened to Ron, why didn't any of them DO something about it while they could? If the DA/Order had basically said "why should we fight, if we can go to Azkabam if a spell goes astray in the heat of battle?" both Harry and the Minister would have been forced to back down and do the right thing instead of the cowardly easy thing
brigrove chapter 14 . 9/11/2011
And the Weasleys lose another son and the bastard Harry does nothing to prevent it.

Come to that, the Weasleys haven't the guts to tell the Ministry to fuck off and move to Australia themselves.

I'm amazed the Granger parents, especially Mr Granger, haven't tackled Harry on this atrocity he is party to.

This is the first time in one of your stories where harry has lost so much of my respect that I don't really care if Voldemort wins
brigrove chapter 13 . 9/11/2011
One of the first things you learn in command - you stand by those who fight with you - unless they deliberately do something bad of course.

A mistake in a battle isn't one of the things you abandon them for.

Harry SHOULD and COULD have told the new minister. "Fine. Send Ron to Australia with a portkey, but make it two as I'm going with him. Good luck with Moldyshorts as I'm the only one who can kill him, but I'm not putting myself or those who fight with me at risk while that law stands. Your choice."

Why on earth don't any of Harry's followers have the guts to tell him to stand up to the Minister? It's almost as bad as JKRs book 5 where nobody has the guts to tackle Umbitch head on.
brigrove chapter 12 . 9/11/2011
Hogsmead just proved the confusion of battle. Harry could have been killed due to a poorly aimed spell.

If he doesn't refuse to commit the order to any battles until Ron is released, and the law changed, the rest should leave him to it on his own as he's not a worthy commander
brigrove chapter 10 . 9/11/2011
Time to tell the Minister - change the law on genuine friendly fire or I and the order won't risk any more battles and leave you to defeat Voldemort on your own
brigrove chapter 8 . 9/11/2011
How can Harry get Ron out of trouble?

Persuade the Minister to hand the investigation to the American military. They're brilliant at whitewashing cases of "friendly fire".

Seriously, in a battle the confusion is such that friendly fire happens, it's just one of those awful things about a battle
brigrove chapter 2 . 9/11/2011
I assume the shampoo wasn't for Snape, unless he's planning on using clean hair as a disguise
brigrove chapter 4 . 9/11/2011
Perry checking his bottom... eww
alix33 chapter 28 . 8/19/2011
"Mrs. Weasley will oversee daily operations." - Working for a newspaper where Molly Weasley is ops manager? I would run away as far and as fast as my legs can carry me; that woman is a slave driver!

"His fiancé had buried her face in her hands and was shaking." - "His fiancée had buried her face in her hands and was shaking."

"Mrs. Granger, a simple woman even by muggle standards," - "simple woman"? Go and get knotted, Teen Witch Weekly and that utter and completely inept so-called journalist Reggie McDonald!

Yay! for Matilda Emerson making Reggie apologise, but she cannot have vetted Reggie properly if she believed his bumf and never double-checked, so she has little skills for her job, too, IMO.

"Minerva asked, "Are you two coming back here for your honeymoon. It's lovely." Hermione shook her head and said, "We're going to Sydney for a week and a half. We'll be back on the 20th. The first year orientation starts on Monday the 24th. I've found day trips to the Hunter Valley wineries, Bondi beach, Wollongong, the opera house, the blue mountains, and the Great Barrier Reef in Brisbane." Susan coughed and said something that sounded like, "Room service." They all laughed." - Hehehe.

"Why would Vernon be concerned about Hermione doing something to Dudley?" Emma asked crossing her arms. Hermione bit her lip and blushed. "Well uh… I delivered their wedding invitation personally. Vernon wasn't exactly happy to see me," Hermione admitted. Harry laughed loudly. "Oh, I bet. I can only imagine what he said to you. Please tell me you lost your temper," Harry said. "Well a little," Hermione confessed. "Hermione Jane!" Emma snapped. She didn't want to think about what Hermione could have done to the Dursley's. "I didn't hex them. I promise. I didn't even say anything too awful. I just reminded them about proper manners and if they couldn't manage it then they should stay away. Far far far away," Hermione said blushing deeper. "I hope they listen. I hate it when you get mad," Harry said slipping his arm around her. "I wouldn't worry. Petunia seemed to understand and I think she'll keep them in line. Though I'm still unclear why you invited them," Hermione said." - I do not know why they got invited either.

"Neville nodded and then proceeded to take them to their seats. Vernon sputtered and Petunia gave him a look that she had practiced on Harry for years. "Why are we not sitting closer to the front?" Vernon demanded. Halfway back was an insult. "Hermione asked that this is where I seat you. The Weasley's and then several of our Professor's will be in front of you," Neville told him. "The red heads?" Dudley whimpered." - Dreadful Dudley Dursley is whimpering, GOOD!

"Hermione hugged all four of the Weasley boys. Charlie teased her about taking hugging lessons from his mum." - AW!

"Hermione was even polite to the Dursley's. Harry wasn't but who could blame him, his cousin was ogling his bride." - In that case Harry should have been even ruder, IMO.

"Harry and Hermione danced their first dance to a muggle song that Diane had picked. The older nonmagical people in the crowd smiled as they listened to Etta James." - "At last"? Awesome first dance song for a married couple such as Harry and Hermione, IMO.

"Susan and Caroline danced a couple times but mostly sat and talked with Neville and Luna. Caroline and Luna were amused when they learned that Susan and Neville's mothers had plotted to marry them off when they were babies. Neville grinned at that thought." - AW! that is SO sweet.

"Returning professor's include Floyd Futhark. He teaches Ancient Runes and is a translation specialist. He is the only person alive that can translate Sanskrit from memory." - Then he really must be as ancient as his subject.

"Professor Flitwick is a former world dueling champion. In 1909 he created a small charm called Scourgify, which I dare say is used by every witch or wizard alive today." - Merlin, bless you for that, prof!
alix33 chapter 27 . 8/19/2011
"Thomas told them that they had already made their statements to the Quibbler and went back to his task at hand. He collected Riddle's ashes and banished them to the North Atlantic." - Don't eat those ashes, you North Atlantic fishes, plankton and other sea life! If you do, you will get the most virulent bout of food poisoning in all of creation!

"I didn't realize that you and Miss Granger were so close," McGonagall said frowning. "Why wouldn't we be? She's the only one who cared when I had so much trouble adjusting to school here. She's the only one who helped us," Katlyn snapped. "Us?" McGonagall asked. Katlyn didn't answer. She was trying not start crying again. "The muggleborn students. Hermione did everything she could to help them adjust and cope. It wasn't all tutoring," Anderson answered. "I had no idea," McGonagall murmured. "Of course not. When I came to you first year for help you called it homesickness and sent me on my way," Katlyn said in an accusing tone. "And I kept an eye on you afterwards. It didn't take you long to calm down and begin to thrive," McGonagall said." - ARGH!

"What can I do, love?" Harry asked her softly. "Make them leave, get me out of here for a couple hours, hold me," Hermione whimpered. I really am losing my mind, she thought. Who would have thought that not having a minute to yourself could drive you to insanity so fast? Harry threw off his cloak and removed his shoes. She heard a privacy screen move so that they were blocked from the rest of the room. The bed creaked as he climbed under the blanket with her. She curled up against his chest and felt herself relax. Crookshanks mewed his approval and curled up at their feet. It lasted ten minutes. Poppy's indignant "Mr. Potter!" was loud enough to wake the dead. To his credit Harry didn't move. Poppy insisted that they remove the privacy screen. Hermione almost smiled. Hermione heard her parents come back and then leave. She heard Harry and Diane talking softly. She heard Susan and Lisa snicker when they came in. She never opened her eyes. Being in Harry's arms felt so good. The healers asked Harry to move away from her and she tightened her grip on him. He refused to move for fear of waking her up. Poppy was insisting that they needed to examine her again. "You're the ones worried about how she is sleeping. She's asleep now," Harry said knowing full well that his love was awake. "Nevertheless. We need to run some more tests," Poppy told him. Harry sighed and then kissed Hermione on the forehead. He apologized and then slipped out from her grasp. When she opened her eyes he kissed her for real and told her he would be back in a few minutes. Before she could speak he was out the door. The healers gave her a full exam. Hermione did as they asked. She lifted her arms, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took the deep even breaths required. When Healer Allen asked her to remove her shirt Hermione crossed her arms and refused. She was still refusing when Harry returned with her satchel. He brokered a compromise of Poppy examining Hermione's scar. Poppy was frowning as Hermione eagerly took her bag from Harry. She said, "Mr. Potter you know that Miss Granger needs to rest." "Madame Pomfrey you know Miss Granger's idea of resting is a three-foot potions essay. It's not going to kill her to have a book to read," Harry reasoned. "I love you," Hermione said as she pulled out a copy of Hogwarts a History." - AW!

"Lily told me that the armor is what kept my soul from separating," Hermione said biting her lip. Harry thought about that and then chuckled softly. "Yeah, the skin from a dead monster that was supposed to purify the school saved the life of the biggest mudblood of all," she said. "Don't call yourself that," he said no longer laughing. She sniggered. "I told Mum I was going to get it tattooed on my bum," she said. "I can think of much better things to get a tattoo of. How about 'I heart the boy-who-lived'?" he asked. She laughed softly. "Well I do heart you," she said." - Hehehe.

"Harry glanced over his shoulder as he heard a commotion at the edge of the hill that led to the lake. He saw Neville and Luna headed their way. They kept quiet as Luna and Neville approached. "They're not down here," Neville said looking around. "Sure they are. You just have to know how to look properly. I think we should just leave them be. Hermione needed to get away from those healers. They were adding hokie pon juice to her food," Luna said. "Hokie pon juice?" Neville asked. "Oh yes. It's supposed to help you sleep but has some strange side effects," Luna said wisely. If Luna thought they were strange then the side effects must have been extreme." - Hehehe.

"Luna pointed out. She smiled in her special way and said, "Let's go tell Emma that we found them by the lake and that they'll be back in half an hour." "Err… We did?" Neville asked. "Thanks Luna," Hermione said causing Neville to almost jump out of his skin. "You're very welcome Hermione," Luna said as they walked away. "She scares me," Harry said as they watched their friends walking away. "Me too," Hermione admitted." - Hehehe.

"They sat quietly for a while longer and then slowly made their way back to the hospital wing. As they approached the doors Harry snickered. "Are you going to protect me from Poppy?" he asked. "You have my wand, love. Are you going to save me from Mum?" she asked." - Hehehe.

"The gaggle of healers were all squawking at each other. Hermione thought that they sounded like a flock of geese." - Hehehe.

"Where have you been?" Poppy demanded stalking towards them. Neville stood up and blocked the healer from coming closer. Poppy frowned at him. "Out of my way Longbottom." "No," Neville said softly but firmly. The six healers had their wands out and pointed at Hermione ready to start an exam. Luna stood up next to Neville and crossed her arms. "Mr. Longbottom, I need to examine Miss Granger," Poppy snapped. "When you can explain how a very detailed description of Hermione's condition was published in this morning's Daily Prophet we might let you by," Luna told her. She knew that Poppy had nothing to do with it. "What?" Harry demanded rounding on the group of healers. There was rage in his eyes and a billion galleons in Gringotts to back up his anger." - Those rude visiting healers are each about to get AK'ed, IMO.

"You're mother's been worried," Dan told her in a tight voice. Hermione sighed. "I'm sorry, Mum. I had to get out of here. The walls were closing in," Hermione explained. "You couldn't have just said so?" Dan asked when Emma didn't respond. "I can't even go to the loo with out four people waiting by the door. I needed to talk to Harry alone," Hermione said. She felt her stubbornness kicking in. "You could have just asked for some privacy," Emma snapped. "I have. Several times. No one seemed to respect my request," Hermione snapped back." - Well said, Hermione. Let's hope actual listening took place too.

"Do I need to remind you Miss Granger that you were struck by the killing curse?" Poppy demanded as Luna wandered back over to the bedside. She sat down and seemed to be examining the chessboard. "No ma'am," Hermione answered biting back the smart-ass reply. "I think I do! Just what were you thinking leaving the hospital like you had only broken your leg?" Poppy asked. Harry'd had enough and icily replied, "The last person to survive a killing curse wasn't placed in a fish bowl for endless examination and prodding. He was dumped off on a doorstep." No one said a word, largely out of fear for his obvious anger." - Well said, Harry. Once again, a wish that some actual listening took place too.

"Luna pulled her wand from behind her ear and handed it to Hermione without looking up. Hermione took it and ran a detection spell on the tray. It glowed bright red. Harry swore loudly and stood up. Hermione grabbed his hand. "So what have they been putting in my food?" Hermione asked pushing the tray away. Poppy looked astounded and used her own wand on the tray. The last time Harry had that look on his face, people died shortly after. The healers lost the know-it-all looks that had been on their faces moments earlier. They had collectively angered the man who had killed the most dangerous man on the planet. "So Luna, what are the side effects of hokie pon juice?" Hermione asked, still holding his hand. "Hmmm… Oh that. Claustrophobia, listlessness, inability to think clearly and warts on your left forearm. Of course if you take enough it also causes extreme sexual arousal," Luna said as she moved a chess piece. "Well thank Merlin for small favors," Hermione muttered. She didn't want to think about being locked in the hospital wing with that problem. Harry, who was holding her left hand, turned over her arm. There were small bumps on it. "If you use just enough you become very suggestible. Maybe you just have too much of a mind of your own for someone," Luna said with a shrug. The adults were watching the exchange. Poppy called for a house elf and asked about Hermione's food trays. The elf immediately pointed out which of the healers had asked him to put the potion in Hermione's food. Hermione was glad she wasn't that person as Poppy advanced on them. It wasn't the Master Healer that the man needed to worry about. Harry stormed towards the group with a raging intensity that silenced the renewed squawking in an instant. His loud demand to know what the man was thinking was cut off when Luna flipped her wand and caused a bubble of silence around the group. Amazingly enough he never pulled his wand, though one of the healers soiled himself." - What WAS that healer thinking?
alix33 chapter 26 . 8/19/2011
"The April 1 Order meeting included a birthday celebration for the twins. Harry delighted everyone with a replay of his Pensieve memory of the twins escaping Umbridge fifth year complete with fireworks and images of Filch punting students across the portable swamp." - Yay!

"There have been no true muggle seerers." - "muggle seers".

"Harry got up to leave, then hesitated. Minerva half expected that he hadn't come to see the portrait and asked, "What is it, Harry?" Harry glanced at the portrait frame which was now empty, relaxed and said, "Professor, if something goes wrong, can you give these to the people marked on the envelopes?" He was holding a thick envelope that obviously contained a number of smaller envelopes. Minerva looked at him sadly and was about to admonish him for thinking negatively and realized that he was simply being a realist, knowing that he was the bravest man that she had ever met. Instead, she took the envelope and said, I'll keep these for you until you're ready to come back and collect them. She walked over to him and hugged him saying, "I wish you the very best, Harry." Harry replied, "Thank you Professor… For everything." Her met her eyes and noticed that both of them were a moment from choking up. She nodded, unable to speak, and he left." - AW!

"At the sound of the knock on the door Diane and Emma's eyes met. Diane probably knew what she was thinking. On most days she could figure it out. Diane could tell her friend didn't want to move from the arms of her best friend so she rose. Jack gave her a gentle push back into her seat and went to answer it himself. "Hello Harry, how are you?" Dan asked from his seat behind Emma. She smiled at the young man. Harry was a bright spot in Hermione's life. She didn't want to think about what would have happened to him if her daughter had not come to Hogwarts. "I'm fine," Harry answered looking around the room. He seemed a bit nervous. Emma at first thought it was Jack's presence but then decided it was something more. "What can we do for you?" Emma asked him. She watched Harry pace a few steps and then stop. When Harry said he needed to talk to them the Turnbull's stood to leave but Harry stopped them. He gave Jack a nervous smile. "You're the one who said you should be here," Harry told the Inspector. Jack was confused for a moment and then he smiled. "Really?" Jack asked him. Harry nodded and Jack laughed and pulled Diane back on to the love seat. Harry began to pace again. "I don't… Blimey, this is harder than I thought it would be," Harry told them. "What is it Harry? Is something wrong?" Dan asked. Harry muttered something about saying no and then spoke up, "No, not really. I just… I had a big speech planned and can't remember any of it." "Speech?" Diane asked. Harry continued to pace until he finally just muttered a curse word and then took a deep breath to steady himself. He closed his eyes and then opened them to see the Grangers looking at him in concern. "Dr. Granger," he began. He stopped and breathed again. Emma felt the tension in Dan change at the use of their shared title. Harry continued speaking clearly and slowly as if the words had to be right, "I am madly in love with your daughter and I want your permission to ask her to marry me," He said. Emma didn't miss that he was looking at her as he spoke. She patted Dan's leg as she slowly stood up. Instead of answering Emma walked over to the nervous teenager. She gave him a quick hug and then kissed his cheek. "I think that is a lovely idea," she told him. "I know we are young, too young and I know that I said I would wait until we were out of school but in a couple of days… er, wait, lovely?" Harry rambled. "You make her happy. That's all I care about," Emma said. Harry looked over at Dan who had not spoken. His golfing buddy and friend looked up at him and stared hard. Then he nodded and grinned. "I couldn't ask for a better man for my daughter," he said. Harry let out the long breath he was holding and Diane chuckled. He glanced at Hermione's Godparents. Diane was smiling but Jack looked menacing. Harry swallowed hard as the man glared at him. "This is so unfair. I had to jump through hoops of fire and Dan had to face a mad man who owned a gun and you, ya little snot, get their blessing without Granger over there making even one of his horrible jokes," Jack said in snappish voice. "Well Jack, I guess life's not always fair. Dan has a pistol too you know, I just like to think I'm smart enough to have asked him when Emma was sitting on him. Plenty of time to get away," Harry said solemnly. He offered Jack his hand and they both laughed." - AW!

AW! at the where and how of Harry's proposal, and yay! at how Hermione reacted to it.

"The next morning Hermione and Harry stopped by to see her parents. Emma hugged them both like she was Mrs. Weasley." - AW!

"They had made no decisions about that and Harry mentioned that whatever Hermione wanted was find with him. Emma smacked Dan on the arm when he smirked and said that Harry was practicing to be a good husband already." - Hehehe, though that should have been: "fine with him".

"He couldn't breath." - "He couldn't breathe."
alix33 chapter 25 . 8/19/2011
"Hermione waited until all the ideas were up on the board before she added hers. "The Patronus Charm?" Luna asked. Her eyes unfocused and then she smiled. "You're brilliant Hermione." "Thank you but I don't know if it will work," Hermione answered. "What is your line of thought?" Emma asked not following. "During the fight at the department of mysteries Voldemort possessed Harry. He left when Harry's feelings turned to good thoughts based on his love for Sirius. A Patronus is a magnified manifestation of happy thought. It is the only thing I could find for channeling love into a spell. Can a Patronus possibly be directed?" Hermione asked. "Yes!" Flitwick squeaked. "It is an almost lost art as the Patronus is naturally attracted to Dementors and do not have to be directed." Flitwick asked Hermione to stand at the edge of the table and then he pointed his wand at her. He squeaked the incantation and a miniature horse galloped at Hermione. She saw his wrist moving to control where the horse would run. After running it around the room he had it slam into Hermione. "Wow. That's like taking pepper up potion only better," she commented. Harry stood and everyone looked at him. He pointed his wand and stated the same incantation. Prongs galloped happily around the room before Harry had it slam into Hermione. This time the reaction was more intense. She had an orgasm. Emma snickered at the noise she made and Hermione blushed beet red. She was glad that Harry was as embarrassed as she was. "That was… um… really nice," Hermione finally said smoothing her robes. Emma and Susan both exploded in laughter and Harry sunk into his seat. Hermione chewed on her lip and their eyes met. She sat back down and did a quick cleaning charm on herself while everyone watched the hysterical women laugh. "Pavlov?" Emma asked when she finally caught her breath. She was wiping away tears. Susan got the hiccups and Hermione was reminded of the night that Sunset and Chambers had invaded their date. Molly didn't look impressed. She couldn't believe that Emma was laughing about it. If it had been Ginny she would have dragged the girl out of the room by her ear for a talk." - OK...Molly's reaction has me livid: How COULD she be such a prude after giving birth to seven children AND virtually admitting to having used a love potion on Arthur when she must have been Hermione's age?

"We need to perform some experiments on a control group," Poppy suggested. "Why?" Harry asked. "Two Patronus charms on one person is not enough for a conclusion," Hermione told the group. "But it's obvious that you felt two different things," Harry objected. Hermione nodded in agreement. "Yes, I did. But we need more information to conclude what it might do to Voldemort." "Perform the tests tomorrow," Harry told them. Hermione got irritated. She wanted to snap at him but refrained. "I have potions tomorrow but I can ditch the class," Hermione said. She glanced at Flitwick and Sprout and said, "Pretend you didn't hear that." The professors both laughed." - I laughed too. Slughorn having kittens at Hermione's skiving off Potions will be a bonus.

"You missed dinner too. Go eat your lunch Hermione. I'll get you another bar of chocolate," Poppy said. It was not a request. Hermione felt sick to her stomach and food was the last thing she wanted. Hermione was going to object but instead just answered, "Yes, Ma'am." "You're going to have to teach me how you do that," Emma commented when Hermione was out of earshot. "You mean get her to walk away with out arguing? It's easy. I'm not her mother," Poppy said with a smile. Emma laughed. "Well that's not likely to change anytime soon," Emma said as she watched Hermione's retreating back." - AW!

"Harry was interrupted as Winky appeared. She hopped up on the bench and sat a chocolate bar next to Hermione's bowl. "Thank you, Winky," Hermione said. When Winky didn't pop away like she expected she said, "Is there something else you need, Winky?" "Nos Miss Hermione. Madame Poppy and Mrs. Emma tells me to makes sure youse eat all the chocolate bars. I stay until youse finish," Winky answered. "I'll finish it Winky," Hermione said. She would too. Next week sometime. "And I's make sure. Miss Hermione can nots be getting sick." "Since when do you work for Madame Pomfrey or Dr. Emma?" Harry asked, amused. Winky bounced a bit and watched Hermione eat. "I's work for you Mr. Harry. I's make sure your Hermione not get sick," Winky said. Harry chuckled" - AW!

"Hermione just kept eating her soup under the watchful eye of Winky and the glare of Romilda. "Elves should never be seen or heard," Romilda sniffed as she glowered at Winky." - Shove your twisted little opinion up your overadiposed ass, Romilda Vane! On second thought, don't! Since you're such a twisted bint, you would most likely enjoy shoving stuff up your ass.

"Harry knew that he had to do something very public for Valentines Day. Their fight in the great hall had many repercussions. There was a pack of fan girls that refused to believe that he and Hermione were still together. They had been following him around like a pack of rabid giggling dogs since he and Hermione and returned from number twelve. Hermione had been even less amused to find out that she had a little fan club of her own in the Ravenclaw house. Several of the younger boys had decided that they wanted the Head Girl to notice them. Lisa and Susan had laughed themselves breathless when one of the boys gotten the nerve to approach Hermione. A few days earlier he had left a note next to her dinner plate and fled the great hall like a dragon was after him. Dan was also less than amused. He had watched the argument from the Professor's table with only Diane and Emma keeping him from interfering. When Harry had grabbed his daughter by the arm and spun her around Dan had felt the urge to beat the boy upside his head. He knew that Harry had not and would never physically hurt Hermione, but words could hurt worse than a fist sometimes. He and the younger man had talked about it and Dan had been surprised when Harry had broken down in tears." - AW!

"Hermione heard both of her parents being to laugh." - "begin to laugh".
alix33 chapter 24 . 8/18/2011
"Dan took out a piece of parchment and tore in to small pieces. He wrote something on each one and then stole McGonagall's hat and placed them in it. In the end Flitwick, Hagrid and Slughorn had drawn to go." - Innovative muggle use of the headmistress's hat, there. Gryffindor should IMO have been able to get ancestral points for it, earned by a muggle parent of a student in said house.

"I wanted to talk with you for a moment about your children." They collectively understood that she was referring to Hermione, Harry and to a lesser extent Susan. McGonagall put her cup down and said, "I have no personal experience as a parent, but I have a lot of experience with children of their age. The law may recognize them as children one day and adults the next, but the reality is that they're seventeen and eighteen and circumstances have thrown the weight of the world on their shoulders. They have assumed and been assigned roles of soldier, general, healer, billionaire, strategist, as well as roles that traditionally have been reserved for the Directors of the Aurors and the Department of Mysteries. All the while, they're desperately trying to be young people who would like to develop a love and plot out a future together." She continued. "I bring this up not out of disrespect for their behavior, which I regard as remarkable, rather to talk about their relationship with Severus Snape the ex-professor. Snape has a remarkable talent for verbal cruelty. Tomorrow may well be his last day on Earth, and I am certain that he will use his opportunity to say something particularly reprehensible toward your children." Diane nodded in understanding and replied, "The worst lies are those that have an element of truth in them. Harry would be highly vulnerable to them." Minerva agreed saying, "Unfortunately when he is hurting the most, it is his nature to assume the properties of a turtle, turn inward and simply reply that he's fine. I believe that these will be the hardest two or three months of their lives." - In your Potterverse for this fic, can an ex-head of Gryffindor house get teacher points for doing something amazingly good for the students of her ex-house? And some for Susan's house too? Then Minnie should!

"Besides the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly, and Teen Witch Weekly, Harry also saw the Detroit Wizarding Press, the Kiev Monthly Chronicle, the Iceland Informer and Malaysian Star Gazer." - The wizarding equivalent of the muggle New York Times (this muggle's favourite newspaper in the whole universe) had no British correspondent it could send or give the assignment to? Pity!

"Off to the side of the pack of reporters stood one wizard who was doing nothing but watching. Harry nodded to Odd Lovegood, walked over and shook his hand. Hermione also shook his hand. "How's my daughter?" Odd asked as if there weren't fifty other reporters throwing personal questions around. "She's doing fine. We saw her at breakfast this morning," Harry said smiling at him. The crowd stopped speaking and listened. "Good. I know you don't have time to talk right now. Tell Luna to send me an owl. You kids today, you would think writing a letter would cause your hand to fall off," Odd said. "Yes sir," Hermione said with a slight smile. She knew that Luna owled her father quite often. He gave her a vague smile and winked." - AW! I feel a series of Quibbler scoops coming on.

"Snape looked, for lack of a better term, like shit. It was obvious he had been near a very large fire recently. The burns were visible to all." - NICE!

"Then Abraxan asked how Snape would plead. His barrister, Jonnie Cockroach stared straight ahead and answered." - Hehehe, Jonnie Cockroach.

"My childhood was unpleasant at best and brutal at worst," Snape said. He was wrapped up in the magical chains that seemed to tighten themselves more with every sentence. Harry snorted and growled in a low voice, "Join the bloody club." - My thoughts exactly, Harry, and you did not turn dark.

"I informed my master of this and he rewarded me by allowing me to have the Potter mudblood as my own after he killed James and Harry Potter," Snape said as if it were the most natural thing in the world." - EW!

"In the history of this court suspects have typically plead guilty in order to beg for the courts mercy. I must admit Mr. Snape you surprised me. You pled guilty knowing what your fate would be. You have perpetrated crimes against the human race - muggle and magical alike. You deserve the punishment that you are about to receive." Snape stopped smirking. 'She was up to something.' "You mentioned a purifying ritual several time, Mr. Snape. It was suggested by several members of the Wizengamot that we use a new process that the American Wizarding CIA has developed. It would strip you of your magic and leave you nothing more than a muggle. You are wanted by the muggle authorities for manslaughter and robbery. You could your spend years in a muggle jail. I doubt you would survive the experience." No! Snape thought. 'That would be too cruel. Me the greatest Potions Master of all time reduced to a muggle?' "However, doing that would set a precedence of not executing Death Eaters. That is a dangerous road to start down and not one that the Ministry is willing to consider at this time," Abraxan continued. 'Of course. You wouldn't want to be seen as weak now would you?' Snape thought as he sneered again. "It is the opinion of this jury that you deserve death. However, before you are executed you will have your memories of all Death Eater activity and interaction with the Dark Lord removed from your mind." Snape began to feel dizzy as she spoke. "It has never been disputed that your knowledge of potions is unparalleled. That said, we will also be removing all of your knowledge of potions and store it in a pensieve that will become available to all students so that your abysmal performance as a potions professor can be reversed." Snape seethed with anger, but said nothing as she continued." - NICE!

"The Creevy's had three magical children," Hermione answered. "I only remember two Creevys," Buford told them. He was a fifth year Slytherin who had taken the class for an easy O. "Colin and Dennis had a younger sister named Rebecca. She would have started school next year," Hermione said quietly. "I didn't know that," Harry said. Hermione saw him flinch slightly and took his hand. She gave it a quick squeeze but then he dropped it and moved away from her. "Ginny told me that Rebecca was even more hyper than her brothers, if you can imagine that," Anderson told them. They were quiet for a moment and then Jennifer laughed softly. "Can you imagine the look on Professor McGonagall's face if she'd had three Creevys at the same time?" She asked. "Merlin, Gryffindor tower might have fallen from all the bouncing," Lisa said. "Oh, I don't know. There were five Weasley's at the same time and nothing too bad happened," Hermione said fondly. "Oh, easy for you to say. Ginny and Ron were your friends, Percy respected you and Fred and George are afraid of you," Allie told her." - AW! I am sorry we never got to meet Rebecca. Maybe she would have fallen in the lake on arrival at Hogwarts too.

"It is almost as good as the chocolate mouse my Mum used to make." - "chocolate mousse".

"Harry blew someone up once," Hermione said examining her handiwork on Brian. "Totally chill, no way. How?" Brian asked. "I don't know. She irritated me by saying some nasty things and the next thing I knew I was on the Knight Bus running away from my uncle who was not amused," Harry answered. "What else did you do?" Brian asked Harry and Hermione. "Yeah Miss Head Girl and Mr. Head Boy, what other out of school illegal magic did you do?" Lisa asked. "I drove away some dementors once, apparated to the school roof when a bunch of bullies were chasing me and I did the hair thing once too. It just looked better blue," Harry said. "I was a perfect child. I never made anyone's pants refuse to stay up, never made anyone's text book bite them, nor did I curse my father's golf clubs," Hermione said, winking. Emma snickered and Harry said, "Ouch." "Took a month for it to wear off," Dan told them." - Hehehe.

"Minister Abraxan asked about her plans for after she finished school. "I have decided that I want to go into medicine or teach," Hermione answered. "Since when?" Harry asked. "I've always been interested in medicine. I think it runs in the family. I've discovered this year that I really enjoy teaching too," Hermione said. Emma smiled at her daughter. When she was little she had wanted to be a teddy bear doctor." - AW!

"You had career counseling during fifth year with Professor McGonagall," he pointed out. "Yes, I did. All the while the big toad sat there and poo pooed every thing that was said. Rubbish, waste of time," Hermione told him. Harry smiled at that. "Did you just call Professor McGonagall a toad?" Minister Abraxan asked in shock. McGonagall laughed. "I believe, Minister, that she was referring to Delores Umbridge. Poo pooed is quite polite Miss Granger," the headmistress said. Yes, ma'am," Hermione replied. She avoided Professor McGonagall's eyes so that she could contain her laughter. The accidental magic she had performed during that session was something that she and Professor McGonagall had agreed never to speak of. Especially after they had laughed until they cried at Umbridge who was unconscious and covered in dragon dung." - Awesome!
alix33 chapter 23 . 8/18/2011
"We were wondering if you two wanted to go to Tortola Island with us after your wedding. Harry has a property." Remus smiled and said, "I went there once with your parents. About nine months later you were born, Harry." - AW! If it were anybody else's parents, still alive parents, then EW! too much information!

"They, along with the Grangers, Susan, Molly, Arthur and the twins had enjoyed a dinner of pizza, sodas and beer at a local pizzeria. Anderson and Lisa had never had pizza before. Lisa seemed to like it and Anderson, being a thirteen-year-old boy, approved whole-heartedly." - "seemed to like it"? What IS wrong with your taste buds, Lisa?

"It was a strange site to see the Slytherin boy and the older wizard driving Dan half mad with their questions." - "strange sight".

"Harry smiled when Hermione told him that she had played a sheep one year when she was little. He smirked and ran a finger over a tendril of her bushy hair that had escaped her braid. She gently poked him in the side and smirked back at him." - Hehehe.

"Dan was watching as Hermione attempted to teach the boys how to play Monopoly when it hit him. His daughter had grown from a sometimes troubled, often too lonely little girl into a brilliant young woman. Her lover, and Dan really hated thinking of Harry that way, was a terrific young man. "She's not a little girl anymore is she?" Dan asked his wife softly as he watched his daughter try to teach two pureblood boys how to play Monopoly. Emma laughed gently. "She hasn't been for a long time, love," Emma told him. "I guess on some level I knew that," he responded. She gave him a small smile. He voiced his thought, "No Dad wants to see their little princess all grown up." "We got lucky. She's a terrific woman," Emma told him but she was surprised when he shook his head. "She has great parents. Especially her Mum," Dan said softly." - AW!

"Dobby and Winky popped in and out of the room wearing the new wool outfits that Harry and Hermione had gotten them. Dobby had a new four-button suit jacket and matching trousers, Winky had a matching grey dress. Harry had also given them a bottle of German wine." - Hehehe at the thought of the effect that wine is going to have on them.

"Tonks was wearing a ruby red set of robes but her hair was her natural black. Remus was in mostly white with trim that matched Tonks. His face looked years younger and he wore an easy smile. They looked fabulous." - Yes, about their looks. And Tonks in what amounts to a red wedding dress, is very fitting, IMO.

"Cross the water and the earth to join me only if by your own volition, without being compelled and with no restraint," she said. Tonks stepped over the rocks with grace. Harry held his breath praying she wouldn't trip. Remus stepped over the rocks and water and stumbled a little. Harry heard Dan mutter something about the couple being perfect for each other." - AW!

"Tonks and Remus sealed their vows with an R rated kiss. As they snogged, red and yellow rose petals fell from the charmed sky." - AW!

"The ceremony was beautiful Tonks… err should I call you Lupin now?" Hermione asked. Tonks laughed. "I'll always be Tonks though I wouldn't object to being called Mrs. Lupin," she said with an easy grin." - AW!

"Ted would have loved to have given you his blessing," Michael commented. "I don't know about that. You know what a hard time he gave me when I asked him for permission to marry Tonks," Remus commented. "That had to be frightening," Harry said. "Don't worry about it mate. If the bird is worth it then you'll work up the nerve," Michael told him. Harry wrinkled his nose at the thought of calling Hermione a bird." - Though it won't be totally inappropriate given those giant yellow canaries she conjures when she loses her temper, hehehe.

"Been thinking about popping the question, Harry?" Remus asked, trying not to laugh at Harry's discomfort. "Uh… not until quite recently," Harry admitted. Dan was about to take a sip of his beer but the glass stopped half way to his mouth. "You're a little young to be thinking about that aren't you?" Jack asked. He was amused by Dan's reaction. "I thought I we should finish school before I even consider talking to her parents about it," Harry answered. He was watching Dan for a reaction. "Parents? Is it different in the wizarding world? I thought you had to get the girl's father's permission," Michael commented. He had loved his wizard brother but didn't understand all of the differences in their worlds. "I reckon so but I respect her Mum too much to not include her," Harry answered. "Maybe you should ask her Godparents too," Jack said with a smirk." - Poor Harry! Nothing is ever easy for him.

"Hermione and Susan conjured up some beach blankets and the witches all removed their tee shirts and shorts and stretched out to sunbathe. The three wizards just stopped to appreciate the view. All four of the witches had chosen string bikinis, and when they rolled over onto their stomachs and untied the strings in back the wizards had to swallow hard. Harry was glad his swim trunks were so baggy." - Hehehe.

"The only two conversations that he could recall on that topic were his conversation with McGonagall that Umbridge had insisted on ruining and the few minutes that he and Hermione had joked about raising their own Quidditch team." - EW! at that reminder of Umbitch, AW! at the rest.

"Dan and Emma accepted McGonagall's request to fill in for the Muggle Studies professor who had been badly hurt in a Death Eater attack over the break." - Yay! for the opportunity afforded Dan and Emma. Speedy recovery, prof!

"My testimony has been requested in the matter of the Ministry of Magic verses Severus Snape," - "versus Severus".

"Thank Merlin," Anderson said softly. Lisa, sitting next to him, put her hand on his shoulder. They looked at each other knowing that Snape had been instrumental in the murder of both sets of their parents. They had all died refusing to be recruited for Voldemort. It was the best Christmas present either of them could have hoped for. In time maybe it would bring closure. They hoped anyway." - Yay! on Anderson's and Lisa's behalf, then.
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