Reviews for Not Exactly Valentines
Wondergirl chapter 6 . 6/29
I was laughing at this the entire time and I loved it! I need to see the next chapter! Keep writing!
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 5/9
This was excellent yet as its only six chapters it was also
The final one which is a shame as I'm hooked on it
It's very exciting humorous fun filled although lily
Would have to tone down her words James didn't have
A mental illness unlike Her she acted like a goody
Goody two shoes whom never laughed or had any
Fun ever in two words exceedingly she ended
Up with James is a mystery still she grew a sense of
Humor I suppose turned every chapter
Into a thoroughly delightful witty storyline it's a shame
It has to end four more chapters would have been
Absolutely perfect?elizabeth skinner thank you
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 5/8
Mcgonagall was right actually high jinks aren't that
Bad although Sirius aiming that bludger at his brother
Was absolutely thoroughly revolting regulus was still
His blood brother not James a grip on reality plus
Heavy detention for disgusting sportsmanship should
Have been handed down to sleaze bag Sirius some
Cold heartless brother he was far as I'm
Concernedsirius was nothing but a terrorising bully
Towards regulus whom was more courageous plus
Better looking than that loathsome useless brother
Namely Sirius you never treat family that way so
Regulus wasn't perfect but human whom died much
To young betraying still thinking its
Going to be number four as Remus and that other
Rat not Peter made those two bets I love Remus
He was more understanding and compassionate
Than the others a true written
Such terrific gutsy drama filled notes that have
Enchanted readers with awe inspiring detail great
Humor exceedingly witty remarks it just needs some
Mushy make out sessions that are very long so
Lily can finally realise James is the one thank you.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 5/8
Well she's mellowing slowly though her fighting spirit
Is still there which is marvellous and one of the many
Reasons James fell in love with her although Remus
Was the voice of reason but never a party pooper he
Truly was the greatest friend to James and Sirius the
Other sleaze that's a lot of food for a
Young witch yet it was a special occasion namely
Halloween so it doesn't matter except she's got a
Sore tummy my favourite would have to be the
Scrumptious chocolate cake with rich gooey chocolate
Icing and sprinkles plus your diary is your friend to tell
Everything to .youve written a truly remarkable love story yet it really needs some mushy make out sessions
Between James and lily just to get the ball rolling nothing to major yet planting the idea in Lily's brain
She needs something to keep her mind off the pranks
Being pulled a totally addictive love story with a twist
Thank you very skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 5/8
This is very interesting yet though hufflepuff witches
Probably wouldn't recognise an aphrodisiac in any
Perfume they're not that intelligent rather sad actually
Still unlike gryffindor witches I'd love to see just a
Minor case of jealousy from either of the as it would
Add some spice into their relationship right now and
It's almost Christmas so they could blame it on the
Eggnog or mulled wine at a Christmas
Why Lily's concerned over hufflepuff witches I'm not
Sure give it a rest they need to develop a sense of
Humorous as does lily life is meant to be fun not doom
And gloom ad nausea m James has the right idea for
A teenager plus the language isn't right it's too nasty
He's not. A death eater that was doing
Absolutely fantastic and thoroughly magnificently with
This awe inspiring story which is very humorous indeed
Totally skinner
Freds fanatic chapter 2 . 5/8
I'm going to go for the second suggestion they'll be
Snogging in the closet in a week Lily's a very young
Stubborn red haired witch whom didn't realise that
James used a warming charm before she dropped
Him in the lake he knows her temper by now yet he
Loves actually things are looking up for these
Two lovebirds totally in denial he needs to tone
Down his arrogant stupid remarks that irritate lily
From seeing the genuine person right now which
Isn't great it's really quite tired now as I
Just got back from hospital so I'll finish this awe
Inspiring love story early tomorrow you're going
Along marvellously thoroughly
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 5/8
So Lily's finally learning that a wicked sense of humour
Is a great thing excellent and I agree with everything
She's got planned for James as it will only go so far
And then stop she's no death eater. They were both
At fault for taking so long although they gave everyone
A good laugh plus having some bets made and it
Real eased stress tense situations until more adrenalin
Took over in more pleasant conditions such as the
Head dorm not carry on with this exceptional
Love story when they're beginning to realise that
Their destined to be together adding some curve
Balls along the way as their arguments were apart
Of their charming personalities although I prefer
The major snogging as nasty name callings no way
To win a feisty redhead but passion so
Very inspirational brilliant with the right amount
Of teenage angst compassion lots of teasing fun
Great quod ditch please keep up this excellent
Work of my love Elizabeth skinner
LizzieHeartsfan3 chapter 6 . 10/10/2016
Love this. Funny, quirky, interesting, well written, full of ideas e.t.c An amazing read :D
Bookworm chapter 6 . 10/10/2016
Hey, what if Padfoot Prongs and Wormtail write in a made up language to annoy Moony?
asdfghjkl chapter 6 . 5/3/2016
You pinky swore!
And normally I'd never be a demanding and rude reviewer (I am very understanding of writers that are busy and have more important things to do as I am one myself), but it's been...10 years!
Anyway, I'm still hoping you'll return and perhaps finish this magnificent fanfiction, as I'm sure many people are. And I hope life's alright for you too because, well, it has been a decade. That's a long time.
Grrrrrr chapter 6 . 3/8/2016
Seriously it's been at least ten years ! Update !
Guest chapter 5 . 3/8/2016
I love your fic it's HILARIOUS
DauntlessBlueTreacleTart chapter 6 . 1/30/2016
But you pinky swore! And no chapter!
Lol jk. Anyways, this fic is hilarious. I love how its told by reports, notes, diary entries, and the like. Update if you can!
Guest chapter 6 . 12/4/2015
The whole bit about the "floppity jillion" galleons had me collapsed in laughter. My sister is now very concerned as to my mental health.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/4/2015
References to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy make my day. I always loved that line
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