Reviews for Prismatic
PureSakuraMelody chapter 1 . 2/10/2006
I enjoyed it very thouroughly! Black Lady and Saffir...That's an angle I'd never considered before. You are, as always, the master of introspection. And I loved the wording you used. Looking forward to more!
Empress Raven chapter 1 . 8/1/2005
Gods.. a year? Already... feels like I just met you yesterday.

Yay! You did my pairing! *dances*

I did like it alot. Wiseman seemed a bit out of character.. but then he also didnt have much screen time so he didnt get to be that characterized. I loved it though. You did Saffir perfectly! Not many people seem to be able to write him.. but then most underestimate him. Black Lady felt out of character, though with the theme her characterization was mostly speculation which puts her perfectly into character in yours and my eyes.. just doesnt feel the way Naoko wouldve worked her.. Didnt matter.. I still enjoyed her in it.

It was short, but perfect for its style. Im very happy with how it turned out. Completly suprised me.. I didnt realize it had been a year already... glad you remembered. Thank you John. I love you.