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BalanceSeeker57 chapter 23 . 7/1/2006
AWW! THAT'S IT? WTF? THATS MEAN! Y end it?lol. I cant wati to read the sequeal. :D great job!



EmiliosLoofah chapter 23 . 5/5/2006
Hey There!

Great ending to a GREAT story! It would be so cool if you did a sequel! All right!

I'm sorry this review is short. You did an excellent job on this story. You're really talented!

I do hope you consider a sequel!

Beth :)
Marauder and The Q chapter 23 . 5/1/2006
Awesome story, and not a bad ending. I think it kind of ran out of steam a couple of chapters ago, but you still finished it, and each chapter was still good. I know that it sounds really mean of me to say this, but I'm kind of glad that Lucky changed. Haha, sorry, while I was typing that sentence, I was halfway through it before I realized that I had accidentally typed Dally. I guess that's what's on my mind, lol. Normally, I'll put my characters through anything, but I can never stand two things: Character death (it's permanent, and you can't change it, and I hate to think of being able to have a story around it), and when the characters change drastically (again, permanent). Wait, I lied. Number three: Miscommunication. That's why Harry Potter pisses me off the way they run around in circles. Anyway, I like having him be a bit like Dally, even though it's a terrifying and depressing thought. It kind of means that something of Dally is still alive, you know? Also, I got a kick out of that reference at the end of the chapter, where you said that Darry thought that A.J. looked a bit like Johnny. It was great. I'm such a sucker for nostalgia. Anyway, it kind of wouldn't have seemed like anything if Lucky had gone to reform and come out like nothing had happened. It sort of would have defeated the purpose of writing it. I have to admit, though, that I never saw it coming. I just wasn't thinking much anyway, and it didn't surprise me, and it's not that I wasn't expecting it, I just hadn't given it much thought. Normally, (here's where you laugh and call me a pompous weirdo, but I'm serious, and it pisses me off every time) whenever I read something, or watch something, I always know what's going to happen next, even in suspense. It can be the best, most original cliffie ever (and I have seen a few), and it still won't surprise me. It's not always obvious, but to me it is. I know, I know, I sound like a dork, but I really do mean it. I just wanted to set that up so that I could say: wow, now that wasn't what I was thinking at all. Eh, I know, random. I got on a roll. I'll either write a one or two sentence review, or I'll write a mini essay. Hope you don't mind, but I had a good time writing this. Sorry it's so long. Oh, and also, I noticed that (in my history of signed reviews) I have started almost every review with "Wow". I ought to kick myself for being so repetitive. Anyway, I tried hard not to, and I didn't. And, although I'm not sure what you could do exactly, I actually reviewed for the sole purpose of asking (cough-begging-cough) for a sequel. Thanks. Once again, sorry it's so long, but I sometimes like long reviews, even if I should have shut up and pressed "submit" a while ago. Lol.

Stay Gold (or blue, or green, or whatever your preference),

EmiliosLoofah chapter 22 . 4/26/2006

Sorry I haven't reviewed! But I'm finally here!

“I thought we agreed to tone down the drama. This ain’t a damn chick-flick after school special confrontational scene.” That was good!

“…Guilty of abuse of illegal substances and not guilty as an accessory in the second-degree murder of Alfonso Rodriguez.” YES! Thank goodness! *whew!*

Update soon! This was a GREAT chappie!

Beth :)
EmiliosLoofah chapter 21 . 3/20/2006
Yippee! Another update!

“Screw you all,” she mumbled before leaving the vicinity. I can't blame her. She is the only true friend of Lucky. At least Darry has been showing up for the hearings, though.

"He remembered the way her eyes had lit up whenever Lucky’s name was mentioned, the way she looked at him, exasperated but loving all at the same time." That was good.

Hey, I also had been sick. I had strep throat! Is that what you have?

Feel better and update soon!

Beth :)
Chezoni chapter 20 . 3/16/2006
*sniff sniff* fate is tearing them apart! *sob*

All is good and well. Please update soon!

EmiliosLoofah chapter 20 . 3/9/2006

GREAT CHAPTER! I really LOVE this story!

“It depends what the jury thinks,” the lawyer said seriously. “It’s really all up to the jury.” Actually, a judge can override that decision, but it depends on the type of case, and blah blah blah! I can't remember ALL the legal mumbo-jumbo! I liked that part anyway! You have been doing research and that's cool!

"A.J. swallowed, but it didn’t get rid of the lump in her throat. She hated seeing Lucky like this, vulnerable, scared, and brain-damaged on top of it." Poor A.J. and Lucky!

“Why don’t you go see him?” A.J. asked. “I’m the only one that ever goes. Why don’t you go see for yourselves how he’s doing?” Yes...why hasn't anyone else visited Lucky? Hm...'re like me. Writing late at night, when you ahve to be at work (or wherever you need to go) only about 6 hours from then!

Update soon! You're doing wonderful!

Beth :)

formerly known as: tk421beth
EmiliosLoofah chapter 19 . 3/9/2006
Hey there!

Sorry it's taken me THIS long to R&R! Anyways...on with the review!

Great chapter...even though it was short! I'm onto the next chapter!

Beth :)
EmiliosLoofah chapter 18 . 2/8/2006
OMG...Yay! An update!

"His lawyer had told him it was a motion case: they went through the motions and then locked them up." Isn't that the truth? That was good!

Pepsi looked up from dragging a fork through the air. “I’m cutting the tension,” he said cheekily. LOL!

"Now all he had to do was prove it." Easier said than done!

I LOVE this story! Please update soon! I want to know what happens to Lucky!

Beth :)
Eien Kaosu chapter 18 . 2/8/2006
Great story, it really seems like something S.E. Hinton would write. Lucky kinda reminds me of Mark from the sequel(Not really a sequel but close enough), "That was Then, This is Now".
EmiliosLoofah chapter 17 . 1/19/2006
Hey There!

Emilio: Don't forget about me!

Me: Oh, God! *rolls eyes*


"Darry was half-asleep when he was finished. He groaned inwardly. Is all of the trial going to be this boring?" Oh, hell yes, it will be, LOL! They usually are!

"A.J. bit back a laugh as she realized the relation between all their names. How come she hadn’t noticed them before?" Or more importantly...why didn't I notice that before? :D

"He’s the prosecutor."

All ARE twisted! LOL...good one, though!

Really enjoyed this chapter a LOT! The story is just so excellent!

Emilio: I didn't like it!

Me: Why not?

Emilio: I wasn't in it! *laughs*

Me: You are a CRAZY man! *also laughs*

Emilio: I have to IS a good fan fic! Write more about me! ME! Can you hear me? Hello-!

Me: *hitting Emilio with a pillow* That's enough!

Emilio: I love it when you get violent! *kisses me*

Me: OMG!

Emilio: Update soon!

Beth :)
EmiliosLoofah chapter 16 . 12/30/2005
This is tk421beth...I changed me pen name, LOL! Like it?

Me: Yee-Haw! You've updated! *does happy-update dance*

Emilio: You're crazy, woman!

Me: I know! *laughs*

"Lucky wondered if she was even a qualified lawyer. Considering that she was issued by the goverment, probably not." That was so GREAT! LOL!

Emilio: Why are you laughing? YOU work for the Federal Goverment! At the County Attorney's Office! (in Arizona, it's called the County Attorney. Calif and other states: District Attorney)

Me: ...oops!...*smiles* BUT, I am NOT an attorney!

Emilio: True...true!

"Lucky...I just wanted to tell you...I believe you." Way to go, AJ! THAT was so great!

"Darry could of sworn that he saw a shadow of an amused grin flit across Lucky's terrified face." That SO sounds like Lucky!

"Lucky, who was his roommate, who had come to know and even grow a little fond of, despite his annoyingly Two-Bit like characteristics." THAT was GOOD! LOL

You did a very good job on this chapter! I totaly LOVE this fan fic! Here's some ideas:

1. A trial like this (felony), can last many months, depending on the evidence, the proscuting attorney (for the state, victim's family or the District Attorney Office), defending attorney (Lucky's) and so forth.

2. Testimony can last a LONG time. Believe me! Both attorneys and the Judge are allowed to ask whoever is on the stand any questions they want. The attorney's can also call on character witnesses. Arguing attorney's also delay the whole process, and the Judge could get nasty, and order a Motion to Continue for a later hearing date.

3. All evidence has to be marked 'exhibit A', 'exhibit B' and so forth. What kind of evidence was found at the sence of the murder? I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Have fun researching how a trial goes. You'll be VERY busy! Oh, by the this a jury trial? Felony cases usually are.

E-mail me if you have any questions! LOVIN' this fan fic!

Beth :)
EmiliosLoofah chapter 15 . 11/30/2005
You updated! Whee!

I did enjoy this chapter VERY much! You're doing a GREAT job...really!

"That stupid engagement ring was once more mocking him, larger thatn life to Darry, sparkling wickedly as it hit the light. Darry wished he could wrench it off her finger and smash it to pieces." Good! AND funny!

"He had his preliminary trial, but his trial date had yet to be set." DOES take forever!

"A.J. didn't know what his bail was, but Lucky's father had refused to pay it." Whoa! How come? Interesting...

"Please be minding your studies and stay away from American boys and other unhealthy habits." LOL! That was good!

"But she's weak. Always gives in to my old man. And he's one cold dude. Couldn't care less if I got shot up in the streets and was left to die." OMG! That's harsh, man!

"Nope. She's the goverment lawyer. Lucky's old man is, like, unofficially disowning him or something." OMG! Lucky has the terror of dealing with the a public defender attorney? Poor guy! NO!

"When he gets out, will he have gone hard and cold like Dally? Or will he be distant, or will he have broken completely? What is he's like Johnny, and comes out scared of his own shadow?" God...that was brilliant there!

Shoot...this chapter was so good! Keep it goin'! You know how I want it to everyone else! FREE LUCKY!

I don't have any bright ideas at this moment (Well, it IS 9:39 am here...I can't think until 11:00 am!). I like to believe that I helped you on this last chapter...did I? God, I hope so!

Update soon and take it easy!

tk421beth :)

aka: Emilio's loofah! lol

PS: YAY! Will Two-Bit be in the next chapter?
EmiliosLoofah chapter 14 . 11/21/2005
OMG! They arrested Lucky! No way, man!

"On what pretense do you make the accusations?" Hurray, Darry! That was good...I do work for the County Attorney's office, ya know!

"A.J. wasn't okay. Lucky couldn't go to jail. He wouldn't survive it. It would surley kill his spirit. It would surely kill him." VERY good!

"It was sheer terror that kept Lucky awake. He was frightened out of his wits." God...that was good.

Okay...this chapter was very well done, but I have a *few* suggestions...

1. You need to put the scene where Lucky is being questioned at the local jail...OR...add the scene where Lucky is at his preliminary hearing. Those hearings are usually held when the prisoner is 'chainied' to other prisioner's (leg and hand chained) and are sent to the justice court, or the Superior court.

2. The prelim hearing is to decide when the major hearing is going to take place, or they can wrap it up right there, which they won't, because this is a murder charge. It's a good thing Lucky didn't say anything when he was being arrested...Lucky should only speak in front of his attorney. Is his family wealthy? They should be able to afford one. Believe me, the local Defender's office attorney's stink!

3. Also, at the prelim hearing, the judge decides how much the bail/bond should be. IF the judge decided there should be one. In some cases...felony cases, like this one...there is no bond/bail. BUT, since this is Lucky's first time in jail (I guess), the judge may decide to post bail...a cash bond needs to be paid in full, before Lucky can be released. Also, once released on bond/bail, he will be notified in court of the future hearing date. If Lucky is a failure to appear...a warrant will be issued.

Hope I gave you some ideas. Also...these are Arizona laws. I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere, but basically, it's the same! (I also worked for the District Attorney's Office in Calif!).

Update soon!

tk421beth :)

aka: Emilio's loofah! lol
Hahukum Konn chapter 14 . 11/19/2005
Out of sympathy, I'd say Lucky isn't guilty. Nice drama. :)

PS.. “Roger Stanton, you are hereby under arrest for suspected accomplice in the murder of Alfonso Rodriguez and possession of illegal substances,” A better phrasing works like this:

"Roger Stanton, you are hereby charged with being an accessory to the murder of Alfonso Rodriguez, and for the possession of illegal substances. We are placing you under arrest."

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