Reviews for In This World For You
flowerpower95 chapter 44 . 9/6
Can you please update I'm addicted to this story can't even put it down. I can not wait to see what happens next. This is one of my ultra favorites. Thank you and keep it up.
flow3rchild21 chapter 44 . 8/24
love this story, hope you update soon.
TaNetherlandPrincess chapter 44 . 8/24
kkatowll chapter 1 . 7/13
This is such a good story that I read it over and over. Pleeeease update! I am so grateful to you for sharing your imagination with all of us. And I desperately, selfishly, want more of it!
Functional Mute chapter 44 . 7/12
I’ve found my way to re-re-reading this story from the very beginning. It’s a fantastic piece of work and it would be a pity for it to be left here. I hope you find inspiration to come back to it in the future.
Solei chapter 44 . 6/13
To this day, still love this fic. I don’t have a fanfix account as I’m Mostly reading on Archive of our own. What you consider creating an account there and reposting stories there? I known a lot of people read there and can find tags more easily, might even get more hits if people look for this ship with a soulmate tag.

And I’d like to get notifications from my bookmarks if it’s there.

Anyway,2020 is OVER and the world is opening up. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

When it comes out, I’ll do another reread.
Guest chapter 44 . 6/7
Love it! Can’t wait for more!
Perlz chapter 44 . 5/27
Oh wow. Didn't any of them think that if Harry is having trouble with time, going into the magical ROOM OF TIME is a bad idea? Lol instead of just asking for mr. Weasleys office or a sitting room?
I'm starting to think this story would be a lot less interesting if these kids used more common sense lol. But at least future?Harry is fixing things.
But I love the story and I'm glad to see an update!
Perlz chapter 41 . 5/26
I kinda love that ron is voicing reasonable doubts and questions they all have. From their pov it's got to look so crazy.
Perlz chapter 37 . 5/26
Sirius is Harry's only remaining family and his technical legal guardian. He broke out of azkaban for Harry, but can never be with his kid. It's...too sad. The only part of this fic I didn't like :)
Perlz chapter 35 . 5/26
Lol isn't your kiss with the person you are in love with supposed to be better?
Perlz chapter 34 . 5/26
Honestly...what Snape said to sirius was cruelty beyond measure. He already blamed himself for James and Lily's death. So much. To say he put refused to be their secret keeper for selfish reasons is too much.
And I'm so sad for Snape too. Lol it's gotta hurt seeing his mate so star struck being kissed by someone else. Even a "brother"
Ki chapter 33 . 5/26
I..this was so confusing. Does Harry really think it's weird to not have had sex at 16? And he almost gave his first kiss away himself to cho like it meant nothing. And I'm sure having his first kiss with Draco is preferable to a stripper...but it's still not Severus. It's another kiss with someone who's not his soulmate? And he's happy about it? Didn't stop it?
Perlz chapter 30 . 5/26
Oh yuck that date with Cho happened. But why?! Harry knew he was gay. And in love with Snape. How could he be so obtuse. And honestly...even in the books it felt cheap. If she was still torn up over Cedric why move on so soon? And if harry was guilty about his death why date his girlfriend just a few months after? Cuz she's pretty? Poor guy got the worst first kiss in history.
Perlz chapter 29 . 5/26
Oh I love how the situation was handled. Ans the explanation for why Harry was so cruel/strict with Draco.
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