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Macke chapter 2 . 9/12/2013
Why you little...!
Haha! Homer Simpson
Guest chapter 1 . 5/18/2013
Hysterical Insanity chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
*mouth agape and laughing slightly* the heck did I just...*falls off chair in hysterical laughing* Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Reminds me of a weird dream I had once where Shego and Kim were sisters and then Shego roke through the wall into my math class because someone in my grade stole something from her to give it to her crazy cousin Dementor...yeah, I have no clue either.

Ruby of Raven chapter 2 . 10/4/2010
Loved it!
The Wise Duck chapter 2 . 1/7/2007
That was beyond strange, beyond weird. If that was thinking outside of the box, that was all the way beyond the state line, two borders over.

The writing was good once you stopped the editorial comments (I know this was commented on before but I just wanted to reinforce it). I applaud that you were able to keep all of that straight because I got lost after about half the first chapter.

The revenge was nice. I would like to have seen on what would eventually happen to the ‘rents thou.

Nice little piece of work.

The Wise Duck
Jonathan Webster chapter 1 . 11/2/2006
This story is the funniest fanfic I have read. I absolutley loved it. You get 100/100 for outstanding story line and being completely hilarious!
CastaS chapter 2 . 9/28/2006
great story, i enjoyed it much, excellent
RI100014 chapter 2 . 9/25/2006
OK that was too harsh, if she was gonna dump him (in this really weird one shot) you should have made her more out of character and done a Bonnie type public humiliation dumping. Because that was just rude! Ron's my favorite character right beside KP, with Shego not far behind. Doing that to him was mean...

Till next time...adios.
RI100014 chapter 1 . 9/25/2006
I am so happy this is a bad joke because there is so many impossibilities in this. First of all being that Drakken has to be in his mid to late 40's. So his mother would have to be in her mid to late 60's and since Kim's only 17, she'd have had her at the very late age of 50 which given menapause would be almost impossible. Also Drakken being Shego's father would not work with the story shown in Team Go. This thing is soo sick and wrong, but a good attempt at a confusing one-shot. Ill give you that...

till next time...adios.
Albino Magpie chapter 1 . 6/28/2006
Awesomely the family connections gave me a bit of a 're more weird then mine:

The father of my mother's brother is the brother of my father's motherMy father's uncle is my uncle's father.

More precisely:My grandma had a child with her first husband, H.D..

This child is my grandmother broke up with H.D., and when my mother was ten, she married her second husband, R.E..

They had a son, G.E., who's my ,R.E. was the sister of I.S., who was the mother of M.S..When my mother was twenty-nine, she had a child with said M. .So that makes me my fathers grand-cousin, and my uncles as you did understand that-it's a bit complicated.
Aero Tendo chapter 2 . 10/26/2005
Funny! Both chapters were very, very funny!

Kim's revenge was very good too!

They all got what was coming to them for the silly April fool's joke though I think she should have pranked her parents.
G-Go chapter 2 . 9/25/2005
Nice epilogue. The writing and humor are good. Reading this chapter was much more enjoyable than the last due mainly to the fact that you did away with the paranthetical commentary. It just flows better.

Good story, I like it.
G-Go chapter 1 . 9/25/2005

This is quite the amusing story. I liked the running gag with people sounding like they're reacting but actually talkign to someone else (Ron talking to Rufus, Wade talking to his dog).

Seems like a bit of a harsh joke to play, but messing with people's heads can be fun.

The writing is good; one or two spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

The one problem I have is with all your commentary throughout the story (where you explain things in parentheses). This really detracts from the story itself. It's kind of like watching a DVD with the Director's commentary on, but wishing it wasn't on so you could just enjoy the movie. For me, all that stuff really kind of takes away from the enjoyment of the story itself.

Other than that, I think it's a pretty nifty story, and I'm off to read chapter two.
XD chapter 2 . 9/14/2005
Woohoo! You updated a chapter! I didn't know there was gonna be another chapter so I didn't check that often. But just saying 'You're chapters get better by the update'. :D

Well, I have a question for you, I have reviewed a lot of ur chapters, so can you guess my age? *if you have nothing better to do...*
Riverfox237 chapter 2 . 9/10/2005
Oh my goodness, I am SOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY! I am way behind in reviewing fanfics, and now I feel terrible, because you gave me such a wonderful explanation of things and asked some questions and stuff! I feel awful! Well, I hope I can make it up to you!

Thank you so much for explaining all of that! And wow, cool, you like all that stuff, too? I love finding people who share my interests! Monk rules! And I have about half of the Hank the Cowdog series in my bookshelf! I have also played almost all of the pokemon games except for Pokemon Silver&Gold, Pokemon Fire Red (which I plan on buying soon), and Pokemon Emerald, and between me and my bro (even though I'm the only one who plays them), we own Yellow, Crystal, Ruby, Saphire, and maybe Red or Blue, I'm not sure. I'm also borrowing Leaf Green from a friend. Oh good, another person who doesn't like cussing! You love popcorn shrimp, too? I had no idea, that's just my trademark virtual gift to great authors, but it rocks to find out that you love it! Oh, and adding stuff to your profile is really easy! Just go to your Login Page (where you can change the settings), click on the word 'Profile' in the upper right-hand corner, and then you can just start typing on your page! And when you want to save it, go to the bottom and hit 'Save Changes'. And that's it! Hope that helps! Oh yeah, and lol is an acronym for 'laugh out loud'. It's commonly used in e-mails, I think. I basically just use it in place of writing laughter. In case you'd like to now, you can sometimes tell how funny I thought something was by how many capitalized letters I put in. Ex: lol-funny enough to grin at; was interesting. Lol!-really funny. LOL!-extremely hilarious. Okay, I guess I've covered everything from your Review Reply! Thanks again!

Okay, I'm way behind on reviewing, so I'm gonna review this chap now! Oh, and I should be submitting a review to your new story very soon afterwords! It looks really cool, and I can't wait to finish reading the 2nd chap! Sorry about all the yammering, here we go!

Lol, that was funny! Wait a minute, Monique likes a 10-year-old? That's weird! Well, anyways, great job! And now I must go and review your other fic! Keep up da great work!

:Riverfox237 sends kpultimatefan a dozen buckets of popcorn shrimp and 100 any-flavor-you-like cookies as congrats for finishing this fic! (And because she knows that kpultimatefan likes popcorn shrimp so much, of course!):

P.S. Kinda ironic my actual review of the story was, huh? Lol, sorry 'bout that!
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