Reviews for Two Birds With One Stone
Anonymous chapter 2 . 9/10/2005
I love this fanfic! Please write more!
Robin Wingster chapter 13 . 9/9/2005

Great chapter, although it was somewhat short...

... I liked that you made Raven save Robin, and that he decided to call the 'Titans'...

Hope to see more chapters soon...


castle in the air chapter 13 . 9/8/2005
That was insanely satisfying for my robinXraven fix for the day. It takes me forever to go back and check all my favorites for updates, but this is one of my top most favorites and I am very glad to have gotten to read this chapter!

Will read and review the next chapter, whenever that comes. And thanks for sharing it with us. You're one of the best writers here, I feel.

sekai no yakusoku chapter 13 . 9/8/2005
Ah! This story continues to properly bespell me. Raven's actions are all very in key and the sentence:

"The end of the world was upon her, and all Raven could think of was the young man she’d left behind."

Well, it's gorgeous and makes my heart ache and all I can do is stare all stupid-like and wait for more. And as for when you do decide to write a more light-hearted RobinRaven piece, I'll be reading that too of course.

Cheers to you and the story.

singyourheartout287 chapter 1 . 9/7/2005
ok, i kno this review is supposed to be for THIS story, but, i want permission to finish ur story Fortune Cookies also. bkz i hate it tht u leave these rely good stories as oneshots. so, i said in a previous review, email me w/ the ansr at plz, THNX! :)
Motoko Forever chapter 13 . 9/7/2005
i feel bad now. my internet has been down and is down for the moment. i always review for your capters - every last one. however, i forgot one. as far as three am, wasn't that about the time that raven made time stop before during the series? but back to my delimma. i am happy to see that you are getting along without me, kinda like that way ta-kun could get along without mamimi as long as haruko-san was there to help him swing the bat. i felt, for a moment, similar to that. i know that this is not the case, but even was an interesting feeling. almost nerve wrecking, to say the least. now. raven must fulfill her destiny, am i correct? how very sad...even the series was something sad. our stories (fan-fic-writers) tend to be more dramatic and more accurate in terms of real life mainly because we do not live in a world of make-believe. tho i am no true fan of death and gore - and perhaps never will be - i ask you to be as true as possible, releasing the inner dimensions of your soul, the deepest and darkest parts that might so exist. also. be kind to those few who are around who (try to) prevent scath from awakening. as you said before, this is and AU with some truths. obviously salde will be reborn thru raven...or am i mistaken? or, does she fade like she did in the series. i implore you to speak your soul and mind thru your words; let your words create for you a world anew and make of it as you will. because in truth and actuality, that is what the realm of fanfiction really is. peace and love to you.

- forever motoko
Cherry Jade chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
Great chapter. I have a question. Is Japanese hard to learn, because I was reading your profile and I was wondering. I want to minor in Japanese when I go to college, so if you dont mind could you tell me, please?

Anyway, I cant to see what you do with the end of the world. I know that it will be interesting!
burn to ashe chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
This is very awesome so far. I absolutely love it.

As for the 3am thing... I actually knew that, but I didn't get here soon enough to guess! Darn.

Oh well, awesome job so far.
shadowcat2132 chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
this is a realy good chapter and i hope the next ones soon
amai-chestnut chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
Yup, that was smart to leave him some healing power [or whatever it's called] so that Robin could live. Well, Scath probably won't give Slade what he wants anyways. Can't wait until you update!
Freya's Kitten chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
Happy about an other chapter being up. It was sad, but there is still hope.
Raven42431 chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
The KDP Firebird chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
awesome as usual!would have reviewed sooner but i had stupid skwl which by the 2nd dya only i'm swamped in homework u wanna read RobRae u could take a look at my fics and tell me what u think of i hate RobStar and BBRae and i hate ppl who flame my stories cos of this but i usually just tel them to piss off chacking out RobRae C2's!
Sariii chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
I know you'll feel bad if I read and didn't review.. so I read and reviewed.

Robin's silly grin made me smile. Yeah, I can picture that perfectly. Wish you could make it longer, but the fact that you updated so soon makes up for it!
lunafan chapter 13 . 9/6/2005
wow! now this was a great chapter!

I must have more! i really enjoy your story, but sorry for not reviewing each chapter, but to just let you know I love this story a lot! so please update asap!

mnay thx,

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